Fly-In hunt Alaska’s Eastern Interior for caribou, moose, sheep,
                                                                                   and bear with
                                                                              40-MILE AIR
                                                                             High success rates
                                                                            Good trophy success
                                                                                Safe aircraft
                                                                           Experienced bush pilots

                                                            - Remote ridge top and stream bed landings for access to
                                                                            the best game country -

                                           When you’re planning your next hunting trip, call the experts at 40-MILE
                                           AIR for your wilderness transportation needs. More than 30 years of
                                           experience flying hunters in and out of Interior Alaska’s most rugged
                                           game-filled regions gives us a well-known edge in being able to provide
                                           hunters with the opportunity for a successful hunting season. If it’s moose,
                                           caribou or sheep you’re after, 40-MILE AIR hunters have put several of
                                           these trophy animals in the record book in past years. The current #1, #5,
                                           and #22 moose have all been taken on 40-MILE AIR hunts. We can help
                                           you build an unforgettable Alaska experience!

                                           Many successful hunters over the years have chosen the Eastern Alaska’s
                                           Interior game management units 20E, 20D, 12 and 13. These are all areas
                                           in which we have spent decades building familiarity with the terrain and
                                           the likelihood of finding game. We also offer complete service in the Tok
                                           and Delta Trophy Sheep Management areas (these are Alaska Department
                                           of Fish and Game permit areas). Hunters throughout this region find their
                                           transportation needs may be fully met through flying with 40-MILE AIR.

Our Piper Super Cubs allow the safe use of unimproved landing strips in remote areas. We routinely land on ridge
tops and in stream beds to put our clients in the best position to spot game. Our hunters regularly report little or no
competition from other hunters. The simple reason is we take them a long way from the crowds.

Interested in flying with us? Here are some considerations:

      When packing for your trip we do require that you limit your gear to 50 lbs. per hunter. We don’t
       compromise when it comes to safety and this limitation enables us to put hunters into the favorable remote
      Bear Hunt packages are also available through 40-MILE AIR. If it’s a grizzly you’re after, give us a call for
       pricing and more information.
      Tok, Alaska, is our headquarters for all hunt party transports to game units of the Eastern Interior of Alaska.
       You can reach Tok by highway from Anchorage or Fairbanks, or you may ride with us from Fairbanks. We
       can return you and your game to the Fairbanks Airport to meet connecting flights of your airline schedule.
      We advise hunters to book early to insure their choice of
       hunt dates. Seasons traditionally run from August 10th
       through September 20th and many hunters will reserve
       their flights several months in advance.

40-MILE AIR has been serving the transport needs of hunters in
Alaska’s Interior since 1959.

Owned and operated by second-generation Alaskans, the years of
experience acquired while successfully operating a flight service
translate into a thorough knowledge of the environment and
animal habitats that we fly to. Our skilled and experienced pilots
will take you into areas that are accessible only by small aircraft,
thus ensuring a hunt with little or no competition from other

Please read the letter from Leif Wilson that will answer many other questions you may have about hunting with us.

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