CONTRACT TERMS

1.    This Contract. With this contract, every effort has been made by Bires & Friedler Catering, Inc.
      (hereinafter “BFC”) to thoroughly and accurately represent the understanding between BFC and
      the client. The client is solely responsible for carefully reading the contract and its terms and
      apprising BFC of any and all changes, errors, and omissions. BFC will not be responsible for
      any changes to this contract given orally or by external document and not recorded in this

2.    Deposit Events. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a date. An additional
      50% deposit on the total contract is required upon the signing of the contract, half of which is
      refundable in the event of a cancellation at least 8 days prior to the event. No portion of this
      deposit is refundable in the event of a cancellation 7 days or less prior to the event. Orders may
      not be decreased within 7 days of the event; however, orders may be increased at the discretion
      of BFC. Payment in full is required no later than the day prior to the event. The final payment is
      to be made in cash, certified funds, or by credit card unless other arrangements are made. A
      minimum of 5 business days notice is required to cancel or reduce service staff.

3.    Non-Deposit Events. 48 business hours notice is required to decrease orders or cancel
      events. A minimum of 5 business days notice is required to cancel or reduce service staff.

4.    Service Staff Charges. Additional service charges will apply for service staff kept beyond the
      stated time limit pursuant to the stated contract rates. It is the client’s sole responsibility to see
      that the staff is dismissed by the stated ending time.

5.    Additional Beverages & Supplies. Client authorizes BFC to purchase on client's behalf
      additional beverages and supplies as required to keep the party running smoothly until closing

6.    Leftovers. All leftover finished foods are the property of the client. Ingredients and raw
      materials remain the property of BFC. Leftover beverages provided by BFC pursuant to a flat or
      hourly rate remain the property of BFC. Leftover beverages sold on the contract by bottle or
      can remain the property of the client.

7.    Disputes. Client shall notify BFC of any services which were not rendered, or which were not
      rendered to the client's satisfaction, within 3 hours of delivery for a delivered event, and within
      24 hours of a staffed event; otherwise, the services rendered by BFC shall be deemed full and
      complete in accordance with the contract.

8.    Late Fees. A late fee of 1 1/2% per month of the amount due shall accrue from the date
      payment was due.

9.    Venue. In the event of legal proceedings arising from this contract, the venue for the resolution
      of the dispute shall be Cook County, Illinois.

10.   Attorneys Fees. Client agrees to pay any and all late fees, attorney’s fees, court costs or
      other costs incurred by BFC in enforcing the terms of this contract.

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