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Netcom Desktop Manager

How to Install:


Download the trial/full-version from the download area.

Installation prerequisites:

A shared networkpath (networkshare) that studends- and instructor-PC can access the same
way is needed.
A driveletter must be assigned to that path, this driveletter has to be the same Driveletter for
studends and instructor.

NETCOM Desktop Manager will be installed to server1.
On drive C: of server1 a subdirectory named „DTM“ will be created. For this subdirectory a
networkshare named Server1_DTM will be created.

At Instructor- and Studend-PCs Driveletter „N:“ is assigned to that share. So instructor and
studends will access NETCOM Desktop Manager files on Drive N:.

(Windows-command: net use N: \\Server1\Server1_DTM)

The way of access to NETCOM Desktop Manager programfiles must be indenticaly from
studen- and instructor-PC!

Installation of NETCOM Desktop Managers:

At the instrukors PC start the Installation by double-clicking on the SETUPEng.EXE file.
Install NETCOM Desktop Manager to the bevor created fileshare on the server; Use the
assigned networkdrive:


After Installation has finished, you can start the Instruktor-module by double-clicking the
NETCOM-Desktop-Manager-Icon on the desktop, which was created during installation.

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Configuring student-PCs:

The configuration of student-PCs is done automaticaly when you start the NETCOM Desktop
Manager Student-Client the first time.

For the configuration of the student-clients, local administrator-rights are required.

To start the studend-client call SCHUELER.EXE from the install-directory under \SCHUELER
with the IP-Address of the instructor-PC as parameter.


After the student-client has been started at all student-PCs you can start the Client-
Configuration from the instructor-module bei clicking on the button “Update client
configuration” under “Admin”, “System-Configuration” from Mainmenu.

-> Admin -> System configuration -> Update client configuration

Thats it!
The Installation has been completed.

NETCOM offers frre installation-support bei Installation for the installation of
NETCOM Desktop Manager even for the trial-version.

Hotline: ++49 (0) 95 32 / 92 31 – 0 or SKYPE: DesktopManager.

Take the opportunity do contact developer direct.

           NETCOM GmbH | Zeilbergsiedlung 8-15 | 96126 Maroldsweisach
            Tel.: ++49 (0) 95 32 / 92 31 - 0 | Fax: ++49 (0) 95 32 / 92 31 - 27
              Email: | | |