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					recreation classes                                                                                                        summer day camps
        for more information on Summer Day Camps call 382-8465 or email

Summer Day Camps                                                                Basketball Camp                                             AGE: 8-13
                                                                            Join us for a fun filled week of fundamentals. Learn the basic skills of
                                                                            basketball while enhancing your self esteem and confidence. Bring a
                                                                            container of water and a healthy snack. This camp will be held at Great
   Mad Science Camp                                         AGE: 8-12       Bridge Middle School.
Does your child love science? Do they like to have fun? This camp           PROG# DAY              DATE        TIME     FEE      LOC
provides a mix of recreational and science-oriented activities in an        23000-45 M-F 6/18-6/22              9-12a   $75     GBMS (girls only)
exciting atmosphere!                                                        23000-46 M-F 6/18-6/22              1-4p    $75     GBMS (boys only)
PROG# DAY           DATE         TIME       FEE      LOC
23022-34 M-F 6/18-6/22 9:30-11:30a $50              DCCC
                                                                                Tennis Camp
                                                                            Have fun while learning or improving tennis skills. Please bring an
   Art Camp                                                                 unopened can of tennis balls, racket, container or water and a healthy
Does your child like to draw, paint,
work on craft projects, etc? This
camp will offer them the opportunity                                          Beginner - AGE: 6-12
to have fun and learn about these                                             Improve your tennis skills. Learn the basics fundamentals of tennis,
different types of art. Child should                                          racket skills, footwork, and tennis etiquette.
bring a snack. This camp will be held at                                      PROG#          DAY       DATE        TIME       FEE         LOC
Great Bridge High School, room 303.                                           23000-47       M-F     6/18-6/22       8-10a     $50        GSP
                                                                              23000-48       M-F     8/6-8/10        8-10a     $50        GSP
AGE: 6-8
PROG# DAY      DATE                TIME      FEE      LOC                     Intermediate - AGE: 8-12
23000-35 M-F 7/16-7/20              1-3p     $50      GBHS                    Designed for the tennis player who has already developed the basic
                                                                              fundamentals. Improve racket skills, footwork and tennis etiquette.
AGE: 9-12                                                                     PROG#       DAY         DATE       TIME       FEE
PROG# DAY      DATE                TIME      FEE      LOC
                                                                              23000-49     M-F     6/18-6/22 10-12p          $50
23000-36 M-F 7/23-7/27              1-3p      $50     GBHS
                                                                              23000-50     M-F      8/6-8/10     10-12p      $50

   Dance Camp                                              AGE: 6-11            Field Hockey Camp                                           AGE: 9-15
Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your summer?
                                                                            This camp is designed to introduce girls to the sport of field hockey.
Come and explore the world of dance. This camp will introduce your
                                                                            Participants will learn basic skills and rules of the game. All
child to a variety of dance movements. Girls should wear leotard,
                                                                            participants should bring cleats/tennis shoes, shin guards, a mouth
tights, and ballet shoes. Boys should wear t-shirts, shorts, ballet shoes
                                                                            guard, water, and a stick. If you do not have stick, one will be
or sneakers.
                                                                            provided. For more information call 382-8465.
PROG# DAY             DATE        TIME      FEE        LOC
                                                                            PROG#        DAY           DATE        TIME         FEE        LOC
23024-34T-Th 6/19-6/21 10:45-12:45p $30               GBCC
                                                                            23000-66      M-F        6/18-6/22 8-10a            $50        HHS

   Youth Voice Camp                                        AGE: 6-11            Youth Soccer Camp                                           AGE: 5-10
Does your child love to sing? This camp is perfect for them! Join us
                                                                            This camp is designed to help children improve their soccer skills, meet
while we learn more about voice, including techniques in correct
                                                                            new friends and have fun. All participants need to wear shin guards
postures, breathing, dictation, phrasing, expression and much more!
                                                                            and bring a container of water and a snack.
Participants will have a chance to perform alone or in groups. This
                                                                            PROG#        DAY         DATE        TIME       FEE        LOC
class will end with a recital open to family and friends. Recital will be
                                                                            23000-41     M-F       6/18-6/22 9a-12p          $75      GBHS
held at River Crest Community Center on June 28, 2007 at 7 p.m.
                                                                            23000-42     M-F       6/25-6/29 9a-12p          $75      GBHS
PROG# DAY            DATE          TIME       FEE     LOC
                                                                            23000-43     M-F       7/9-7/13      9a-12p      $75       IRHS
24026-40 M-F 6/18-6/28*             9-10a     $40     RCCC
                                                                            23000-44     M-F       7/16-7/20 9a-12p          $75       IRHS
*There will be no class on 6/20, 6/27

                                                                                Junior Golf Camp                                            AGE: 8-17
   Summer String Camp                                     AGE: 10-18        Learn the basics of golf in only four days! Your child will learn the
Keep your fingers and skills in shape over the summer and learn new
                                                                            fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching, sands, irons, and woods.
skills for the fall! Open to orchestral string instrument students with
                                                                            Rules and etiquette will also be stressed. Clubs will be provided if you
the desire to keep on playing! The advanced class is great for any
                                                                            do not have any. Participants will be required to purchase a bucket of
advanced player up for a challenge to prepare for the upcoming year in
                                                                            balls prior to each class. Class will be held rain or shine at Ches. Golf Club.
grade school, high school or college.
                                                                            PROG#            DAY             DATE              TIME           FEE
Beginner to Intermediate Students                                           27000-62         M-Th          6/18-6/21           9a-12p         $75
PROG# DAY            DATE          TIME      FEE      LOC                   27000-63         M-Th          7/9-7/12           9a-12p          $75
24000-40 M-W        7/9-7/11      10a-12p    $70     DnDM                   27000-64         M-Th          7/23-7/26           9a-12p         $75
Advanced Students                                                           27000-65         M-Th           8/6-8/9           9a-12p          $75
PROG# DAY       DATE               TIME      FEE      LOC                   27000-66         M-Th          8/13-8/16          9a-12p          $75
24000-41 Th-F 7/12-7/13           10a-12p    $70     DnDM

      Indicates online class registration available                                                                 9
summer day camps                                                                                                       northwest river park
   Ice Sports Camp                                        AGES: 5-15          Cheering Camps                                          AGE: 7-14
                                                                                                Girls interested in learning new cheers or improving
                       Held in conjunction with Chilled Ponds Ice                               their skills and jumps should enroll in one of
                       Sports Complex, your child will learn the basics                         the week-long Cheering Camps listed below.
                       of ice skating including glides, simple turns, and                       Chesapeake high school cheering coaches and
                       elementary jumping and spinning. Class instruction                       cheerleaders are camp trainers. The wearing of
                       will be both on and off ice. Register through Parks                      jewelry by participants is prohibited during the
                       and Recreation only. Registrations will not be                           camp. Call 382-8375 for information.
                       accepted at Chilled Ponds. For more information                          PROG# DAY TIME                 DATE       FEE LOC
call 382-8465.                                                                                  14000-43 M-F 9a-12p 8/13-8/17 $45 GBHS
PROG#            DAY           DATE         TIME           FEE       LOC                        14000-44 M-F 9a-12p 8/20-8/24 $45 HHS
23000-58         M-F          10a-12p     6/25-6/29         $99      CPIS                       14000-45 M-F 9a-12p 8/20-8/24 $45 IRHS
23000-59         M-F          10a-12p      7/9-7/13        $99       CPIS
23000-61         M-F          10a-12p      8/6-8/10         $99      CPIS
23000-62         M-F          10a-12p     8/20-8/24        $99       CPIS

             Summer Day Camps at
  Sign up your child for an exciting week of non-stop fun at Northwest River Park. Each week offers some-
  thing special and provides your child with great learning experiences as well as fun they will remember
             forever. Call Northwest River Park at 421-7151 for information about these camps.

Super Science Week                                             AGE: 6-8       Crazy Nature Week                                         AGE: 6-12
                                                                              Crazy Nature Week will have it all!
                                                                              Children learn basics of living in
                              Spend the week exploring the world of           harmony with nature. Craft activities,
                              science. Kids ages 6-8 will have a blast in     as well as hikes and boating
                              this camp. We’ll play with prisms, take a       excursions, are based on respect for
                              look at weather, build a volcano, and do lots   the environment and getting to know
                              of cool experiments. No camp July 4.            our wildlife neighbors.
PROG#            DAY         DATE         TIME            FEE
64031-37         M-F        7/2-7/6       9a-2p           $97
                                                                              PROG#        DAY         DATE            TIME          FEE       AGES
Canoe Week                                                  AGE: 9-12         64031-41     M-F        7/30-8/3         9a-1p         $97           6-8
Canoe Camp exposes your child to boating                                      64031-42     M-F        8/6-8/10         9a-1p         $97      9-12
safety, basic boating skills and allow them
many opportunities to explore nature via                                      Preschool Ranger Camp                                        AGE: 3-5
canoe. All equipment provided as well as                                      Does your preschooler love nature, enjoy paddleboat rides and smile
trained staff with CPR/First Aid certification.                                                                            ear-to-ear while feeding the
We will start slow and cover all necessary                                                                                 ducks? Northwest River
boating topics before our Friday trip on                                                                                   Park’s Pre-School Ranger
the Northwest River. Adult volunteers will                                                                                 Camp wraps-up your
accompany us on canoe trips (call 421-7151 if                                                                              child’s summer experience
you would like to be one of the volunteers.)                                                                               with a bang. Each day
PROG#          DAY         DATE          TIME            FEE                                                               participants explore a
64031-38       M-F       7/9-7/13        9a-1p           $97                                                               different aspect of nature
                                                                                                                           by reading stories, making
Survival Week                                               AGE: 6-12                                                      crafts, taking short hikes
Survival Week is offered for two weeks during the summer. Each age                                                         and playing nature-related
group will learn the basics of survival; shelter building, canoeing,          games. Parents are welcome to observe but are also encouraged to use
wilderness safety, and more. If you are planning a backpacking trip           this time to canoe our lake or hike our trails. Our experienced staff and
with your children, this is a great camp!                                     volunteer helpers will give you the break you need. Call 421-7151 for
PROG#         DAY         DATE          TIME            FEE       AGES        information.
64031-39      M-F      7/16-7/20         9a-1p          $97          6-8      PROG#          DAY        DATE          TIME             FEE
64031-40      M-F      7/23-7/27         9a-1p          $97        9-12       64031-43       M-F      8/13-8/17 10-11:30a              $38
                                                                              64031-44       M-F      8/13-8/17      1-2:30p           $38