Seven Misunderstanding About Stretch Marks

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					                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Stretch marks are not harmful for the body but disliked by most of us because of the lines which appear on the
   body. During start, stretch marks may appear as reddish or purplish lines that may have a different texture from
                                               the surrounding skin.
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                                          Seven Misunderstanding About Stretch Marks
                                                                   By Ee Ling Tan

   What is the reason cause stretch mark? It formed when the skin overstretching by gaining weight

The below are some common misunderstandings about stretch marks. Through those
misunderstandings, you can learn how to prevent and choose a best stretch mark treatment for you.

1st Misunderstanding: Stretch marks only appear on pregnant women

 Regardless of gender and age differences, everyone is possible to get stretch mark when the skin is
over stretched.

2nd Misunderstanding: By applying moisturizer can 100% remove away existing stretch marks

 Normal moisturizer can only help to moisture the top layer of the skin. It does not help to remove the
stretch marks. Those marks appear deep inner skin, so we need a cream that can really penetrate to
the inner skin to build up the collagen and treat existing stretch mark. But, this does not mean that
moisturizing type of creams do not work at all. These kinds of creams are very useful for pregnant
women to prevent stretch marks before it appears.

3rd Misunderstanding: Stretch marks creams in the market are suitable for every kind of stretch marks

 Different kinds of stretch marks need different kind of creams. Before you choose a cream, you must
understand the ingredients of cream and what kind of stretch marks you are having.

 To treat reddish new formed stretch marks-you can choose a high potency cream that can penetrate
to the inner skin. Active ingredients extracted from aloe vera, cocoa butter, grape seed, squalene oil,
vitamin E, collagen, pro-vitamin B5 are very helpful to this kind of stretch marks.

 To treat old rough stretch mark-you must first exfoliate the dead cells on the surface of the skin before
you apply any cream. The dead cells on the top of the skin can block the skin from absorbing the active
ingredient of stretch mark creams. Exfoliating ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) , Glycolic
Acid, Retin-A, vitamin D3 can help a lot in exfoliating dead cells.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

4th Misunderstanding: Pregnant women can only treating stretch marks after delivery

 The best stretch marks treatment is "prevention". Every pregnant woman must apply enough moisture
to the skin to increase the elasticity of the skin. This can protects the skin from stretching.

5th Misunderstanding: Pregnant women can just simply apply any stretch marks cream in the market

 Pregnant women must avoid using exfoliating kind of stretch marks cream. The exfoliating ingredients
like alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), Glycolic Acid, Retin-A are very harmful to the baby.

 6th Misunderstanding: By applying cream on the affected area is the only method to remove away
stretch marks

 Many other treatments like chemical peel, dermabrasion, laser therapy, cosmetic surgery also quite
effective on removing stretch mark but it is expensive.

7th Misunderstanding: Stretch marks can be remove by tanning treatment

 Tanning treatments like sun-tanning or in house tanning equipments do not help much. As we know
that tanning treatments have more harms than good to the skin. Over tanning can cause the breaking
of collagen and elasticity in the skin, this will make stretch marks get worse.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                     Do You Know What Are the Real Causes of Stretch Marks
                                             By Ee Ling Tan

One question always keeps on popping up on my mind. What is the reason that causes these stretch
marks? The most common answer would be that these stretch marks are caused because of over
stretching of our skin simply by gaining extra weight. Although stretch mark appeared may be having
several causes but gaining weight could be one of the prime reason. There are certain common
misunderstandings related to these stretch marks. It is through those misunderstandings that one can
learn more about these stretch marks and at the same time try to prevent their occurrence or even try
to choose the best available treatment.

 There is a most common misunderstanding that these stretch marks only do appear on pregnant
women after delivery. These stretch marks simply don’t believe in gender or age. In fact they can be
found on anyone irrespective of their gender or even age. So, everyone can get these stretch marks
when their skin is simply over stretched. Another misunderstanding with these stretch marks is that by
simply applying any good moisturizer these stretch marks could be faded away to disintegrate

 Any of the normal moisturizer can only help to reduce the top layer of the skin. Moisturizers only act of
the surface of the skin. These stretch marks are from beneath. So, none of these moisturizing creams
would in fact help getting rid from one of those marks that are not superficial. They appear from the
deep beneath so a cream that acts on the surface may not be helpful. One simply needs a cream that
simply penetrates deep to build up collagen and then try to treat these marks.

 But this certainly does not mean that moisturizers never help. These creams may be very much
helpful if used before pregnancy in case of pregnant women. So these kind of creams may be proved
useful if acted in advance. Most of the people also have a misunderstanding that one type of stretch
marks cream is generally effective for any stretch marks. Different type of stretch marks may need
different types of creams to cure. So even before choosing one of those stretch marks cream you need
to read the prints for the right ingredients. You also need to know what kind of stretch marks are on
your skin.

 High potency creams can be used to treat newly formed red marks as it can easily penetrate the inner
skin. A number of active extracts are also available which may include cocoa butter, aloe vera,
squalene oil, grape seed, collagen, pro-vitamin B5 which may be very helpful in fighting these stretch
marks. In order to fight old rough marks one simply needs to exfoliate the dead cells from the surface
of your skin. These cells may simply block the passage of the skin thus reducing the procedure of the
absorption from the skin of the skin.

 Certain exfoliating ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Retin A and Vitamin D3, they act as exfoliating
agents. So these stretch marks can be cured depending upon the type of cream one uses.

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                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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