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                                             How To Begin A Voice-Over Career

       By Julie Williams
       Dated: Jul 10, 2008

       Many people are told that they should get into voiceovers because they have a good voice. Voiceover expert
       Julie Williams gives the facts about starting a voiceover career, and some free resources to help those who
       are interested.

       Voiceovers can be a career, or a little extra money on the side, but it’s always fun! You asked about getting
       into voiceovers. First, forget any preconceived notions that you have about the business.
            For example, if you want to get into voiceovers simply because people say you have a nice voice…
       consider this. Voice is less than 10% of what’s needed to do voiceovers. VO is a skill that requires training,
       practice, and technique. In fact, if your voice is too good, it can work against you, if you are not skilled
       enough to be transparent. Clients don’t want people to notice the voice…they want people to notice the
       message the voice is communicating.
            If you want to get into voiceovers because you think it’ll be easy…and wont’ cost much to get into,
       you’re only partly right. Compared to franchises that can start at $30,000 for a cheap one…and up from
       there, VO is very inexpensive. However, you will be starting a business, and you will need investment
       capital. You’ll have expenses for training, marketing, equipment, etc. just like in any other business. If you
       can’t afford to start a business right now, you can’t afford to get into voiceovers right now.
             If you have been told by an agent or client that you need a demo CD, and you are wondering what to
       put on it, STOP! You do not want to do your own demo! And any reputable coach I know will not do one
       for you if you don’t have training, because they don’t want to take your money knowing that you won’t get
       any work! While it’s obviously not their job to get you work, they don’t want to take advantage of your
       desire to enter this biz… knowing that you will definitely not get work—since you have nothing to offer yet
       but a voice (which is worthless without skill.)

             If you are still interested in VO, here are some free services I provide to help new and experienced
       talent connect and grow in their craft.
        • Forum:
        • Podcasts:
        • VoiceOver Insider Online Magazine: to sign up, http:// for the most current issue
        • Voiceover calendar of workshops by talent all over the country:
        • Free products in return for reviewing them in writing and soundbites for podcasts (Info posted on the
       forum anytime product is available)
        I also have a few products to help talent learn... the best one for you is Proven Voice-Over Techniques. It's
       an abbreviated version of my live workshop, and it will give you a sense of what the biz is about, and how
       good you'll be at it. It's only $34.95 including shipping and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
       You can purchase it at The newly updated How To Make Money in
       Voice-Overs Even If You Don’t Live In N.Y. or L.A. is a 5-CD audiobook on voiceover marketing
       essentials. It retails for $149.95.

        By the way, I do offer telecoaching to a limited number of students. The price is $125 per hour. Or 5
       hours for $500. After the first month, in which I recommend weekly sessions, I recommend monthly
       sessions so you have plenty of time to practice between sessions. I don’t have time to take on everyone who
       wants training, but I really strive to fit in every single person who really wants to be in this business badly
       enough to do what it takes to succeed. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are great!

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About Julie Williams:
 Heard recently on HGTV and WE,, national Eyeglass World Spots, Kymarro Body Shaper and
Glamour Eyes Infomercials, and Gutter Grip videos playing at a Home Depot near you, HGTV’s Savvy
Women Homebuyer videos on, and more. Also recently voiced jobs for the US Army,
PCES Software, the Woodstock Museum and others. Select credits include: Plantronics, Stevie Learns Pool
Safety, Pizza Hut, Sunny Delight, Dominos Pizza, US Army, and thousands of others. Julie will be teaching
hundreds of professional voice talent how to refine their craft at the upcoming VOICE 2008 conference in
Los Angeles. To hear Julie’s demos, visit

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