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                          Sylvie Brigot

Speaker profile

      Sylvie Brigot will be making her debut as the new Executive Director of the International
       Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) during her visit to Canada.

      Sylvie joined the ICBL team in 2001 as Government Relations Officer, and also worked as
       the Advocacy Director in 2005. She has been involved in the mine ban campaign for over 10
       years originally working as an activist and campaigner for Handicap International.

      Sylive has specialized expertise in advocacy, policy and in-depth political analysis of all
       countries vis-a-vis the Ottawa Convention banning landmines.

      After graduating from the Département de Sciences Politiques de l’Université Paris I-
       Sorbonne, Sylvie worked for the NGO Handicap International-France, where she mobilized
       public opinion and lobbied governments to ban anti-personnel mines.

      Based in Paris, France, Sylvie is the mother of two children.

Organization profile

      ICBL is a network of more than 1400 groups in over 90 countries, working locally,
       nationally, and internationally to eradicate landmines.

      Members include human rights, humanitarian, peace, disability, veterans, medical,
       disarmament, religious, environmental, and women’s groups.

      The campaign calls for a worldwide ban on landmines, universal membership in the 1997
       Ottawa Treaty banning mines, support for the needs and rights of landmine survivors, and
       for demining and risk education to safeguard lives and livelihoods.

      ICBL and its then-coordinator, Jody Williams, won the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize in
       recognition of their achievements.

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