Sending Your Child's Feet to College

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                                               Sending Your Child's Feet to College
                                                               By Peter Wishnie

    Some of you have been dreading this day since the day he/she was born. Some of you have been
waiting anxiously since he/she became a teenager. Your bundle of joy is all grown up and on their way
to college. Parents across the world are preparing their lectures on sex, drugs, and alcohol. There is
so much they have to learn on their first adventure with independence. What parents often overlook at
this vulnerable time in their child's life is the "foot talk."

Hear me out before you think I'm crazy. I don't want to undermine the importance about talking to your
child about sex, drugs, and alcohol, but there are other important conversations to have. Young adults
can be afflicted with a magnitude of foot disorders that can be very embarrassing and socially limiting.

Sweaty, Smelly Feet!

How on earth will your son your daughters make any friends if they have the smelly feet dorm room! If
you think your child's feet stink, imagine confining all of their dirty socks and shoes and their feet in a
small poorly ventilated, overheated dorm room. It may not seem like a big deal now, but it is a major
problem that can lead to athletes foot and toenail fungus. In your 20s with a fungus farm growing on
your feet... good luck meeting your life partner! Bare feet among fungus, bacteria, and who knows

We have all heard the importance about wearing sandals in public showers, but what about public
areas in general. How often do the hallways of the dorm or your child's dorm room floors actually get
cleaned? It is college, so we can only imagine what is on the carpet. All you need is a tiny cut or skin
opening to get infections. Plantar warts can be very common among college students because the
virus can easily transfer from person to person when everyone is walking around barefoot in their new
home called the dorms!

Ladies are walking home barefoot because their feet hurt!

If you're a woman, you know the pain induced by wearing cute shoes. After spending all night in those
high heels at a party (I mean "library"), the girls' kick off their heels to relieve their feet on the walk
home. What's on the sidewalks in a college town? The most dangerous is glass! I recently went to
surgery for a young lady who had a piece of glass lodged in her foot for 3 months! This lucky girl

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

avoided a severe infection, but that is not always the case.

Pedicure day with the girlfriends!

Weather your daughter is familiar with getting pedicures or not, the girls will hang out and do girl things
like pedicures. Don't forget you college driven child is broke, thus they are always looking for a good
deal weather it is penny beer pitchers or affordable pedicures. A pedicure can be disastrous if the
tools are not cleaned properly, the spa chairs are not flushed properly, and the pedicurist does not use
proper precautions to not cross contaminate. Remember, people with foot fungus or bacterial
infections get pedicures too. Now I'm not saying the more expensive the pedicure the safer it is, but
remind your child to ask about the cleaning techniques of the pedicure instruments.

So if you don't have enough to worry about sending your child off to college, here some more things to
add to your list. If you child has sweaty feet, see a podiatric physician before all possible friends are
running away from the odor. Remind your children to watch their feet and take note of any changes.
Don't wait 3 months before you seek medical help for glass lodged into the foot, toenails changing
color, or flaky, itchy athlete's foot.

Dr. Peter Wishnie is a podiatrist who specializes in foot and ankle surgery. His office is in
Piscataway/Hillsborough,NJ. His goals are to educate the public on the care of their feet and ankles
and to get them functioning as quickly as possible. For more foot health tips on foot pain, get a Free
copy of their book, "Got Feet," by visiting their website:

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                                                  College Parents - Tips You Can Use
                                                                   By Tom Tessin

Do you have child who have recently started the college? If yes, this might be very hard time for you
and children at present. You may realized that your kid is no now longer a kid any more and they are
adult now. Though we want best for our kids there are a few things that we must keep in mind. You will
see lot of dos & don'ts for your kid who is in college. Read below & see what you are doing is right or

 Look at what you speak - As parents we see our kids strengths. We may make out what they are good
& what they can really do well in career. Though we can observe these things and we cannot stress it
on our kids. A kid who is in the college probably knows what want to do & what they have passion for.
You will just say, "You would be actually good in that vocation" but do not force a kind of vocation on
them. Never try and make them feel responsible for not selecting the vocation you think that they must

 Classes - You would like to ensure that you don’t select your child's classes. As your child knows very
well what they like & will take classes that they prefer. And if you opt your child's lessons you might be
choosing courses they actually don't need and classes they do not want. If child doesn't like classes
that you choose they might do badly in them & leave you annoyed for failing. As a result make sure
never select their classes as they are adult now & can decide them themselves.

 Consider community college – And if your kid is going local and going away then you must consider
community college for first 2 years. Going to community college for first 2 years will save you ton of
cash on the tuition. First 2 years are generally all common education classes & is taken at community
college for very less money. And this is absolutely something you must think if you have tight budget.

 Advisors - Allow your child to know that advisors at the college are like best friend. In addition, if your
kid comes to know what they like to do, then let them talk to the advisor. What advisor does they will
inform you what classes you require & what classes you do not require. You do not have to waste
money and child's time.

 Speak out - When your kid is in the college they have many things going over in their mind. Try and
talk to child & see how they are going in the school. Do not be a bug & ask their ranks every time but
ask over how they like class instead. Inquiring about how they like class can show them you care &
think of them. You need to get familiar with them & know what type of classes they are generally

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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