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					HTML Cheatsheet
HTML for Ecademy messages/blogs/Marketplace/Profiles

Make bold text Make Italic text Make underlined Make linked popup Make <b>bold</b> text Make <i>Italic</i> text Make <u>underlined</u> Make <a href=””>linked</a> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>popup</a>

Red text Red Bold Text Black border box Grey text on black Red text on grey Insert an image <span style=”color:#ff0000”>Red text</span> <span style=”color:#ff0000”>Red <b>Bold</b> Text</span> <div style=”border:1px solid #000000”>Black border box</div> <div style=”background: #000000; color:#dddddd;”>Grey text on black</div> <div style=”background:#dddddd; color:#ff0000;”>Red text on grey</div> <img src=””> (images must be uploaded to a website first is popular)

Colour Guide
eg. Black = #000000, Navy = #000099, Red = #FF0000 etc There are many many more, so if you want a colour which isn't here, Google 'HTML color codes' for a longer list.

Please note the spelling of 'Color' – It is common knowledge that the American's can't spell yet claim to use the English language. As they also developed HTML code, please direct your complaints to them as a country. HTML though complicated to look at for a non-techie is actually very simple. Follow a few simple rules and you'll hopefully be typing up colourful blogs and profiles in no time. Short explanation of html: Html works in tags, a tag is made up of 4 parts: < 1 a 2 href=””> 3 Click Here 4 </a> 5

1. The opener, this signifies the start of non-text input. 2. The tag, a = link (anchor), b = bold, I = Italic, img = image 3. The options (optional), tell it how to display it and where relevant any urls. 4. The text to apply the effect to (Images do not need this) 5. The closer. (Images do not need this, most other elements do) Everything inside < and > is treated as code and will not display (You'll notice this when using them accidentally as less-than or more-than signs.) Everything outside these symbols will be displayed as text. Cheat sheet provided by Simon Jones of Zako media for use with Ecademy Please distribute to anyone who wants a copy in it's original form.

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Description: Single A4 helpsheet for Ecademy's edit boxes. Add some colour or effects to your profile, messages, blogs or marketplace listings.
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