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Action Alliance Hotline (Children’s Issues)                         1-757-649-4900

AIDS National Hotline                                               1-800-942-2437

AIDS Information Line                                               1-800-448-0440

Alcohol Abuse                                                       1-800-234-0420

Alzheimer’s                                                         1-800-272-3900

American Council for the Blind                                      1-800-424-8666

American Dietetic Association Hotline                               1-800-366-1655

Anonymous AIDS Testing Line                                         1-800-533-4148
    Hispanic Line                                                   1-800-322-7432

Birthright Pregnancy Hotline                                        1-800-550-4900

Caner Help link                                                     1-800-533-2046

CDC/National AIDS Hotline                                          1-800-342-AIDS

Child Abuse and Neglect State Hotline                               1-800-552-7096

Children’s Health Line (CHKD)                                       1-757-668-7500

Community Service Board (CSB) Emergency Services

       Chesapeake CSB                                               1-757-547-9334
       Hampton CSB                                                  1-757-380-9024
       Norfolk CSB                                                  1-757-441-5300
       Portsmouth CSB                                               1-757-393-8618
       Virginia Beach CSB                                           1-757-437-5760
       Western Tidewater CSB                                        1-757-925-2406

Constituent Services Hotline (Commonwealth of V.A., General Assembly) 1-800-889-0229

Covenant House Nineline                                             1-800-999-9999

Co-Dependency Anonymous Crisis Line                                 1-757-552-1793

Crisis Care (Emergency Line)                                       1-757-455-0368

Crisis Line                                                        1-757-399-6393

Department of Defense Child Abuse Hotline                          1-800-336-4592

Disability Hotline                                                 1-800-466-4232

Drug Abuse                                                         1-800-332-1000

Emergency Crisis Contact Peninsula (AIDS)                          1-757-245-0042

Epilepsy Foundation of America                                     1-800-332-1000

Family Violence Hotline                                            1-757-371-0355

Family Violence Hotline                                            1-800-838-8238

Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Hotline                          1-888-723-3366

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International Hotline                 1-800-223-1138

Kelly Assisted Living                                              1-800-937-5355

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security                             1-800-772-1213

Muscular Dystrophy Association                                     1-800-572-1717

Narcotics Anonymous                                                1-800-777-1515

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys                            1-520-881-4005

National AIDS Hotline                                              1-800-342-2437

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Eldercare Locator   1-800-677-1116

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers       1-520-881-8008

National Head and Brain Injury Hotline                             1-800-444-6443

National Child Abuse Hotline                                       1-800-422-4453

National Citizen’s Coalition for Nursing Home Reform               1-202-332-2275

National Drug Hotline                                              1-800-662-4357

National Hospice Organization                                1-800-646-6460

National Insurance Consumer Helpline                         1-800-942-4242

National STD Hotline                                         1-800-227-8922

Navy Family Services                                         1-800-372-5463

Organ Donor Hotline                                          1-800-243-6667

Parents Anonymous                                            1-909-621-6184

Poison Control Center                                        1-800-222-1222

Pregnancy Hotline                                          1-800-CARE-002

Pregnancy Solutions Hotline                                  1-757-875-9304

Prevent Child Abuse Virginia                               1-800-CHILDREN

Project Reform (AIDS)                                        1-800-822-7422

Response- Sexual Violence                                    1-757-622-4300

Seton House- Runaways Hotline                                1-800-448-4663

State of Virginia Child Abuse Hotline                        1-800-552-7096

State Legislative Hotline                                    1800-889-0229

Tidewater Community AIDS Taskforce                           1-757-626-0127

Tobacco Control Legislation                                  1-800-846-7007

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Hotline     1-800-638-2772

United Way Helpline                                          1-757-627-1000

Virginia AIDS/STD Hotline                                    1-800-533-4148

Virginia AIDS Voice/TTD (Spanish Speaking)                   1-800-322-7432

Virginia Association of the Blind, Inc.                      1-800-426-2144

Virginia Call Center (Statewide)                             1-866-872-8882

Virginia Child Abuse Hotline                             1-800-552-7096

Virginia Department fort the Aging                       1-757-225-2271

Virginia Department for the Visually Handicapped         1-800-622-2155

Virginia Department of Health (Anonymous AIDS Testing)   1-757-623-8890

Virginia Family Violence                                 1-800-383-8238

Virginia Ombudsman Program for Nursing Homes             1-800-552-3402

Virginia Peninsula Council on Domestic Violence          1-757-723-7774

Virginia Special Olympics, Inc.                          1-800-932-4653

Visiting Nurses Association                              1-800-426-2547

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)                        1-888-942-3663

Youth Crisis Network                                     1-757-431-2627