PLAYER CONTRACT for Season As a member of one of by tracy13


									                           PLAYER CONTRACT for 2006 - 2007 Season

As a member of one of the teams of the Kongo Gorillas Baseball, the Gorillas Baseball Club and the
undersigned player and his parents agree to the following:

Code of Conduct
The player and his parents are a reflection of the team and the Gorillas Baseball Club. Both the player and
his parents are expected:

• To treat coaches, parents, teammates and opponents with respect.
• To not argue with or criticize coaches, teammates, opponents or umpires.
• To avoid inappropriate behavior, including the use of profanity or other inappropriate language, during
practices, games and other Gorillas Baseball activities.
• To attend and be on time for all practices and games, or to give as much notice as possible to the team
coach of expected tardiness and/or absences.
• To attempt to win through skill, effort, practice and tactics; however, to play fairly at all times.
• To take victory modestly, defeat graciously and to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
• To adhere to the rules of the game.
• To remember that the game is for the players, not for the parents.

The purpose of the Gorillas Baseball Club is to increase the baseball knowledge and skills of its team
members through instruction, practice and competitive game participation. To that end, the Gorillas
Baseball commits:

• To treat all players with respect, regardless of skill level or experience.
• To provide instruction to all team members, appropriate for their position(s).
• To provide all players with playing time, recognizing that coaches will make the best use of players’ skills
in game and tournament settings.

The player and parents commit to participate with the Gorillas Baseball Club for the 2006-2007 season
(commencing in August 2006 and running at least through Memorial Day Weekend 2007).
Monthly Dues
Player dues shall be paid by check made payable to the Gorillas Baseball Club and are due on the 1st of each
month. Payment should be sent to:
Gorillas Baseball, San Diego, Ca 91913

Failure to pay such dues within 5 days of their due date shall result in suspension of participation in all
Gorillas activities. Failure to pay by the due date for a second time will be grounds for removal of the
player from the team.

The Gorillas Baseball Club will provide each player with the opportunity to purchase mandatory game
uniforms and practice t-shirts. Gorillas bat bags are optional and can be purchased. Players are expected
to provide their own bats, gloves and catchers equipment. Players are expected to treat all baseball gear
and equipment with respect at all times. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of additional charges
to the parents for damaged team equipment and/or removal of the player from the team.

Players, parents and coaches are all critical components of player safety and contribute to a safe
environment through appropriate conduct both on and off the field. All competitive male players are
required to wear protective cups in all practices and games.

In the event of any disagreement, dispute or dissatisfaction regarding any aspect of the operation of the
Gorillas Baseball, any of its teams, player participation, coaching instruction, etc., the parents agree to
discuss the situation with the team’s designated representative. If appropriate, the situation will be raised
with the coaches. The Gorillas Baseball Club retains the authority for any and all decisions regarding the
coaching staff, player participation and all other operations of the Gorillas Baseball Club.

Signed this ________ day of ___________________, 200__.

Gorillas Baseball Club
Its: ______________________________

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