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					Unique Fund Raising Idea

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Is it possible to raise a lot of money, and not work hard?
Is it possible to raise money not only once, but keep receiving all the
The answer to both questions is a definite „YES‟.

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Is it possible to raise a lot of money, and not work hard?
Is it possible to raise money not only once, but keep receiving all the
The answer to both questions is a definite „YES‟.

Don‟t you think that people are tired of dishing out money for things
they don‟t really need? Their child comes home from school, yet again,
with boxes of „old fashioned cookies‟, or a box of assorted chocolates to
sell to friends and family. It‟s understandable, the school needs money.
(don‟t we all!) Of course, it‟s not safe to send their offspring out
knocking on neighbor‟s doors without a chaperone, so the easiest way
would be to cough up the money themselves! Right?
No wonder people complain that they need a pant size bigger every year.
Not to mention their budget dropping like socks without elastic!

What about those sweet-smelling candles that arrive by the boxes?
Fantastic aroma, but bulky to store and a definite pain in the back to

If you are a principle, maybe you have heard complaints from your
teachers. Babysitting tens of thousands of candles was never part of
their contract! Or was it?

Personally, I love candles, but let‟s face facts here, we are talking
about hard work for those people who really want to help your school, or
your organization to raise money – They know you are in need, and they
know you need the money 'yesterday'.

Accidents happen and unfortunately things have a habit of breaking. What
Do we need to dig a grave for broken candles, broken cookies and candy
and lay them down to rest?
To my knowledge, first teachers have to find out from their students the
choice of candle fragrance their potential customer requests, then they
have to scramble through boxes of candles (breaking at least two finger
nails in the process) until they come across the correct item. Of course,
we won‟t mention the time consuming process of packing. All this has to
happen hundreds/thousands of times depending on the number of candles you
have received from the candle company.
Time consuming? YES, very!
Now the teacher passes the 'baton' to the student who continues the race
until the money is transferred into their tiny and maybe sticky hands and
later deposited back into the capable hands of the teacher. Hence, the
teacher crosses the finish line of this very long fundraising marathon by
counting every last penny. Out of breath and running low on a sense of
humor, the teacher deposits all the hard earned cash into the treasurers
safe and collapses in a chair from exhaustion.

Let‟s take a quick look at the function for the children. Very often
unhappy kids have to persuade (or at times beg) their family, neighbors,
friends to purchase the „irresistible items.‟ Pressure is on, because
there is always a dead line!

Is the amount raised really worth the time and hard work invested?

Now what about the third side of the triangle, potential customers!

How many of them are motivated to buy because they just feel sorry for
the kids; knowing full well that they could buy cheaper in Wal-Mart or in
other stores. That 'puppy-dog look' works every time! Moths take flight
as the dollars see daylight! (Well, it‟s good to air the wallet every now
and then!)

Are you tired just reading this article?

Well, if you have managed to keep reading up till now, then I want to
congratulate you by offering a Kleenex to wipe off the sweat from your

Now I invite you to sit back and relax. Please allow me the pleasure to
tell you about the most ingenious fund-raising idea on the market today.
This will blow your mind.


Is it possible to raise a lot of money, and not work hard?
Is it possible to raise money not only once, but keep receiving all the
The answer to both questions is a definite „YES‟.

Listen on….

Many PTO, PTA, PTF , etc. presidents, teachers and parents are so
overwhelmed with work that they do not have time, energy or desire to
investigate in anything new.
This is why I have done the investigation for you. See what you think
about the discovery I have made; you won‟t be disappointed.

What is it?

Do you think potential clients, family members, neighbors, and other
children's friends would like the sound of saving a lot of money every
month on the things they usually buy? Would that question catch their

People are not usually so keen in giving up their money, but from past
experience I know that almost everybody has listening ears when it comes
to ideas on how to cut back on expenses.

So what is it? Come on!!!! You‟re probably saying!

Well, I want to paint the full picture, so that you will be able to enjoy
the full beauty of this masterpiece!

I would like you to consider reviewing this idea in order to:
Raise significant and on-going money with no collections, no products to
stock or deliver, no returns or charge-backs, but get an on-going income
– residual income, 'Month after month, after month'.
By the way, it is so easy that anybody can do it. Does it sound

The name of this idea is : “GatorPond” – this will save your supporters
money (which I will explain in a minute) and they will also have a lot of
fun cooperating with you.

GatorPond is a „Media Trading Program Online‟, where people can trade
DVDs for DVDs, music CDs for music CDs, video tapes for video tapes and
video games for video games, with other people who are also members of
Unlimited trading for only $19.95 monthly membership fee.

Your supporters will SAVE money on their Media Budget, while at the same
time your Organization will earn $5.00 per month from „every supporter‟
who becomes a GatorPond Member!

GatorPond will send you a check to your school/organization every month,
after the monthly membership fee has been automatically withdrawn from
your supporters‟ credit card.

Your supporters will also save on gas, because they will not need to
drive to different stores to get DVDs, Music CDs, Video Games and VHS

Here is an example to explain how your school/organization will be able
to raise funds.
-If you have 500 students (employees) and they will sell only 3
memberships each, that will give you the total of 1500 Memberships.
Multiplying that by $5.00, will equal $7,500.00 per month and $90,000.00
per year for your school/organization.

This is with no up-front cost or risk of any kind - You can see on the
chart – download it in pdf file to see what will happen to your school
financially. All problems will be solved with the extra monthly cash
coming into your bank account. It is nothing else but a true win-win

You do not need to invest any money, and you will gain passive income
with minimal staff participation.

I will summarize all your benefits:
You will create passive, recurring income, with little staff
You will save the supporters money and you can create a network of
Supporters Nationally! You are no longer limited to those in your
Before explaining how your supporters save money, I want to underline
something very important.

It is a fact that people usually know how much they spend on their
mortgage, or car payments, or even remember how much money they spend on
gas and electricity, but if you ask them how much they usually spend per
year on renting videos, buying games or CD‟s, etc. they do NOT have any

Here is a typical monthly example:

Rent 4 movies–spend anything from $16.00 to $20.00, buy 1 new release
movie– $20.00, later buy 2 bargain priced movies– from $15.00 to $20.00;
children beg for a new video game -1 video game costs from $13.00 to
$70.00. Then only one music CD– costs between $8.00 to $25.00.
Much to everyone‟s surprise, the total bill can amount from $72 to $155
per month, which equals $864 to $1860 per year!

WOW, yes it sounds crazy, but the truth is, this is the „thief‟ stealing
their money. They aren‟t aware that they have 'an uninvited guest' in
their homes!

When they join GatorPond, they will save money with UNLIMITED trading,
for only $19.95 per month, $239.40 per year.

Your supporters – now GatorPond members, will place their „used‟, (but
not „abused‟) Movies, Music, & Video Games, VHS tapes on their account
online and they will trade „what they have for what they want!‟
All they need, is access to the Internet and an email account. Nowadays,
almost every house has a computer and access to the Internet.
After they sign up, and place their media on their account online, they
will be able to choose the same amount of media which they have listed.
After a few clicks they will receive an email with confirmation that the
selected movie will be sent in a few days.
When somebody requests their media, they will receive an email stating
that they have to place a specific DVD, CD, etc. (title given) into an
envelope and send it to the given address.
That‟s it. It‟s as simple as ABC!