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                            Patient counselling in Apple Pharmacy
                                  - how to improve quality?
                                                     Anniina Pertovaara
                                                      Eeva Teräsalmi
                                                      M.Sc. in Pharm.
                                           Apple Pharmacy, Virkkala, Siuntio, Routio
      Apple Pharmacy, which is situated in Finland, is
      validated according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality
      standard. This standard validates following processes:
      supply and management of stock, dispensing,
      prevention and health promotion, and monitoring of
      therapy. However, the most important process which
      includes counselling of patients with prescription-only
      medicines, self-care medications and life-style
      counselling of people with different health risks, has
      not been evaluated or standardised in any way.
      Therefore a specific work has been established in
      Apple Pharmacy and the target is to find some basic
      guidelines for patient counselling which everyone
      working with customers should follow.

      As an example following instructions of counselling concerning patients with prescription-only medicines
      are presented:

         New prescription                                         Repeat prescription
         Temporary treatment (antibiotics etc.)                        -    What instructions has the doctor given
            - Regularity of dosing                                            concerning the duration of the treatment?
            - How to take the drug (with/without food,                 -    Does the drug have the desired effect on
                things to be avoided etc.)                                    the illness?
            - Most common adverse effects                              -    The importance of regular controls
                                                                       -    Has the patient had any adverse effects?
         Long-term treatment (antidiabetic drugs etc.)                 -    Making sure that the patient is taking the
             - Regularity of dosing                                           drug correctly (e.g. inhaled drugs in the
             - How to take the drug                                           treatment of asthma)
             - Most common adverse effects                             -    Reminding the patient of the importance of
             - Regular controls (blood-sugar, blood-                        a healthy life-style!
                   pressure, INR, cholesterol etc.)
             - Finishing the treatment (never abruptly,
                 always according to doctor's instructions)

      In order to measure the quality of counselling it has to be documented. The documentation is done with
      ProCuro -dataprogram (ProVersa Oy, Finland). This program enables not only the checking of interactions
      in a patient's medication, but also the documentation of the information given to the patient.

      The complete patient counselling instructions of Apple Pharmacy are still under development.
      Our goal is to have a validated counselling process, which leads to the improvement of its quality.

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