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CHICAGO, IL – As we continue our series of gallery exhibitions by great military artists at the
Pritzker Military Library, we’ve reached one of the true giants of the field: Mort Künstler.

A career retrospective of The Art of Mort Künstler will be on display at the Pritzker Military Library
from April 2 to May 29, 2009. Admission is free Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and
also for Library members during scheduled evening events.

Künstler began his career in the 1950s as a freelance artist, illustrating paperback book covers and
men’s adventure magazines. Later, he took on assignments for major film studios, creating posters
for movies such as The Poseidon Adventure and The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Long
before his celebrated depictions of Grant and Lincoln, Künstler had already tackled an American
icon: Alfred E. Neuman, on covers of Mad magazine, which he painted under the alias “Mutz”.

But while many of his early illustrations were pure entertainment, Künstler also created some
extraordinary military art. In 1977, his first major gallery exhibition brought new attention to his
talents as a historical illustrator. It was not until the 1980s, though, that he was acclaimed as one of
America’s foremost Civil War artists. Collections of Künstler’s work were published with text by
historians such as 2007 Pritzker Military Library Literature Award recipient James McPherson.

"Of all the artists working in the Civil War field,” he remarked, “none captures the human element,
the aura of leadership, the sense of being there and sharing in the drama, quite like Mort Künstler.”

This exhibition covers the breadth of Künstler’s career as a military artist, from the aerial combat of
Rick Nails a Drachen (1964) and the human element of The Korean Winter (1958) to recent work
such as The Final Mission (2003), a twilight scene at the doomed Confederate submarine H. L.
Hunley, and a vivid look at The Mud March (2005) of the Union Army through Virginia. It also
includes his dramatic interpretations of historical figures such as President Lincoln, Col. Robert
Shaw and the 54th Mass., and Theodore Roosevelt – both as a Rough Rider and President.

“Mort Künstler has been one of my favorite military artists for some time,” says Ryan Yantis,
Executive Director of the Pritzker Military Library. “While I was still serving on active duty, we
acquired his print While the Enemy Rests. This print was, and remains, one of my favorites.”

Sample art, advance viewings, and curated showings of this exhibit can be arranged upon request.
For more information, please call (312) 587-0234 or email
The Pritzker Military Library hosts regular exhibitions of military art and photography in its gallery,
drawing from the work of visiting artists as well as a collection of more than 1000 posters and
prints, and over 6,000 photographs and glass plate negatives. Past exhibitions have included
celebrated artists such as James Dietz, Don Stivers, Steve Mumford, Howard Chandler Christy,
and Kay Smith, Illinois Artist Laureate.


About the Pritzker Military Library

The Pritzker Military Library is a non-partisan, non-profit research institution located at 610 North Fairbanks
Court in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, near the Magnificent Mile. Admission is free and open to
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The mission of the Pritzker Military Library is to acquire and maintain an accessible collection of materials
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from private donors and the collection of the Library’s founder, COL (IL) James N. Pritzker, ARNG (Ret.).

Since opening in October 2003, the Pritzker Military Library has produced over 200 programs including
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