Advanced Placement Contract by tracy13


									                         Advanced Placement Contract
The purpose of the advanced placement class is to help students prepare for college. At
the same time it gives the student the opportunity to place out of certain college courses,
thus saving money and time. The course will be taught at a faster pace than the normal
high school art course with higher level of thinking skills and outside projects museum
trips (on personal time) and readings. Because of the nature of the course the time and
energy needed to complete it successfully. There are set criteria for this class that must be
met in order to receive AP credit for the semester.

             Teacher I agree to help students prepare for the A.P. Portfolio by making
      new information available to them, teaching the students skills needed for
      completing the portfolio, and individual tutoring.
             Student I am aware of the criteria for the A.P. art and I agree to accept
      the responsibility for the preparation needed to complete the Advanced Placement
      course. I will participate in class and not become a distraction to the learning
             Parent I am aware of the criteria for A.P. art, and I agree to help my
      child work to be successful in the Advanced Placement course. I will help
      organize study time and encourage my child when the pressures of the course
      begin to build. I will communicate with the teacher any concerns about the course
      or any learning problems that need to be addressed. I understand the students will
      be reading college-level materials and dealing with issues and visual materials
      that may be controversial. I am aware that I will be required to purchase
      additional materials needed in this course. Initial here________

Honor Code
      This class will be conducted under an honor code. All students will be expected to
      do their own work. At times students will be given projects that must be
      completed outside of class. If a student breaks this code, it will give him/her an
      unfair academic advantage and may result in the student being removed from the
Removal from the A.P. Course
      It is important that the students who cannot keep up with the pace of the course be
      given the opportunity to withdraw. For this reason, withdrawal from the class will
      be made at student, parent or teacher request. The student then will be
      rescheduled. This must take place before the first mid-quarter.

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Teacher                     Student                            Parent

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