ASU Biggest Loser Contract of Agreement I as a participant by tracy13


									   ASU Biggest Loser Contract of Agreement
I, as a participant of the ASU Biggest Loser program, agree to take the appropriate steps
to improve my health over the course of this program. I understand that making healthy
choices about food and physical activity are an important part of weight management and
are necessary to support any weight loss effort. Also, I agree to set personal health goals
that will support my effort in this program. I understand that my participation in this
program is voluntary and that I may quit at any time.

I understand the rules of the contest and agree that I will be eliminated from the ASU
Biggest Loser program if I do not comply with these rules.

Name (Print): _________________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Initial Weight: _______
Weight Loss Goal: _______
(Participants are encouraged to set a goal that is no more than 30 lbs for the 15 week
program. Losing weight at a rate up to 2 lbs per week is considered healthy weight loss.)

    ASU Biggest Loser Rules of Participation
   - Sign contract of agreement.
   - Attend at least 10 weekly weigh-ins
   - Attend provided meetings with a Registered Dietitian
   - Attend provided meeting with a personal trainer
   - Keep and submit a food journal for at least 3 consecutive days during
     the program by February 28
   - Keep and submit an exercise log for at least 3 days during the
     program by March 14

Noncompliance to these rules will result in termination from the program

All entry fees are nonrefundable

*consult your physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise

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