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                                Campbell County
                             Human Services Committee
                                  June 15, 2009

Committee Members Present:
David Laurrell, County Administrator
Mike Daly, Youth, Adult & Community Services Director
Sherry Harding, Recreation Co-Director
Mary Pascale, Recreation Co-Director
Rick Verilla, Social Services Director
Steven Shockley, BOS-Timberlake District
J.D. Puckett, BOS-Brookneal District
Lyne Geho, Administrative Support

Coralee Tuck, Deputy Director, Library

Committee Members Absent:
Nan Carmack, Library Director

//In Ms. Carmack’s absence, Mr. Rick Verilla called the meeting to order at
11:00 am with a welcome to everyone.

//Mr. Laurrell stated that Yvonne Behrens, Chairman for the Consortium on Aging Public
Awareness Committee is addressing the Board of Supervisors today to present a
proactive approach to the increase of the aging population being taken by The Beard
Center on Aging at Lynchburg College, Central Virginia Area Agency on Aging and the
Consortium on Aging. She is planning a strategic planning day to discuss aging issues.
A representative from Social Services and YACS will participate in the consortium to
represent Campbell County.

Youth, Adult and Community Services

//Mr. Daly reported that the CSA ended the year significantly under the budgeted amount
of $4.4 million with total expenses being close to $3 million. Over a 12 month period the
state-wide figures show that residential expenditure is down 13.4%. The local share is
down 8% while the state share increased. The overall expenditures state-wide is only
down 1.5% for the 12 months. Judge Ellen White is organizing a Transformation
Training on August 26, 2009 from 1 – 5 p.m. at the Kirkley Hotel. Ray Ratke will
conduct this training for Amherst, Bedford, Appomattox and Campbell Counties and
three pilot localities will share their successes. The Virginia Department of Social
Services will be imposing a new rate structure in October for Foster Care. It is for
additional daily supervision. Mr. Daly feels this will benefit Campbell County by
providing uniform rates. We will get more Federal money, but there will also be more

administrative work locally. Mr. Verilla commented that there will be a set rate for
children of certain age groupings. If the child has special needs, there is a supplement
available. Now the supplement is based on what the foster parent needs. In October this
supplement will be based on the condition of the child. Assessments are done annually,
but if there is a significant change, a reevaluation may be done not more than once a
quarter. There is a concern for funding for autism. Autism is on the rise. As many as 1
in 155 children are diagnosed with autism. Virginia has been inconsistent in the funding
for autism. Marilyn Tavener, Secretary of Health and Human Services for the
Commonwealth of Virginia has indicated that this funding should come from CSA. Mr.
Daly will continue to follow this issue. Mr. Laurrell asked if Mr. Daly thought the rise in
children with autism was due to the fact that it is diagnosed more or that autism is really
on the rise. Mr. Daly thought it was due to lumping children into one category now.
Children who may have been diagnosed as emotionally disturbed are now diagnosed with
autism spectrum disorder.

//Mr. Daly reported that there has not been a display in the historic courthouse for some
time. The County has been making repairs to benches, floor tiles and plaster due to water
damage. The Historical Society is waiting for the final clean-up and hopes to have a
display this fall. The Historical Society is interested in working with the county to obtain
grant money. Doug Guthrie, Rob Merryman and Mike Daly will be meeting in the
coming weeks to continue this discussion.

// During Stand up for Kids Week, Smart Beginnings Coalition wants to do a Power Point
presentation about early childhood education at the second meeting in October.

//The Virginia Department of Historic Resources had money available through the
VDHR Cost Share grant. This year, the BOS approved funding, but VDHR did not issue
an RFP. Now, VDHR is saying they have no money available to help localities. They
will call us if money becomes available.

//Daryl Holt from from the Court Services Unit is working to develop a Truancy Team.
This team will work with families and children experiencing truancy problems before the
situation becomes serious. A family is referred if the child misses 5 days of school. The
team would be represented by the Court Services Unit, Social Services, YACS, Health
Department and the Sheriff’s Department. The team would meet with the parents and
children and offer recommendations and make referrals. In other localities this Truancy
Team has been shown to lower truancy as well as the
drop-out rate. We will begin developing a Truancy Team in the elementary schools and
then expand it to the middle and high schools.

//CVAAA has a new Congregate Dining Site at New Vine Baptist Church in Rustburg.
They serve meals on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm and serve about 12

Social Services

//Mr. Verilla distributed a follow up handout showing the effect of the economic
downturn to the services DSS provides. The number of children in custody has decreased
to 41 in July. The number of CPS family assessments pending shows no real pattern.
They have been as high as 50 and as low as 34 in the past six months. The Child
Protective Service complaints also show no pattern. They have been as high as 48 and as
low as 31 in the past six months. Emergency Assistance which includes calls about
evictions, loss of power, advice on legal or law enforcement issues etc. had an increase
since February 2009 to 625 calls in July. Total Assistance Cases (SNAP, TANF,
Medicaid and Fuel Assistance) are on the rise. The total number of assistance cases has
been increasing for several months with over 7700 cases in July. This represents 9,000 or
10,000 people who receive some assistance. Total Assistance Applications show no
pattern. Adoption Subsidy cases have decreased due to terminating cases due to the
children aging out. Adult Protective Services (abuse, neglect and exploitation of elderly)
is slowly decreasing to mid-sixties in July.

// Rick Verilla reported that Campbell County received $30,000 of Stimulus Funds to
DSS to help with the increase in caseload. Presently the staff is holding their own at 500
cases each. DSS plans to use the money to offset local match dollars. In the future they
may need to hire a temporary employee to help with the case load. Some stimulus money
will go to child care for working poor people parents. This money will decrease our local
match from 10% to 5%. Currently we are serving 106 children. There are 88 children
on the waiting list. Hopefully we will receive a supplemental allocation which will allow
us to take 40 or more children off the waiting list.


//Coralee Tuck reported on the 90 day trial of Unique Management Debt Collection
which began on August 1, 2009. Unique Management Services (UMS) predicts an
average of 30 accounts per month turned over from the library. UMS predicts a 70%
success rate of collection. UMS budget neutrality is based on CCPLS charging each
patron turned over to UMS a $ 10 fee. UMS charges CCPLS $ 8.95 fee per account
turned over. The remaining $ 1.05 serves to accumulate payment for those accounts that
are never collected. If we choose to cancel the service we must do so in writing by
October 5, 2009. If we choose to continue with the service we must enter into a standing
agreement by November 1, 2009. We can cancel any agreement with a 30 day written
notice. Mr. Laurrell suggested keeping track of how much is collected and how much is
charged. There has been a 43% increase in fines collected over the past two months.
This is due to UMS and the circulation staff who are making patrons aware of their fines
before they reach the maximum of $ 5.


//Mrs. Harding reported that the Heritage Festival was a success. It is estimated that 2500
people attended the event on Saturday, August 15, 2009. They had live demonstrations
of historic skills. Recreation will do an assessment in the next couple of weeks to see
what worked well and what needs to be changed. Approximately $ 3000 was collected
4                                                                                      11-4

for the amphitheater from the Dazzlers concert. Between 350 and 400 people attended
this concert. Mrs. Harding thanked her staff as well as Public Safety and Public Works
for a job well done. Mr. Puckett stated that Campbell County has the best employees
anyone could have. He praised Mike Daly for taking the necessary steps to build 3
handicapped ramps as a service to the community. He also commented on how well
Recreation, Public Safety and Public Works worked together at the Heritage Festival.
Mr. Laurrell thanked Mr. Puckett for his leadership on the committee along with Mrs.
Harding and Mrs. Pascale for all the hard work. The Community Park Committee and
the Recreation Department sponsored this event. Mrs. Harding thanked the schools for
providing classrooms and buses.

//Mrs. Pascale reported that many other park committees are hard at work including
English Park. She feels that Long Mountain Park Committee will be engaged as soon as
ground is broken. New Trail Grant Funding is available and an application has again
been submitted for English Park. Mrs. Pascale thinks we have a better chance now that
some of the big trail systems have already received money from the stimulus funds. If
we pass the first phase we will be notified in October if we made it through the first
scrutiny. In the second phase we will have 3 months to prepare the materials for
submission. Mrs. Pascale has faced some liability and risk issues concerning the building
of the Timbrook pavilion. Mrs. Pascale contacted Tom Creasy to give her a price quote to
build the pavilion including materials and a price quote for just labor. She feels she may
have the funds to have the pavilion built. The BOS did approve to get the RFP done for
environmental permits at Long Mountain Park. One of the main concerns is the park
playing areas and parking lot areas will not visible from the road. Mrs. Pascale stated
that the park will need to be secured by a gate during the construction phase to discourage
vandalism. The contract for the roadway at English Park has been drawn up. The county
is providing the matching funds and the Town of Altavista will get the contract. Mrs.
Pascale asked if they wanted a resolution from the BOS that the county will provide a
$115,000 match. She has not heard back from them at this time. She also has not
received any word on moving the roadway closer to the river (as VDOT requested at a
site meeting in May 2009) or if that would be considered a deviation from the original
Master Plan. Mrs. Pascale stated that we should be moving earth hopefully by January

New Business

//Mr. Laurrell brought up the Timberlake Community Complex funding issues. The
committee has divided the project into phases. Phase I is just for the Library/Recreation
building which may be expanded if necessary. We were awarded a $350,000 federal
appropriation. We are not sure what the restrictions will be. It may be limited to
construction expenses only. The Capital Campaign Cabinet has not had any success in
finding a major donor. Larry Davies, Chairman, wants to reconstitute the Capital
Campaign Cabinet and develop a new focus. Next spring, the Foundation will pay the
$96,000 borrowed from the county. If the federal funds can be used for architectural
fees, Mr. Laurrell recommends moving forward with A & E. The cost for a design
should be between $450,000 and $600,000. Then we will have a design to show the
5                                                                                         11-5
community. The county has committed $700,000 for the construction. Mr. Laurrell
suggested getting a short term construction loan for 1.7 million. He also proposed that
the Supervisors consider a Special Service District for the Timberlake area for taxes
collected in December 2011.

//Mr. Daly reported there is a group in Altavista raising money for a domestic violence
shelter called Frannie’s House. $240,000 of the $300,000 has been raised so far. A
house has been purchased and will accommodate 8 people. It will be run by the YWCA
who hope to open it in January 2010.

// Mrs. Harding reported that the adult computer classes are going extremely well. Six
classes have been held and there are still people on the waiting list. The basic class is
offered for free at Highland Heights Baptist Church and Lynchburg College. The classes
are very well attended. If Recreation decides to have a class beyond the basics, they will
have to charge a small fee. Mr. Laurrell encouraged Mrs. Harding to look at CVCC’s
computer lab to see if they could use it to hold some of the classes.

Items From The Floor

//Mrs. Pascale reported they had sold 900 tickets to Kings Dominion in the first two
weeks. The total amount was 1250 tickets. There was a special for Parks and Rec Days
and the tickets were only $28.50. Mrs. Pascale credits the economic downturn for the
increase in ticket sales. People are doing short day trips as opposed to week long
vacations. Campbell County Recreation is the biggest tickets seller in the state this year.
Mrs. Pascale wants to find other ideas that will help the community to have cheaper, local
outdoor activities to participate in. She mentioned purchasing canoe slides and floating
docks. Mr. Puckett offered to check Capps Hardware at Smith Mountain Lake about
prices for a floating dock that is a canoe/kayak put-in. We could use these where we
don’t have a game and fisheries boat landing. Mr. Laurrell stated that it would take
$1million to develop all 5 sights along the Staunton River. Recreation needs to decide
what is a priority. We could develop the Blueways, trails, or the parks. We do not have
funds to do all of them.


//There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.