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									                                STRIDER & MIRA VIZSLAS
                          STUD DOG CONTRACT (Frozen Semen)

Following are the terms for use of the semen from the stud dog named below. The laws of the
state of Wisconsin, USA, shall govern this contract. The bitch’s owner shall hereinafter be referred to
as “the breeder”. The stud dog owner shall hereinafter be referred to as “the sire’s owner”.

1) This contract applies only to the frozen semen from the dog, DC AFC Maximum Strider SH
hereafter referred to as “the sire”, being used at stud on _____________________________ hereafter
referred to as “the bitch”. The sire’s semen may not be used on any other bitch owned by the
breeder without a separate contract naming that bitch and no dog other than the sire may be
used on the bitch without the express consent of the breeder.

2) The breeder shall provide the sire’s owner copies of the OFA certificate which shows the OFA
rating of the bitch, a copy of the certified AKC pedigree, and a copy of any other health
    The sire’s owner shall provide copies of an OFA certificate which shows the OFA rating of the
sire and a copy of the sire’s certified AKC pedigree.

3) The breeder shall be responsible for all shipping an insemination costs incurred with this breeding

4) The breeder agrees that no puppy resulting from the breeding shall under any circumstance be
consigned to a raffle, sold through a pet store, a broker, or other third party. The breeder shall
furnish the sire’s owner a list of the names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone
numbers of those persons who buy a puppy resulting from this breeding. The breeder will be
responsible for the placing of puppies into responsible homes, and will accept lifetime return of any
dog resulting from the mating of the two above named dogs for the life of the dog. If a puppy
from the above mating should ever end up in breed rescue, the breeder is required to accept the
dog and find it another responsible home. The sire’s owner agrees to accept return of any puppy if
the breeder is unable to do so. If the sire’s owner accepts return of a puppy, the breeder shall be
responsible for any financial reimbursement due the puppy buyer and agrees to pay the sire’s
owner for care and placement of the puppy, including daily board at the current local rate.

5) The stud fee is the $2000 plus a puppy. The stud owner will be given their pick puppy with full
registration and no co-ownership at no charge. Live puppy guarantees are waived with a frozen
insemination breeding. Stud fee is payable prior to the release of frozen semen from Synbiotics.
The puppy shall be transferred to the stud owner at 7-9 weeks of age.

Any other agreements or terms shall be negotiated by separate contract.

By signing this contract, the breeder agrees that he/she has authorization from any co-owners of
the above named bitch to proceed with this breeding and to relieve the sire’s owners from any
liability they may incur as a result of the use of the sire for this breeding.

Sire’s Owners                                        Breeder(s)


        *Strider & MIRA Vizslas, Michel Berner, W342 S3976 Moraine Hills Dr., Dousman, WI 53118 *
        *262-392-9469 * * * *

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