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                                    Campbell County Fire Commission
                                           RUSTBURG, VA
                                                                      Lyn-Dan Heights

A regular meeting of the Campbell County Fire Commission was held on Wednesday,
December 16, 2009 at Brookneal Volunteer Fire Department.

Members present:

Bill Bigham, Fire Commissioner
Claude Owen, Vice Commissioner
Christin Elliott, Secretary
John Tucker, Altavista VFD
Lee Neal, Altavista VFD
Dean Guthrie, Brookneal VFD
Jerry Womack, Brookville-Timberlake VFD
Gerald Mays, Brookville-Timberlake VFD
Mike Mays, Brookville-Timberlake VFD
Kirk Pugh, Concord VFD & BWXT
Alan Maddox, Evington VFD
W.T. Hall, Evington VFD
Lynn Boteler, Gladys VFD
Chick Carwile, Gladys VFD
Mike Watson, Lyn-Dan Heights VFD
Ed Fletcher, Rustburg VFD

Others present:

Clarence Jones, Brookneal VFD
C.H. Jones, Brookneal VFD
Brian Harris, Lyn-Dan Heights VFD

Commissioner Bigham called the meeting to order with prayer and pledge of allegiance at
7:30 p.m.
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Fire Commission Minutes
December 16, 2009

New Business:

•   There is $14,409 left in the ATL fund after the purchases voted on at the November
    meeting. Commissioner Bigham asked individual departments if there were needs for this
    funding. Based on the requests made during discussion the following motions were made:

    Jerry Womack motioned for Altavista VFC to purchase of a ventilation saw and not
    exceed $1,500. Alan Maddox seconded the motion.
    The vote was: Aye- Guthrie, Womack, Pugh, Maddox, Boteler, Watson and Fletcher.
                  Nay- None.
                  Abstain – Tucker.

    Jerry Womack motioned for Brookneal VFD to purchase a slide unit extendo bed for their
    new command vehicle not to exceed $3,000. Alan Maddox seconded the motion.
    The vote was: Aye- Tucker, Womack, Pugh, Maddox, Boteler, Watson and Fletcher.
                  Nay- None.
                  Abstain – Guthrie.

    Mike Watson motioned for Evington VFD to purchase a new chain saw not to exceed
    $1,000. John Tucker seconded the motion.
    The vote was: Aye- Tucker, Guthrie, Womack, Pugh, Boteler, Watson and Fletcher.
                  Nay- None.
                  Abstain – Maddox.

New Business:

•   The Commission will move forward with the CIP apparatus replacement process.
    Commissioner Bigham felt the southern end of the County needs a large tanker. After a
    lengthy discussion the Commission representatives felt it would be better to go with a
    year-to-year plan based on how much funding becomes available. Commissioner Bigham
    asked the departments to go ahead with specs on the individual department requests for
    apparatus and discuss at the January meeting.

•   If an arson investigator is needed call the Sheriff’s Office, with the understanding that
    there maybe a delay since an investigator will have to be called in from the City or State

•   The participants from the LP Gas Emergency class need to go to the website and print
    their individual certificates.

•   There is currently funding budgeted for EVOC, ICS 300, FF II and an LP Gas Emergency
    Class. The Commission felt Gerald Inge should go ahead and schedule the classes so
    funding will not be lost. However, they did ask that County members get first choice on
    the classes and the classes be rotated through out the volunteer agency locations.
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Fire Commission Minutes
December 16, 2009

•   The new HazMat contact is Brian Thurman. He can be reached at (540) 986-6982 or

•   Bigham introduced Kurt Pugh; B&W representative who will be attending the meetings
    on behalf of B&W. Commissioner Bigham requested that B&W be included in the
    department reports.

Committee Reports:

Communications Committee-

•   They will not meet again until January.

•   The SOG for radio protocol has been distributed.

•   EMS did not like the text messaging system for call information, which would cost about
    $5,000 per year. Commissioner Bigham felt this system could help lower the ISO ratings
    as a secondary means of notification. All departments were unanimous in support of
    going forward with the texting of call information.

•   A discussion was held on sending faxes as soon as a call is entered to the responding
    department(s). Commissioner Bigham will discuss this further with Public Safety staff.

•   Neither Gladys nor Brookneal have enough pagers for all of their members.

Department Reports:

Altavista-Things have been quiet.

Brookneal- They thanked everyone for their assistance on the Brookneal Milling fire. Other
than that extremely large incident things have been quiet.

Brookville-Timberlake- Mike Mays will be the new Chief in 2010.

Concord- They ran numerous calls during the black ice event but other than that things have
been quiet.

Evington – Things have been quiet.

Gladys - Scott Horseman will be the new Chief in 2010.
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Fire Commission Minutes
December 16, 2009

Lyn-Dan Heights –Things have been quiet.

Rustburg – Things have been quiet. They acknowledged Brookneal on their response at the
mill fire.

Airport – Not present.

BWXT- Things have been quiet.

•   The 2010 officer elections were held per the following motion:

Lynn Boteler motioned Bill Bigham as Commissioner, Claude Owen as Vice-Commissioner
and Christin Elliott as Secretary. Mike Watson seconded the motion.
The vote was: Tucker, Guthrie, Womack, Pugh, Maddox, Boteler, Watson and Fletcher.

Other Business:

•   Commissioner Bigham would like to see a committee set up for strategic planning in the
    event of a large incident such as the Brookneal Milling fire. Please be ready to discuss
    this at the January meeting.

* Commissioner Bigham also stressed that accountability on scene needs to be a top priority.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on January 20, 2010 at Brookville-Timberlake VFD, 7:30 p.m.