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Bistro Manager Resume Example by mplett


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									                                          JESSE KENDALL
                                 123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183
                   Home: 305-555-5555 • Cell: 305-444-4444 •

                                 SEAMLESS BISTRO MANAGEMENT
Results-driven and customer-oriented professional with extensive experience in restaurant management and
food service. Reputation for creative problem solving, dedication, congeniality, and responsiveness.
Technically proficient in Windows, HSI, NCR, and Squirrel. Additional expertise includes:

 • Sales and Marketing Strategies                          • Kitchen and Bar Operations
 • Relationship Management                                 • Customer Service and Retention
 • Organization and Follow-Through                         • Problem Solving

                                          EMPLOYMENT HISTORY
ABC BISTRO – Miami, FL                                                                           20xx to 20xx
Bistro Manager: Directed the daily operations of this $1.4 million full-service restaurant. Managed inventory,
accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, and scheduling. Suggested and implemented menu changes.
Supervised up to 30 employees.

   Slashed costs in cooperation with general manager: labor 12%, alcohol 12%, and food 15%.
   Improved cash drawer accuracy by limiting staff access and promoting staff accountability.
   Increased the number of repeat bar and restaurant patrons through concentrated customer service efforts.
   Promoted restaurant to under-tapped family market through special business cards and discounts.
   Designed and implemented numerous systems to ensure efficient customer service and accurate
   Helped successfully launch new Bistro restaurant; trained employees and managers; installed computer
   systems, software, and interfaces.

BISTRO St. BCD – Miami, FL                                                                   20xx to 20xx
Bistro Manager: Supervised between 7 and 14 employees, maintaining a highly efficient kitchen. Assisted the
Executive Chef with inventory, pricing, supplies, menu, food safety, and sanitation.

   Served between 120 and 170 customers per night during peak times, providing a positive dining experience
   in a tourist area.
   Effectively supported the restaurant as it won many awards and accolades during tenure, including two
   Distinguished Restaurants of North America distinctions and high Zagat ratings.

                                          CULINARY EDUCATION
                          Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management ● 20xx
                               Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts ● 20xx

                                        XYZ UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL

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