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                                  Charles R. Allen, Jr., Chairman
                                  Burton M. Bland
                                  Michelle Ressler
                                  Christian D. Rilee
                                  Louise D. Theberge
                                  William H. Whitley, County Administrator
                                  Daniel M. Stuck, County Attorney

THERE WERE ABSENT:                John J. Adams, Sr., Vice Chairman
                                  Teresa L. Altemus

            The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Mr. Allen.

            An invocation was offered by Mr. Bland.

            All in attendance pledged allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.



            Mr. Whitley updated the Board concerning the status of the Community

Development Block Grant that the County has received in the amount of $700,000 that

will be used to rebuild homes in Jenkins Neck.

            Mr. Whitley advised the Board that he and Ms. Altemus had attended a

meeting on January 9th with officials from the Department of Housing and Community

Development who administer the grant.            He further indicated that it is estimated that the

funding from the grant will pay to rebuild ten to fifteen homes; however, there are many

more families in need of this assistance.

            Mr. Whitley advised that as part of the grant requirements, a committee is

being formed that will make decisions concerning many aspects of the administration of the

program. Later this month, this group, that will become the required oversight committee

for our local administration of the grant proceeds, will meet to approve its recommendation

to the Board on grant recipient selection criteria, Mr. Whitley reported.

            Mr. Whitley noted that due to its importance, state housing officials have

recommended that the Board endorse the criteria recommended by the advisory committee.

He told the Board that this item          will be on the February 3rd agenda for the Board’s

                             Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                    2
            Mr. Whitley further informed the Board that his belief that the County did not

have the administrative capacity to do the required work had been reinforced. He further

indicated that the had realized the need to move ahead with this grant immediately and for

the County to hire an experienced consultant, utilizing grant administrative funding to help

staff move this project ahead immediately. He noted that the County would not hire the

employee at this time as that process would take a long time, and would delay

implementation of the grant. Mr. Whitley emphasized that his intent was to move along as

quickly as possible to get people back in homes.

            Mr. Whitley told the Board that there is no action required, however he wanted

the Board to have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about this matter.

Mr. Whitley reiterated that he thought this was the best approach in order to get the

houses built as soon as possible.

            After a brief discussion, the Board expressed no opposition to Mr. Whitley’s

intention to hire a consultant.

            It was noted that the Management Team would meet each second Tuesday, at

2:30 P.M.



            Mr. Whitley reminded the Board of the opportunity the County has to

participate in the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Program, and that he had, on behalf of the

County, applied to the state for funding under this program.                  He further informed the

Board that the state had approved funding for the County to acquire and relocate homes

that are in danger of being damaged in a future storm; however, the federal government

now must approve the application; however, before that can be done, staff has to complete

a detailed application for federal funding.

             Mr. Whitley advised that he had provided the Board with information

concerning the program and the County’s application for funding for Board review. He

noted that staff will have a great deal of work to do by the application deadline of March 1st

Further, Mr. Whitley advised the Board that staff will attend training sponsored by FEMA

on January 21st to clarify many questions about the program, and he would keep the Board

informed as to staff’s understanding of the issue. He told the Board that he had asked the

Assistant County Administrator and the Planning Director to lead this project.
                               Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                   3
              Mr. Whitley explained that there are several issues for the Board to consider

when deciding whether the County should participate in the program. First, there is a need

to determine how many property owners are actually interested in it. Mr. Whitley noted

that approximately 20 property owners had asked about mitigation after September 18th,

when the storm struck; however, he did not know if these same individuals were still


              Mr. Whitley informed the Board that Ms. Altemus would have a community

meeting on February 5th at Achilles School, and that state and federal officials will attend

and discuss the program. This meeting should inform the public about it and provide an

idea as to the level of interest.

              Mr. Whitely advised that the Board needs to remember that there is a

requirement that 25% of the total funding of this work come from the community. This

could be partially from state funds, but the state has not made a decision concerning the

level of state funding that may be committed to this effort. There is a possibility of funding

from other grants or the homeowners themselves.

              Mr. Whitley asked that the Board think about whether they felt a need to fund

a portion of this program with local funds.

              Mr. Whitley advised that because of the March 1st application deadline, he felt

it necessary for the Board to discuss the matter in late February at a special meeting, once

the level of interest in the program has been clarified.

              The Board took no action on the matter.



              Mr. Whitley told the Board that an important part of the budget preparation

process is the approval of the capital improvements plan.                He further told the Board that

the items included in the Board’s packages have been reviewed by the Gloucester County

Panning Commission as it is their responsibility in this matter, and had been found to be

consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan. The first year of the plan will be included

in the budget recommendation to you as funding allows, Mr. Whitley advised.

              Mr. Daniel M. Stuck, County Attorney, briefed the Board regarding the statutes

that apply in the Capital Improvements Plan as it relates to proffers the County may

receive, and how the commitment may be considered as a revenue item in the operating

                           Tuesday, January 20, 2004                            4
            It was noted that the Board needs to review and approve the Capital

Improvements Plan.

            Capital Improvements Plan Review – Sheriff’s Department

            Sheriff Robin P. Stanaway, addressed the Board and discussed the need for a

solution to the inmate housing problems and jail overcrowding at the current jail facility.

            Sheriff Stanaway noted that the current facility had been constructed and

designed in an old fashioned linear manner which is now outdated, and that the current

approach, which is called a P.O.D., which is a circular design with the guard sitting in the

center in an enclosed area. He indicated that this design is much more desirable, as it is

effective and efficient and requires fewer personnel; and, the guard can provide direct

supervision from a central position.

            Sheriff Stanaway indicated that although his facility was originally designed to

hold 43 inmates, he may have as many as 120 on a weekend.

            In further discussion, Sheriff Stanaway advised that he wished to continue

participation in the federal inmate program, and that they had contracted with an

individual who was conducting a study to determine alternative funding solutions such as

a regional approach, and to determine future needs. Sheriff Stanaway further advised that

they were looking at other options such as adding on to the current facility. He noted that

they would be meeting with representative of the regional facilities in Saluda and James

City County to review potential solutions. Sheriff Stanaway also noted that Mr. Whitley had

contacted members of the General Assembly to request their assistance in seeking

legislation which would provide additional funding for jails. He noted that currently there

is a funding moratorium at the state level which affects jail funding to localities.

            During discussion on funding, Sheriff Stanaway noted that localities may be

responsible for a percentage of the funds.

            Sheriff Stanaway next discussed the need to upgrade and maintain the

Sheriff’s Information Technology Infrastructure to support a 24 hour, 7-days a week service

to the public, and to keep the software up-to-date with the changes in technology.

            Sheriff Stanaway next discussed the need for vehicle replacement and noted

that he maintained a fleet of 67 vehicles which include marked vehicles, unmarked

vehicles, administrative vehicles, multi purpose SUVs, cargo vans for prisoner transports

and inmate road crews.
                           Tuesday, January 20, 2004                            5
            He further noted that current industry standards recommend that law

enforcement vehicles utilized for emergency use, on average, have an effective lifetime of

100,000 miles, or four years of continuous use. He told the Board that he currently gets

five years of use from emergency vehicles, and six to seven on non-emergency vehicles. He

indicated that for maximum efficiency and safety, 25% of the total number in the fleet need

to be replaced on a yearly basis.

            Sheriff Stanaway noted that the use of SUVs in his Department was necessary

and significant considering that they are the only vehicles that can be used during

emergencies such as the recent disaster created by Hurricane Isabel.

            Sheriff Stanaway next discussed the need for new laptops in deputies vehicles

and expressed the necessity for the upgrades.

            Sheriff Stanaway further discussed the need for improvements to the County’s

communications system of radios and communications devices.            Problems of skip and

convergence were noted, and Sheriff Stanaway advised that they were currently talking with

a consultant regarding options to replace the system.

            Mr. Allen thanked Sheriff Stanaway for his presentation of his capital

Improvements requests.

            Animal Control Office – Capital Improvements Requests

            Ms. Georgette N. Hurley, Assistant County Administrator, addressed the capital

needs of the Animal Control Office. Ms. Hurley told the Board that it had been brought to

their attention recently that to be in compliance with recent changes in state law, the

County needs to have a vehicle for transporting animals that is equipped with an enclosed

area with circulating cooling and heating in order to maintain a temperature of between 45

and 85 degrees.

            Ms. Hurley advised that they had received a bid in accordance with their

specifications for the truck for one GMC Sierra, 2500 HD, P/U Regular Cab, 4 x 4 Work

Truck, and an AC96A Animal Control Truck Body manufactured by Frank Doeer Truck

Equipment at a total cost of $77,218.00.

            Ms. Hurley advised that the truck would allow the officer to stay out in the field

longer and create a more effective and efficient use of his time.

            It was noted that the County was at the mercy of state law regarding animals

and their care, and in meeting those specific needs and criteria as required by the state.
                            Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                         6
            Central Purchasing – Capital Improvements

            Mr. Whitley advised that the Central Purchasing request is for the purchase

and rental of reproduction and printing office machines for county offices. He noted that

the county currently purchases, leases, or maintains, copiers and/or printers annually

through the Central Purchasing Office. It was noted that this year, the County needs to

replace the Mita copiers, place an additional copier in the new library and purchase one

special use color copier.

            Department of Information Technology – Capital Improvements Plan

            Mr. George Bains, Director of Information Technology, addressed the Board

and explained that Gloucester County’s Information Technology Infrastructure needs to be

maintained and upgraded to support the county employees and citizens, and also keep the

equipment and software up-to-date with the changes in technology.

            Mr. Bains advised that he was requesting $85,000 in FY 05 of the estimated

total cost of $425,000.00 to support the County’s information technology infrastructure

which is a highly developed network, and includes a Fiber Local Area Network (LAN),

remote access server, business application servers, internet servers and 3rd party

application servers.   Mr. Bains further indicated that the hardware that supports this

infrastructure needs to be replaced every few years.       Also, the software that runs the

County’s applications needs to be enhanced or replaced to continue to meet the needs of

citizens and employees, Mr. Bains noted.

            Mr. Bains advised that each year technology changes and services are

increased. He indicated that links go to all the fire stations and the libraries. He noted that

probably the wireless will be the most effective way to get to the new library.

            Mr. Bains advised that the biggest problem now is security with spam and

people trying to get into the system with viruses.

            Mr. Bains advised that although increased technology has made it easier to

provide information, it has made it more difficult for those who manage the technology.

            Mr. Bains indicated that they were looking to replace about 1/5 of the

infrastructure each year.

            Gloucester Library – Capital Improvements

            Mr. Whitley advised that the Library foresees a need to plan, design, and build

a new library facility at Gloucester Point, or renovate an existing building      Funding in the

amount of $125,000 is requested in the fiscal year 2009.
                            Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                       7
            Parks Recreation & Tourism Capital Improvements

            Ms. Carol Steele, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, addressed the

Board and expressed a dire need for improvements to the Beaverdam Parking lot as well as

continued development of the fishing pier, two boat landings, two picnic shelters, two

playgrounds two restrooms, 13 miles of trails, Whitcomb Lodge and three parking lots.

            Ms. Steele noted that enlarging the Ranger Station would provide needed

storage areas, a store, office space and meeting space. She indicated that a storage/repair

shop is needed to store and repair equipment. Currently all equipment is left outdoors, and

repair work must be done outdoors. She noted that the addition of an education center and

an overnight camping area would provide new sources of revenue. She further noted that

the pier needs to be expanded to accommodate storage of rental boats, meet user demand

for use. She further indicated the need for a new tractor.

            Ms. Steele next discussed Woodville Plantation Park. She noted that the land

was donated, and they were doing fund raising for the project. She indicated that the park

would offer a performance theater, meeting rooms, trails, gardens and a pond to provide

information and education regarding the environment.

            Ms. Steele noted that the cost for Woodville was approximately 4 million

dollars, and it was expected that most of these funds would have to be donated.

            Ms. Steele next discussed Brown Park, and noted that this park would also

most likely have to be funded by donations.

            Ms. Steele next discussed the Gloucester Point Beach Improvements. She told

the Board that the beach is continually accumulating seaweed, and that numerous

complaints have been registered with the department.         A wide tired vehicle with a pull-

behind beach cleaner is needed to take care of the seaweed, and it can also be used for

special construction and clean-up projects at other parks. A small shed is also needed in

which to house the vehicle. Additional playground equipment is needed, and an additional

water station will provide a place for showering and cleaning fish, Ms. Steele advised.

            Ms. Steele also noted that a new stage is needed for special activities at the

beach, and she expected that it would be used almost continuously. She indicated that

this is an opportunity to design and build a more suitable stage then they previously had;

however, the type of stage needed would cost in the thousands of dollars.
                              Tuesday, January 20, 2004                            8
             Ms. Steele next addressed Abingdon Park improvements. She noted that a

new picnic shelter is needed to accommodate soccer teams and school and community

groups. Ms. Steele told the Board that lighting would allow for additional use of the park.

             Ms. Steele also cited a need for the development of additional soccer fields

which would allow more games and tournaments to be played, and a better maintenance

plan can be initiated to reduce wear and tear on turf.

             Ms. Steele noted that lighting upgrades, and additional lighting is needed at

Page Middle School.    She also noted that the tennis courts need to be resurfaced.      Ms.

Steele advised that improvements in the form of a new swing, and park benches are needed

at Hunters Run Park.

             Ms. Steele noted that the final request is for the conversion of the old county

landfill located behind the old Wal-Mart to a park. She noted that the use of the park would

be limited due to environmental concerns, however, they would like to hire a professional

designer to design the park, and come up with a plan for skateboarding, roller-blading and

related activities.

             There being no questions, Mr. Allen thanked Ms. Steele for her presentation.

             Utilities Department – Capital Improvements

             Mr. Larry Dame, Director of Utilities, addressed the Board and noted that his

first need would be to refurbish the turbine pumps and motors at the water treatment

plant. He noted that the pump manufacturers recommend pulling pumps, checking them

for worn parts, and replacing all worn parts every five or six years. The water treatment

plant pumps have been in operation for eight years, Mr. Dame advised. He indicated that

when the refurbishing is done, it results in increased pump production and           reduced

electrical costs.

             Mr. Dame next described the need to purchase a large slope mower for the dam

area, track excavator and hand operated roller.

             Mr. Dame advised that the truck excavator would lessen the time needed to

excavate water or sewer lines and get the repair work done more quickly. The roller will

provide for proper road asphalt repairs. Mr. Dame noted that currently, they had to depend

upon VDOT for the use of their roller which was not always convenient for them, or VDOT.

             Mr. Dame noted that the Gloucester Point Water Tower has been incorporated

into the County’s maintenance program and has already been painted, however, he would

like to include all of the water towers in the maintenance program for painting.
                            Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                 9
            Mr. Dame next described the need for the purchase of a truck mounted sewer

cleaner complete with manhole vacuum unit.        He indicated that the one they have now is

22 years old and is need of repairs. Mr. Dame advised that the new cleaner will prevent the

cleared blockage from flowing back down the pipe and getting lodged in the pumps.

            Mr. Dame advised that a centralized maintenance shop is needed.                  He

indicated that currently there are no indoor shower or bathroom facilities available to the

men, who from time to time may come in contact with sewer water or other hazardous

materials, and need proper facilities to clean themselves.

            Mr. Dame then indicated a need to construct a one-million gallon, ground level

pre-stressed concrete storage tank with baffling at the water treatment plant. Mr. Dame

explained that this tank would double the storage capacity for the county’s water supply,

and during periods of peak demand, would allow the plant to pump at a higher rate than

its normal production rate.

            Mr. Dame advised that they had received requests for sewer installation in York

Woods and from United Shellfish building. He indicated however that not all citizens in the

York Woods Subdivision agreed with the need for sewer service.

            Mr. Dame further described a need for the construction of a one-million gallon,

steel water tower along with the associated piping, valve vaults and foundation necessary

for the project. Mr. Dame indicated that the water tower was needed to accommodate the

increased growth and development in the lower parts of the County.

            Mr. Dame further advised that a slip line or replacement for 50+ year old

deteriorating sewer lines in the Courthouse area is needed. He indicated that there are

roots in the pipes, cracks in the pipes, leaky joints, bellies, mis-aligned joints, and concrete

pipe that has been eaten away.

            Public Works – Capital Improvements

            Mr. Whitley then reviewed the capital improvements requests from Public

Works noting that a new roof is needed for building no. 3 which is located on Main Street

and DuVal Avenue. He further advised that the Colonial Courthouse needs to be accessible

to the handicapped and must be made ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant as

does the Botetourt Museum. Repairs and on going painting for county buildings is needed

as well. Also a certain amount of overlay paving for various County parking lots is also

needed, Mr. Whitley noted.
                              Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                10
             Regarding vehicles and equipment, Mr. Whitley advised that there is a need

for one regular automobile, a small dump truck, a street sweeper and a new county radio

system for the Sheriff/Fire and Rescue and county use.

             Mr. Whitley expressed the view that VDOT should sweep the streets, and it

should not be a county function.

             Mr. Whitley next discussed the buildings and construction projects and noted

that he would like to take the Board members on a tour of county facilities.

             Mr. Whitley described the buildings and construction projects and noted that

renovations, and an addition, is needed to the Health Department, a vehicle maintenance

shop is needed; a school support services building is needed, as well as a “shops and

stores” building. Mr. Whitley presented more detail on the “shops and stores” building and

some of the other buildings and construction projects.

             Regarding property acquisition and improvements, Mr. Whitley advised the

Board that there was a need for property acquisition in the Courthouse area, and for a

spoils area for the dredging of Aberdeen Creek.     Additionally, Mr. Whitley noted that there

is also a request for a street lighting program to provide street lighting for citizens in the

County through a street light policy which allows for expansion and upgrading of lighting in

the entire County.

             Regarding a spoils area for the dredging of Aberdeen Creek, Mr. Whitley

presented details of what is involved. The only problem concerns the County’s responsibility

for providing the spoils area which has become difficult due to a lack of available property

for a spoils area.

             School System – Capital Improvement Projects

             Dr. Ben Kiser, Superintendent of Schools, addressed the Board and introduced

Mr. David Callins, Director of Engineering and Maintenance, and Ms. Joanne Wright,

Director of Finance. He indicated they would be happy to answer additional questions the

Board may have that he couldn’t answer.

             Dr. Kiser expressed appreciation to Larry Dame and the Utilities Department

for their quick response to a water line break on Short Lane near Gloucester High School,

and for getting them back on line within an hour.

             Dr. Kiser described the need for reproofing of various schools including

Peasley, Page - Phase I, Gloucester High School-Phase I, Petsworth, Gloucester High School

-Phase II, Achilles, and Page - Phase II.
                             Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                  11
            Dr. Kiser explained that total dollar figures are separated by long-term and

annual capital projects. He noted that 3.1 million dollars in total cost was projected, with

1.2 million dollars directly for replacement and refurbishing programs on the schools.   He

then directed the Board’s attention to FY 2007 and 2009 and indicated that over those five

years, 4.2 million dollars would be needed for roofs that need to be replaced, as many roofs

have reached the life spans when they were installed.        He indicated that patches and

repairs were done as they could, but a plan that would allow replacement of some of the

oldest and most severely worn roofs needed to be in place.

            Dr. Kiser advised that although they knew the funds were not available, they

still needed to make the Board aware of their needs.

            Replacement of school buses was next discussed, and Dr. Kiser noted they

needed to replace about 8 – 10 buses each year; ideally.

            Dr. Kiser next discussed the needs for refurbishing the auditorium at

Gloucester High School.

            Dr. Kiser noted that the $80,000 request was part of the 1.9 million dollars

they would like to use to begin the design work for renovation and expansion of Abingdon

and T.C. Walker elementary schools; and, by Spring of 05 he would expect the work on

schematic design on Achilles and Botetourt to be completed. Dr. Kiser indicated further

that in 2006 10.9 million dollars would be needed to expand and renovate the other two

schools. (T.C. Walker and Abingdon)

            Dr. Kiser noted that they were moving forward with the facility study for a new

high school, and within 6 – 8 months, the School Board will have data to project capacity

and growth. He indicated that he had chosen to present the worst case scenario for a new

high school which would     accommodate 1,400 students.       He indicated that this should

accommodate student growth for some years to come.           He indicated that with today’s

prices, plus a 3% inflationary factor, the cost would be $150 per square foot. He indicated

that the in 2007 the cost for the architect and engineer would be about 2 million dollars.

He noted that calculating 227,000 square feet at $150 a square foot would equal a cost of

approximately $39,800,000. He further noted that they would begin and continue through

carryover money, and address the campus needs of Page Middle School, as the whole

campus needs to be upgraded. He further told the Board that he felt they would have an

enrollment crunch at Page Middle School in the near future.
                             Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                 12
He indicated that they would need to look at serious renovations at Page Middle School,

and that it had been recommended that $743,000 be set aside for the 2009 fiscal year for

design work and $14,000,000 in 2010 for the actual work. He advised that the grand total

now amounted to $77,000,000 over the next six years, and they would come back and

refine the figures when they have more data.

             Mr. David Callins, Director of Engineering and Maintenance, addressed the

Board and indicated that the roof at Peasley was only warranted for 12 years and is now

suffering some disrepair.

             Mr. Whitley advised that the Board will have additional opportunities to

address School Board capital projects requests and it would be most helpful if the Board

could tour the schools facilities.



             Mr. Whitley reminded the Board that the Planning Retreat will begin at 3 p.m.

on Friday, January 30th and run until about 8:30 that evening.                        It will continue on

Saturday for the entire day, Mr. Whitley noted.

             He further asked the Board to call if they had questions about the retreat


             During a brief discussion, Mr. Allen noted that the retreat will be a “big

picture” event rather than a detailed action session.



             Mr. Whitley apprised the Board regarding the budget adoption schedule. He

indicated that it was his plan that the Board would review major budget requests at the

February 17th Work Session, and he would present the recommended budget at                           the

Board’s March 16th meeting. He further indicated that during the last two weeks of March

and throughout April, the Board needs to review the recommendation.

             Mr. Whitley advised that the Board will need to approve the Capital

Improvements plan at about the same time as they approve the budget.

             Mr. Whitley requested that the Board members let him know if the process is

moving too slowly or too quickly.
                              Tuesday, January 20, 2004                               13
            After a brief discussion, it was the consensus of the Board to discuss the

personnel policy and related issues on February 17.



            After a brief discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that this matter be

deferred until the February 3rd meeting.



            The Chairman, Mr. Allen, indicated that he had talked to Mr. Ross Hines and

that he had agreed to come and be the presenter for the Personnel Policy and Management

Plan and would do this at the work session on February 17th.

            In reference to another matter, Mr. Allen advised that he had been invited to

have lunch with the Governor as part of the Mayors and Chairs of Hampton Roads, and

they had discussed the issue of tax reform.              Mr. Allen noted that Gloucester County

residents had already had a tax increase when the last reassessment had been completed.

            Mr. Allen indicated that the Governor was serious in his efforts relative to tax

reform and had no problem with Senator Chichester’s budget plan if it was not changed.



            Mr. Stuck advised that there are four bills which have been introduced to

eliminate the BPOL ( Business and Professional Licenses taxes) and that there is a bill

introduced that will require more overtime to be paid to police officers. It was noted that

the General Assembly is still doing the same thing; requiring that more services be paid for

by localities while the state continues to cut revenues to localities.

            During more discussion, Mr. Whitley noted that he was encouraged by Senator

Chichester’s budget plan.

            Mr. Rilee inquired regarding the “no smoking” requirement for restaurants.

            It was the consensus of the Board that that it was not likely that the General

Assembly would pass legislation to outlaw smoking in restaurants.

                             Tuesday, January 20, 2004                                 14

            On a motion by Ms. Theberge, seconded by Mr. Bland, the Board continued its

meeting until 3:00 P.M. at the Comfort Inn on January 30th.

            The motion was then carried by the following vote:    Mrs. Ressler, yes;   Ms.

Altemus, absent; Mr. Bland, yes; Ms. Theberge, yes; Mr. Rilee, yes; Mr. Adams, absent;

Mr. Allen, yes;

_______________________________           _________________________________________
Charles R. Allen, Jr., Chairman           William H. Whitley, County Administrator

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