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                                                 How to handle
                                            large translation volumes

                                                             cordially invites you

                                           on Friday, June 12th, 2009
                                                      from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                            Lunch + 2 coffee breaks
                                                            Participation fee: 125 €
                                          (On-line registration:

                                                     Conrad Brussels
                                                         Avenue Louise 71
                                                         B-1050 Belgium
                                                        Tel: +32 2 542 42 42
                                          Nowadays international companies have to create and manage huge volumes

                                          of documents, then translate them into an ever-growing number of languages.
                                          The associated costs escalate very rapidly and good management is required
                                          to prevent them from spiralling out of control.

                                          During this seminar you will discover the secrets used by multinationals to
                                          maintain constant quality in all documents in both the source language and all
                                          target languages. Case studies of SAP® and other customers will also show
                                          you how to minimise translation costs, respect terminology and meet dead-

                                           FOR WHOM?
                                          Various decision-makers are involved in translation and localization projects.
                                          The speakers, experienced in addressing diverse audiences, will cover the
                                          topics in depth without dwelling on the technical details. The seminar is aimed

                                              ♦      Marketing vice presidents/managers
                                              ♦      Communications vice presidents/managers
                                              ♦      Engineering vice presidents/CFO
                                              ♦      Webmasters
                                              ♦      Export managers
                                              ♦      Product managers
                                              ♦      Etc.

                                          Though different players deal with different challenges and sometimes even
                                          have diverging goals, they all share a common objective: finding solutions that
                                          reduce costs and improve efficiency.
                                          09:00 – 10:00    Welcome + Coffee

                                          10:00 – 10:20    Word of Welcome and Introduction
                                          10:20 – 11:05    G-U-I-D-E: Best Practices in
                                                           Information Quality Management
                                                           The presentation will focus on new developments in the
                                                           area of information quality management. We will describe
                                                           the role it plays for global companies and what it means
                                                           in practice. The talk will outline the benefits which come
                                                           from managing quality, especially as it relates to transla-
                                                           tion and translation automation.

                                          11:05 – 11:35    Coffee break
                                          11:35 – 12:20    Case Study: Translating SAP®
                                                           How do SAP® customers translate mass data using the
                                                           SAP® standard process and technology? Efficiency in a
                                                           complex technical and linguistically challenging environ-

                                          12:20 – 14 :00   Lunch
                                          14:00 – 14:45    Locordia VIP Portal – Enterprise Edition
                                                           How to give as many people as possible access to your
                                                           translated documents, which are a major asset for the

                                          14:45 – 15:00    Coffee break
                                          15:15 – 16:00    Machine Translation: Hype or Reality?
                                                           Integration of MT in production and communication solu-
                                                           tions. We will show realistic scenarios and help manage

                                          16:00 – 17:00    Drinks + Meet the Speakers
                                           THE SPEAKERS
                                          The speakers have been working in the fields of translation, software develop-

                                          ment and multilingual information for many years and their combined know-
                                          how is valued and rated highly throughout Europe. Renowned in professional
                                          and academic circles, they are here to share their extensive and varied expe-

                                           Daniel Grasmick
                                          With a solid background in the Machine Translation vendor camp (1987-1990)
                                          and now Lucy (since 2008), as well as at a large customer site (Director
                                          MultiLingual Technology at SAP® 1990-2007) where he was in charge of
                                          selecting, setting up and supporting language technology solutions for all
                                          authors (500+), translation agencies (80+) and translators worldwide (1000+),
                                          Daniel Grasmick has spoken at various conferences and has organized and
                                          helped organizing numerous events and technology user group meetings in
                                          the language industry.

                                           Todd Ettelson
                                          Dr. Todd Ettelson is a key account manager and linguistic engineer at Acrolinx,
                                          the world’s leading provider of information quality management software. He
                                          has years of international experience in multiple fields, including customer
                                          relations and project planning and management. He received his Masters
                                          degree in English Linguistics from the Free University in Berlin, as well as a
                                          Ph.D. in history from the University of Michigan and a Master in Education
                                          from Stanford University.

                                           Philippe Mercier
                                          Philippe Mercier began his career as an IT consultant and, in 1996, joined the trans-
                                          lation company Mendez (later acquired by Lionbridge) as International Project Man-
                                          ager. He was then hired by another translation company to start up and develop
                                          their localization department. He has given dozens of presentations to customers
                                          and at international conferences. He has also published 10 books about data pro-
                                          cessing, computing and software development for the French publisher Marabout/
                                          Hachette, and many articles for various magazines. Philippe is an international
                                          expert in the development of innovative solutions for the IT and localization sectors.
                                          He is currently in charge of the software publishing division of the Locordia group.

                                          Friday, June 12th, 2009      from 10 p.m. to 4 p.m.

                                          Conrad Brussels
                                          Avenue Louise, 71
                                          B-1050 Belgium

                                          +32 2 542 42 42


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