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CUSTOMER DETAILS                                                                        CONTRACT PROVISIONS                                                                CONTRACT CHARGES
                                                                         Under the provisions of this agreement The Callista Group will provide
name                                                                                                                                                       All charges below are in New Zealand dollars and include GST
                                                                         the following goods & services to you for a term of ONE (1) YEAR from
                                                                                                                                                             Monthly payments must be made by Direct Debit only *
Postal address                                                           the date of payment of this contract :

                                                                         •   All available system upgrades (software only)                           SYSTEM                                          ANNUALLY                 MONTHLY

                                                                         •   Updates to standard carrier call pricing tables                           Callista Multifunctional                         $393.75                 $33.75

                                                                         •   Updates to PABX drivers                                                   Callista Multifunctional for PMS                 $506.25                 $42.75

E-mail address                                                           •   Updates to integrated system User Guides                                  Callista Hospitality                             $506.25                 $42.75

Contact name                                                             •   Unlimited telephone support                                               Callista Light / Callista Light BDI              $225.00                 $18.75

Signed                                                                   •   Unlimited remote access support                                                        SELECT A PAYMENT OPTION
Date                                                                     •   Access to secure downloads from our website                               Cheque (please enclose your payment with completed contract)

TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                                                                                                     Direct Credit to our bank account
                                                                             Telephone support and remote access support are available :
                                                                             Mon to Fri - 8.30 a.m. to 9.30p.m.                                        OUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS :
• Callista Cover is an optional service provided by The Callista             Weekends - 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  Group.                                                                                                                                               The Callista Group
                                                                                                                                                       The National Bank of New Zealand
• Monthly payments can be made by Direct Debit only.                                    CONTRACT EXCLUSIONS                                            06-0273-0152966-00
                                                                                                                                                       Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
• Callista Cover can be cancelled by you at any time but refund of       This agreement specifically excludes the following services :
  any remaining un-used portion will not be made by The Callista                                                                                       NBNZNZ22 (Swift Code for international payments only)
  Group. If Callista Cover which is being paid via monthly Direct        •   Telephone, on-site and remote access support for computer                 PLEASE ENSURE YOU MARK YOUR DEPOSIT CLEARLY SO THAT WE CAN
  Debit payments is cancelled mid-term, the unused remaining                 hardware, computer operating systems, all non-Callista software           EASILY IDENTIFY YOUR PAYMENT ON OUR BANK STATEMENT. IF YOU ARE A
  portion must be paid in full immediately to The Callista Group on          applications, all printers, all modems, all PABXs and the internet.       HOSPITALITY PROPERTY PLEASE ENSURE YOU ANNOTATE YOUR PAYMENT
  cancellation of the contract.                                                                                                                        WITH THE NAME OF YOUR PROPERTY.

                                                                         •   On-site support for any Callista software application                     Direct Debit (please complete attached form & return original to us)
• If Callista Cover is paid via the monthly Direct Debit option and
  default is made on any monthly payment, payment of the                                                                                               This payment option is available for monthly payments only. If default
                                                                         •   Additional training for any Callista software application
                                                                                                                                                       is made on any monthly payment, payment of the remaining amount
  remaining amount owing on this contract must be made in full
  immediately to The Callista Group.*                                                                                                                  owing on this contract must be made in full immediately.*
                                                                         •   Installation or re-installation of any Callista software application

• A Renewal Notice and an invoice will be sent to you automatically      •   Training or re-training for any Callista software application             Credit Card
  when your current Callista Cover contract is due to expire. If you
  do not want to continue with Callista Cover you must contact us as •       Set-up and maintenance of customized call pricing plans                       VISA                   MasterCard            Amex                  Diners
  soon as possible to advise us of your intention to terminate and
  the invoice will be credited.                                      •       Set-up of Hospitality databases                                           Name on card :

• Under the provisions of this contact you will be given access to all   •   Telephone & remote access support on Christmas Day, Boxing                Card number :
  available software system upgrades and updates specific to you or          Day, New Year’s Day, 2 Jan, Good Friday, Easter Sunday &
  your organisation or company which are released by The Callista            Easter Monday. Telephone and remote access support services               Card expiry :
  Group throughout the term of this contract. These upgrades and
                                                                             will be available on these days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. All calls
  updates are for your use only and you are specifically prohibited                                                                                    Cardholder’s signature :
  from transferring or providing these upgrades to anyone else or to         will be charged at $100 + GST per call and are payable by valid
  any other company or organisation for their use at any time even           credit card only.                                                         Date :
  after the termination of this contract.
                                                                          The Callista Group
                                                                          23 Portsea Place P O Box 34480 Auckland 0746
                                                                          Tel : 09 4810377 Fax : 09 4805775

D I R E C T                D E B I T         F O R M
To pay your Callista Cover contract by Direct Debit, simply complete this form, sign it
and return it along with your completed Callista Cover contract in the Freepost envelope
we’ve provided. Please attach an encoded deposit slip for the bank account you want
your monthly Direct Debits made from to make sure your bank account number is
loaded correctly at your bank’s processing centre.

Y O U R             B A N K          D E T A I L S

Please complete the details of the bank account from which you want
to pay Callista Cover :
                                                                                                       AUTHORITY TO ACCEPT
                                                                                                             DIRECT DEBITS
Your Bank Account Name :                                                                            (not to operate as an assignment
                                                                                                              or agreement)
Your Account Number :

   Bank         Branch number                      Account Number                    Suffix
                                                                                                        Authorisation Code
                                                                                                    0    6      1       5      5    0   5
Bank Name :                                    Bank Branch :

                                                                                                    Date            /           /
Branch P.O Box No :                            Town/City :

I/We authorise you until further notice, to debit my/our account with all amounts which The
Callista Group (hereinafter referred to as the Initiator) the registered Initiator of the above
Authorisation Code, may initiate by Direct Debit. I/We acknowledge and accept that the bank
accepts this authority only upon the conditions listed on this form.

Information to appear on my/our Bank Statement :

                 Payer Particulars                                     Payer Code                            Payer Reference

 C A L L I S T A                                    C O V E R

P L E A S E                 S I G N        H E R E

Authorised signature(s) :

Authorised signature(s) :

                                           FOR BANK USE ONLY

               Approved                     Date received :       Recorded by :      Checked by :
                 1550                                                                                                   Stamp
          11             2003

1. The Initiator :                                                or other revocation of this Authority until
                                                                  actual notice of such is received by the
   (a) undertakes to give notice to the Acceptor of               Bank.
       the commencement date, frequency and
       amount at least 10 calendar days before              (b) In any event this Authority is subject to any
       the first Direct Debit is drawn (but not more            arrangement now or hereafter existing
       than 2 calendar months). This notice will                between me/us and the Bank in relation to
       be provided either :                                     my/our account.

         (i) in writing or                                  (c)   Any dispute as to the correctness or validity
                                                                  of an amount debited to my/our account
         (ii) by electronic mail where the Customer               shall not be the concern of the Bank except
              has provided written consent to the                 insofar as the Direct Debit has not been
              Initiator.    Where the direct Debit                paid in accordance with this Authority. Any
              system is used for the collection of                other disputes lie between me/us and the
              payments which are regular as to                    Initiator.
              frequency, but variable as to amounts,
              the Initiator undertakes to provide the       (d) Where the Bank has used reasonable care
              Acceptor with a schedule detailing each           and skill in acting in accordance with this
              payment amount and each payment                   Authority, the ank accepts no responsibility
              date. In the event of any subsequent              or liability in respect of :
              change to the frequency or amount of
              the Direct Debit, the Initiator has                 •   the accuracy of information about
              agreed to give advance notice at least                  Direct Debits on Bank statements.
              30 days before the change comes into
              effect.                                             •   any variations between notices given
                                                                      by the Initiator and the amount of
   (b) may, upon the relationship which gave rise                     Direct Debits.
       to this Authority being terminated, give
       notice to the Bank that no further Direct            (e) The Bank is not responsible for, under any
       Debits are to be initiated under the                     liability in respect of the Initiator’s failure to
       Authority. Upon receipt of such notice the               give written advance notice correctly not for
       Bank may terminate this Authority as to                  the non-receipt or late receipt of notice by
       future payments by notice in writing to                  me/us for any reason whatsoever. In any
       me/us/                                                   such situation the dispute lies between
                                                                me/us and the Initiator.
2. The Customer may :
                                                            (f)   Notice given by the Initiator in terms of
   (a) At any time, terminate this Authority as to                clause 1(a) to the debtor responsible for the
       future payments by giving written notice                   payments shall be effective.             Any
       of termination to the Bank and to the                      communication necessary because the
       Initiator.                                                 debtor responsible for payment is a person
                                                                  other than me/us is a matter between
   (b) Stop payment of any Direct Debit to be                     me/us and the debtor concerned.
       initiated under this Authority by the Initiator
       by giving written notice to the Bank prior        4. The Bank may :
       to the Direct Debit being paid by the Bank.
                                                            (a) In its absolute discretion conclusively
   (c)   Where a variation to the amount agreed                 determine the order of priority of payment
         between the Initiator and the Customer                 by it of an monies pursuant to this or any
         from time to time to be direct debited has             other Authority, cheque or draft properly
         been made without notice being given in                executed by me/us and given to or drawn
         terms of clause 1(a) above, request the                on the Bank.
         Bank to reverse of alter any such Direct
         Debit initiated by the Initiator by debiting       (b) At any time terminate this Authority as to
         the amount of the reversal or alteration of            future payments by notice in writing to
         a Direct Debit back to the Initiator through           me/us.
         the Initiator’s Bank PROVIDED such
         request is made not more that 120 days             (c)   Charge its current fees for this service from
         from the date when the Direct Debit was                  time to time.
         debited to my/our account.

3. The Customer acknowledges that :                      Please post in the envelope provided to
                                                         Freepost 188334, The Callista Group, P O
   (a) This Authority will remain in full force and
       effect in respect of all Direct Debits passed
                                                         Box 34480, Birkenhead, Auckland. No stamp
       to my/our bank account in good faith              required.
       notwithstanding my/our death, bankruptcy

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