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									                                                                        PRESCOTT COLLEGE
                                                                         ADULT DEGREE PROGRAMS
                                                                       STUDY CONTRACT

                        Student:       Antonio                                       Denise                      N           Core Faculty:           Vicky Young

                                       Last Name                                    First Name                  M.I.
                        Student Address:         2700 West Hardy Lane                              Pahrump                              Nevada                    89048
                                                 Street                                                  City                                State                  Zip
                        Course Title:        Educating for the Future: Multicultural and Environmental Issues
                                                                                                                       Frequency of                           once a week
                        Dates of Course:         Beginning:      7/19/04             End:        10/04
                                                                                                                       Mentor/Student Meetings:               for 12 weeks
                                                                                                                                   Letter grade
                        Check one:       Upper Division           Lower Division               Credit Hours:           5                               Yes             No

                        Enrollment Period: (Designate the 6-month period of tuition payment in which this course falls)

                        January 200      -   July 200                 April 200         -    October 200                   Other

                        July 2004        -   January 2005             October 200       -    April 200

                        To be completed by mentor

                        Mentor Information Packet reviewed (mentor please initial):

                        Name:       Jeanine Canty                                                   S.S. #:
                        Mailing Address:                                                            City, State, Zip:
                        Daytime Phone:                                                              Home Phone:
                        Occupation:                                                                 Employer:

                        Highest Degree:                                  University:                                                Major:

                        Credentials sent to ADP office (please check):
                        Current Resume                                       Two letters of reference                                                College Transcripts

                        Documentation of the highest degree earned (may be on transcripts)

                        Summarize content and objectives in complete sentences using third person. This is the description of your course as it
                        will appear on your transcript. Please make it complete.
                        The focus of this course is to strengthen the student’s environmental and multicultural awareness. It will explore the evolving
                        issues in the fields of multicultural and environmental education. It is interdisciplinary in nature and will examine the relationship
                        between education, culture, and environment. The student will acquire foundational knowledge of theoretical issues and
                        concepts, and also look at past and current class, ecological, gender, and racial inequities. The student will connect both cultural

                        and environmental issues on a personal, societal, and educational level. In addition, the student will actively apply coursework to
                        her/his local community.
             What new knowledge and skills do you expect to gain as a result of this course? List at least three specific examples of
             new learning that you will acquire.
             1.   Explore and address environmental and mulitcultural issues in society.
             2.   Research and comprehend major environmental and multicultural theories and concepts.
             3.   Identify ways racial and environmental issues affect student's community.
             4.   Look at environmental and multicultural education within student's local school district.
             5.   Begin to develop an ecologically and culturally responsive philosophy of edcuation.

             6.   Develop plan to continue to address these issues through the duration of Prescott College courses and in life work.

             What activities will you do to fulfill the objectives? Describe at least one activity to meet each objective.

             1. Read 3 college level books from listed under materials section of contract. Write a 2-5 page paper based on all 3 books.
             2. Take a tour of the Yucca Mountain site. Write a 2-5 page opinion essay that documents students feelings and findings.
             3. Read 2 journals each on environmental and multicultural issues in society. Compile a resource list of web sites addressing
             these issues.
             4. Interview 2-3 community members about environmental and multicultural issues and document interview in learning journal.
             5. Complete week ly journal on important topics or issues learned during the course.

             6. Weekly contact with peer learner.
             7. Communicate with mentor on weekly basis.
             8. Complete Mid Course Review.
             9. Complete End Course Review, Course Rubric, and Evaluation Form.

             List the books, articles, audio-visual materials, etc. that will be used.
             Berry, T. (1998). The dream of the Earth. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.
             Ladson-Billings, G. (2001). Crossing over to Canaan; The journey of new teachers in diverse classrooms. San Francisco, CA:
             Orr, D. (1994). Earth in mind: On education, environment, and the human perspective. Washington DC: Island Press
             What will you provide as a basis for final evaluation in this course? Please be specific.

             Completed contract
             Reading responses, 2-5 page paper
             2-5 page essay on the Yucca Mountain tour
             List of web site resources
             Weekly journal entries

             Documented interviews
             Midcourse and end of course review
             Completed Evaluation
             Peer learner and mentor weekly communication

It is the student’s responsibility to turn in the signed contract to the appropriate address below at
the beginning of the course. Retain copies for the student and the mentor.

                 Date                               Student Signature                                     Mentor Signature
                                                                                                 (Signed at meeting attended by student)

Core Faculty Approval

PRESCOTT COLLEGE                                                               TUCSON AREA: PRESCOTT COLLEGE
Adult Degree Programs                                                                                         2233 E. Speedway Blvd.
220 Grove Ave.                                                                                                     Tucson, AZ 85719
Prescott, AZ 86301

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