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									SFOP Supporters 2007-2008:

Mike Allison                                    Lane Family Charitable Trust
Rabbi Camille Shira Angel                       Lennar Communities - Bay Area Urban
Anonymous                                       Mark Leno
Betty Angevine                                  Debbie & Michael Lombardo
Archdiocese of San Francisco                    Msgr. Mickey McCormick
AT&T                                            Bob McIntosh, Pier 39
Buck Bagot                                      Marco Montenegro
Bank of the West                                Morgan Stanley
Bay Area LISC                                   Paula Morris
Natalie Berg, Forest City Development           Jeff Murata
Norm Berryessa                                  Joyce Newstat
James Blanding                                  Packard Foundation (PICO California)
Blue Shield of California Foundation
Pat Bregant & Todd Nelson
                                                Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
                                                Residential Builders Association                           Celebrating 25 years of
Krys Burgos                                     Lorie & Baxter Rice
California Endowment
Catholic Campaign for Human Development
                                                Miriam Rivera & Clint Korver
                                                Bill Rosenfeld & Suzanne Rubel
                                                                                                        courage, faith, and results.
Catholic Charities                              Sally Ann & Dan Ryan
Jeannie Dare                                    San Francisco Health Plan
Dawning Chung                                   San Francisco Foundation
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation                 SF Builders and Trades Council
Duggan's Serra Mortuary
Sue England
                                                SFOP Executive Board
                                                SFOP Staff
                                                                                                                 A Retrospective
S. Osborn Erickson, Emerald Fund                Sherri & Joseph Sawyer
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                 Brad Schimek
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund                  F & H Sinclair Properties
Claudia & Peter Grose                           Arthur Slepian
Kim Grose & David Smathers                      Katrina Smathers
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund                H. Marcia Smolen
Walter and Elise Haas Fund                      Dianne & Bruce Spaulding
Warren Hellman                                  Matthew Stocker & Stephen Barber
Boe Hayward                                     Joyce & Larry Stupski
Heidi Hess & James Rucker                       Turriseburnea Club
Hewlett Foundation (PICO California)            Union Bank of California
Hill & Co.                                      United Educators of San Francisco
i.e. communications                             Washington Mutual
Claudia Jasin                                   Wells Fargo Bank
Jim Stearns Consulting                          Darlene Zane & Reid Walden
Fr. Bill Justice                                Diane Wilsey
Kaiser Permanente                               Zellerbach Family Foundation
Tal Klein
Carol Lamont

SFOP invites you to share our vision in Creating a City for All.

Get involved in a Local Organizing Committee near you                                      San Francisco Organizing Project
Go to to see a list of existing LOCs or make a tax deductible contribution.
                                                                                           3215 Cesar Chavez St. San Francisco, CA 94110
                                                                                           Ph 415.821.5000 Fx 415.821.5009
Production Date: February 2008
“SFOP represents everyday people.         The PICO Organizing Model
When they speak, elected officials
know it is not a special interest.
Their voice is authentic.”
Doug Shoemaker Mayor’s Office of

We are people of faith working to make San Francisco a place where all people
can live and prosper. We work in over 30 congregations and schools in 17
neighborhoods developing community leaders and grassroots campaigns.
In monthly meetings in congregations and schools across San Francisco, commu-
nity members are trained to achieve results using the PICO organizing model.
This includes: one-to-one listening campaigns, holding large public “actions”
with key decision-makers, and reflecting on faith and values.
Through Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) based in each member institu-
tion, SFOP community leaders identify local problems and develop solutions.
When many LOCs are addressing the same problems, we join together in citywide
This also happens at the state and national levels when our sister PICO projects
address the same concerns. We come together to achieve positive change for our

      SFOP is an affiliate of the PICO National Network representing one million
      families from over 1,000 congregations nationwide.
                                                 Transforming                                                                            Education
Leaders in each Member Institution identify problems and solutions and bring
about results.
Bethel: Created Western Addition Technology Center.
Church of the Visitacion: Won 101 family housing units at Carter Terrace.
Sha’ar Zahav: Won Healthy San Francisco, providing healthcare for 82,000 uninsured
Corpus Christi : Won $7-million youth center; saved health clinic, and won senior
Epiphany: Won streetlights on Geneva, and homework center at nearby public           Problem                                       2003: June Jordan School for Equity
school.                                                                                                                            opens, serving predominantly African
                                                                                     •   Within California, San Francisco has
Everett Middle School: Won Spanish math textbooks for Newcomer children.                                                           American and Latino youth.
                                                                                         the largest achievement gap between
Grace Evangelical: Won clean-up of abandoned cars on Sunset Blvd, Tai Chi                African American and Latino stu-          2007: School board unanimously
Court at Vicente Park; opened Dianne Feinstein Elementary School.                        dents and Asian, white, and other         passes comprehensive SSD policy af-
                                                                                         students                                  ter years of debate. District names
Jamestown Community Center: Won funding for summer youth programs.                                                                 two SFOP member schools as first
                                                                                     •   Only half of African Americans en-        Small Schools by Design: June Jordan
June Jordan School for Equity: Won opening of school, better lighting and clean-
                                                                                         tering 9th grade in the District gradu-   and SF Community School. June Jor-
up around the school, passage of Small Schools by Design policy by school board.
                                                                                         ate high school                           dan graduates its first class of seniors
Mission Dolores: Saved public pharmacy at SF General.                                                                              with an impressive 95% going on to
Providence: Won community policing, new jobs & 50 senior housing units.                                                            college, compared to a 60% state wide
                                                                                     SFOP’s Solution                               average.
St. Anthony’s: Won 150 family housing units at 18th and Alabama.
                                                                                     Create more Small Schools by Design
St. Elizabeth’s: Got Caltrans to reopen Silver Ave freeway on/off ramps; led revi-   (SSD). Small, autonomous, public
talization efforts on San Bruno Avenue.                                              schools are a proven model for narrow-
                                                                                     ing the achievement gap and increasing
St. John’s UCC/St. Brendan’s: Campaigned for rebuild of Laguna Honda Hospital;
                                                                                     graduation rates. They provide children
revitalized Triangle Park.
                                                                                     who are at risk of “falling through the
St. Patrick’s: Recently joined SFOP, working on affordable housing.                  cracks” with a more personalized educa-
                                                                                     tion. With parent and family engage-
St. Paul of the Shipwreck Catholic: Won federal funding for transitional housing.
                                                                                     ment, a vision driven teaching team fo-
St. Paulus: Won Surplus Properties law to house homeless people.                     cused on individual student needs and a
St. Peter’s: Won state-of-the-art soccer field at Garfield Park.                     caring, close knit environment, all kids
                                                                                     can become successful learners.
SF Community School: Recently joined SFOP; conducting listening campaign.
Sanchez Elementary School: Launched a successful parent home visit program.
                                                                                     2001: SFOP parents and community
Sherith Israel: Recently joined SFOP; conducting listening campaign.                 leaders join with Small Schools for Eq-
Star of the Sea: Won 3 streetlights to increase pedestrian safety, and 150 senior    uity staff and students to launch a SSD
housing units.                                                                       campaign in San Francisco.

                                           •   Dramatic drop in Federal housing      “SFOP knows how to find leaders in the community so people don’t have to
                                               funds                                 work by themselves.”
                                           •   Dot com boom causes skyrocket-        Father Gabriel Flores
                                               ing housing costs, evictions and an   St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
                                               exodus of working families from
                                               San Francisco
                                           •   NIMBY opposition to affordable
                                               housing development

                                          SFOP’s Solution
                                          SFOP initiates the Yes-In-My-Back-
                                          Yard (YIMBY) campaign to increase
                                          affordable housing through: increasing
                                          local and state resources, identifying
                                          land near our member institutions, and
                                          making local policy changes to stimu-
                                          late more development.

•   3000 SFOP leaders launch the Yes-In-My-Back-Yard (YIMBY) campaign
•   50+ community leaders are trained as YIMBYs, to speak at hearings and com-
    munity meetings in support of affordable housing
•   SFOP supports two successful state housing bond measures, bringing $79 mil-
    lion to build 1916 units in San Francisco
•   Inclusionary Housing ordinance passes, creating 550 units of privately-
    developed below-market-rate homes
•   Surplus Properties ordinance passes, setting aside 15 parcels of city-owned
    land for supportive housing for the homeless
•   Five SFOP member congregations partner with affordable housing developers
    to provide YIMBY support for 489 units of senior and family housing
•   Leaders win $20 million that is applied to the local housing budget
                                                                                  Immigrant Rights

                                                                      Although San Francisco is one of the most pro-
                                                                      gressive cities in America, immigrants face nu-
                                                                      merous challenges living here. Lack of access to
                                                                      housing, quality jobs, healthcare, and good
                                                                      schools as well as fear of deportation, forced
                                                                      family break-ups, and discrimination are just
                                                                      some of the concerns.
                                                                      SFOP’s Solution
                                                                      •    Increase access to services for immigrants
                                                                          regardless of documentation status
                                                                      •    Ensure San Francisco remains a sanctuary
                                                                          from discriminatory state or federal policies
                                                                      •    Develop immigrant leaders to speak for
“SFOP has been developing
leaders in San Francisco congre-                                          their own community
gations, schools and community     Results
centers for 25 years. We believe
                                   In the 1980’s, San Francisco’s first Sanctuary Ordinance passed, and in the 1990’s
that San Francisco can be a city
                                   we launched the Healthcare for All campaign, providing services regardless of immi-
for all.”
                                   gration status.
Eleanor Williams
SFOP Board President               2003-present:
                                   •   SFOP Leaders win healthcare for all children regardless of immigration status
                                   •   Healthy Kids Enrolls 2000 (mostly) immigrant children
                                   •   Mayor Newsom reaffirms the city’s commitment to sanctuary policies at St.
                                       Peter’s Church (450 SFOP members
                                   •   SFOP develops hundreds of SFOP
                                       immigrant leaders through our pre-
                                       dominantly Latino and Filipino mem-
                                       ber congregations (Mission Dolores,
                                       St. Anthony’s, Church of the Visi-
                                       tacion, St. Peter’s, Corpus Christi, St.
                                       Patrick’s, Everett Middle School, and
                                       Sanchez Elementary School)
                                             Violence Prevention

                                             1990s: High school students at Im-
                                             maculate Conception Academy (ICA)        “When we’re advocating at City Hall, you can always count on seeing SFOP
                                             win $1.8 million in state funds to put   and their leaders there. Moving forward on any big campaign without them
                                             cameras on MUNI lines. As a result,      would be impossible.”
                                             violent incidents on the 15 Mission
                                             line dropped by 85%.                     Tom Jackson
                                                                                      Coleman Advocates
                                             2005: SFOP launches its Avenues of
                                             Hope campaign to reduce violence by
                                             increasing resources and accountabil-
                                             ity for job training and placement for
Problem                                      youth aged 14-30.
SFOP leaders know firsthand the in-          2006: SFOP wins $2 million in new
tense fear that neighbors feel when they     funding for workforce development
shop, go out at night, or take the bus.      programs, and 300 additional jobs for
There is pain and anger when our own         youth coming out of Juvenile Hall
young people are gunned down.                2007: SFOP prompts supervisors to
                                             undertake an audit of workforce de-
                                             velopment funding that exposed a
SFOP’s Solution                              dysfunctional and wasteful system;
•   Increase public safety through           and legislation to remedy it.
    heightened security on MUNI lines
    and implementation of community
    policing strategies
•   Prevent violence through improved
    workforce development and youth
    job opportunities

1980s: SFOP builds a Jobs for San Francis-
cans coalition of church and labor groups
that wins dozens of jobs for local resi-
dents at BayView Plaza redevelopment
sites, and implements a first-source hir-
ing policy elsewhere.

                                                                             Problem                                    2006: State and Federal Results
"SFOP is helping our congregation                                            45-57% of children in SFOP congrega-       • Wins commitment to direct $400
fulfill its mandate to repair society.                                       tions did not have health coverage in          million in tobacco settlement money
We are a potent force for social                                             1999; many working class families called       to healthcare
change."                                                                     getting sick “a luxury we can’t afford;”
                                                                             and, some had debts as much as
                                                                                                                        • Wins $60 million for community
Rabbi Camille Shira Angel                                                                                                   clinics
                                                                             $120,000 for medical expenses. Hardly
Congregation Sha'ar Zahav                                                    a local phenomenon, healthcare access
                                                                             and costs were a serious concern in
                                                                                                                        2007: State and Federal Results
                                                                             PICO communities across the country.
                                                                                                                        PICO provides faith leadership in 2
                                                                                                                        campaigns for children’s healthcare:
                                         "Anyone who does anything with
                                         SFOP grows. For me, it's been       SFOP’s Solution                            •   a tobacco tax measure to cover all
                                         growth with a purpose. I could go   • Provide universal healthcare for all         children in California nearly wins at
                                         back to school to increase my          residents                                   the polls
                                         knowledge and skills, but at SFOP   • Preserve the healthcare safety net       •   S-CHIP expansion wins strong ma-
                                         we are learning and also feeling       provided by community clinics               jorities in congress, but is vetoed by
                                         good about ourselves because we                                                    the President
                                                                             • Increase resources for healthcare in
                                         are doing something meaning-
                                                                                California and the U.S.
                                         ful. Whether we win or lose, it
                                         doesn't matter because we never
                                         lose, really."                      Local Results
                                         Sue England                         • Saves Excelsior Clinic for women
                                         June Jordan School parent              and children and the out patient
                                                                                pharmacy at SF General Hospital.
"It's been incredible for me to con-                                         • Wins Healthy Kids program to pro-
tribute my little grain of sand and                                              vide universal healthcare for chil-
to see how we've improved hous-                                                  dren regardless of documentation
ing, the neighborhood and the                                                    status
whole world. I've been involved
with SFOP for seven years and it                                             • Wins Healthy San Francisco – a first-
has changed me a lot – I feel that                                               in-the-country program to provide
I'm doing something for human-                                                   universal healthcare to all 82,000
ity."                                                                            uninsured San Franciscans

Olinda Orellana
St. Anthony's SFOP Leader
                                                                                                                          Willie Brown (1996-2002):
                                           25 Years of Results
                                                                                                                               $6.2 million Excelsior youth
                                                                                                                               center opened.

                                                                                                                               $1.8 million from state to
                                                                                                                               put cameras on MUNI.
                                    Dianne Feinstein (1978-88):
                                        Won individual garbage can pick-up at
                                        public housing developments.             SFUSD designated $1 million to provide crossing guards for all elementary
                                        Negotiated with PG&E to remove 890       schools and established 40 new homework centers.
                                        toxic, PCB-filled transformers that
                                        threatened the health and working con-   Western Addition Computer Technology Center created with a $1.2 million
                                        ditions of thousands of residents.       State Grant.

                                        Created San Francisco Jobs Coalition     Excelsior Clinic for Women and Children, and out patient pharmacy at San
                                        which helped implement City’s first      Francisco General saved from closure.
                                        source hiring policy.
                                                                                 Inclusionary housing policy passed, requiring private developers to make
                                                                                 10-17% of their units affordable.

                                                                                 Healthy Kids program created to provide health coverage to all children
Art Agnos (1988-1992):                                                           regardless of immigration status. SFOP held outreach events that enrolled
                                                                                 2,000 children.
   Won repairs to vacant units at Potrero Hill and Valencia
   Gardens Housing Developments, turning many uninhabit-
   able units into affordable homes.                                                                                   Gavin Newsom (2002-present):
   Increased police presence to reduce drug activity in                                                                    Reaffirms San Francisco’s
   OceanView, BayView, and Mission neighborhoods.                                                                          Sactuary City status.
                                                                                                                            Creates Healthy San Francisco, to
                                                                                                                            provide healthcare for all 82,000
                                                                                                                            uninsured adults in the City.
Frank Jordan (1992-96):                                                                                                     Renovates Garfield Park in the
                                                                                                                            Mission District, including build-
   San Francisco Police Department implemented much of SFOP’s Community                                                     ing a $4.5 million state-of-the-art
   Policing proposal.                                                                                                       soccer field.
   Oscaryene Williams Infant Day-                                                Designates $2 million designated for violence prevention and workforce de-
   care Center opened in Potrero Hill                                            velopment for 14-30 year-olds.
   Housing Development.
                                                                                 Opens two new small public schools in San Francisco: June Jordan School
   CalTrans reopened Silver Avenue                                               for Equity and Aim High Academy.
   Freeway ramps.
                                                                                 Passes Surplus Properties Ordinance, requiring City to use city-owned surplus
                                                                                 property for housing homeless people.

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