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									                                                   Clean Sweep
What is Clean Sweep?
Clean Sweep is a periodic collection of unwanted or unusable hazardous wastes that are dangerous to human health and
to the environment. Products are typically labeled CAUSTIC, ACID, FLAMMABLE, DANGER, WARNING, or POISON.

Where can I find updates?
Watch your local newspapers and this website.

Household Clean Sweep
This program is for any rural or urban household in Rock County and targets smaller quantities of hazardous waste
typically found in homes and garages (see what you can and cannot bring below). Registered participants drop off their
hazardous waste at designated collection site on specific days (see below).

Business Clean Sweep
Does your business have unwanted chemicals in its inventory? Are there chemical wastes in your shop or manufacturing
     Send in a chemical inventory for a FREE, no obligation quote.
     Businesses, schools, units of government and others must be Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG). VSQGs
       generate less than 220 lbs (liquid equivalent is about half of one 55-gal drum) of hazardous waste/month and no
       more than 2205 lbs of hazardous waste/year.
     VSQGs only pay disposal costs and save on expensive special runs.
     VSQGs get special subsidy for agricultural chemicals.
     Registration required in advance. Contact Rock County Land Conservation Dept. (608-754-6617 ext. 118 M-F
       8:30 am - 5 pm or voicemail anytime,, subject line “Clean Sweep”).

Agricultural Clean Sweep
There is no Ag Clean Sweep for Rock County in 2006. Ag Clean Sweep targets larger quantities of hazardous materials
used for farming. There is, however, a subsidy for disposal of agricultural chemicals through the Business Clean Sweep.

When is the next Clean Sweep?
In Rock County, Clean Sweeps are scheduled whenever state funding becomes available, usually every two to five years.
--Ag Clean Sweep: There is no Ag Clean Sweep for 2006. For ag chemicals, see Business Clean Sweep (above).
--Household Clean Sweep & Business Clean Sweep:
        September 8 (Friday, 8:30 am to 11:30 am), in Beloit.
        September 8 (Friday 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm) in Edgerton.
        September 9 (Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm), in Janesville (NOT at Landfill!).

Do I need to register?
Registration is required. Contact Rock County Land Conservation Dept. (see above).

Is there a fee?
The actual disposal cost to the Clean Sweep program ranges from $80 to over $100 per household. Combined with a
countywide service area (60,000+ households) and the possibility of a two to five year wait until the next program, we
will attempt to help as many residents as possible.
      NO barrels!
      Maximum = ONE truck OR trailer load
      Businesses MUST register under the business program.
      Registration REQUIRED!
                      Recycling bin (small) or similar size bin (bins will be returned)                               FREE
                                 Second bin (small recycle, see above)                                                  $5
        Cars or station wagons, minivans, and SUVs with all seats in or useable (exceeds 2 bins)                       $10

              Truck (light to med.-duty, vans, SUVs w/seats removed or stowed) OR trailer                              $20

Do not bring these items to Clean Sweep!
--NO barrels!
--Latex paint -- Air-dry or solidify with kitty litter, oil-dry, or other absorbent material. Leave with the lid off for trash. To air-
dry, in can or plastic lined box, pour to inch deep, dry, repeat.
--Used oil -- Recycle. Check with your city or local auto supply/repair shops. Do not mix with other substances.
--Water-based sealers, caulk, etc. -- These are not hazardous. Trash.
--Alkaline batteries -- Trash
--Aerosol cans (empty)
--Rechargeable batteries -- Recycle. Several major electronics, hardware, and battery retailers collect these for
recycling. Check or ask on your next visit.
--Hardened petroleum-based products (tar, sealers, coatings, etc.) Trash; volatile compounds were released during
hardening process.
--Drain, toilet, oven, and window cleaners --- If liquid, use as cleaners. If solid, trash.
--Vehicle batteries -- Recycle at local recyclers and battery retailers.
--Fertilizers (no pest control additives) -- Use or give away. Do not dump!
--Smoke Detectors -- Check with manufacturer.
--High-pressure cylinders
--Human health and personal care products including drugs
--Infectious or biological wastes
--Radioactive waste
--Explosives, detonators, blasting caps, ammunition -- Call Rock Co. Emergency Management, 757-8440.

What can I bring to Clean Sweep?

                                                                                 VSQG Business
                       Household Program                                           Program

Automotive Products: Brake fluid**, transmission fluid**, power
                                                                              Common Hazardous Materials:
steering fluid**, fuels, carb cleaner, engine cleaner, antifreeze**.
Home Products: Mildew cleaner, spot remover, silver polish, dry               Batteries, ballasts (only if oil or
cleaning fluid, fluorescent bulbs, pool chemicals, mercury.                   have no label stating “No
Yard and Garden: Herbicides, insecticides, cyanide, stump                     PCBs”), capacitors, fluorescent
remover, weed-n-feed or pest control fertilizer, fungicides, 2 4-D,           bulbs, thermostat switches, and
rodent bait, arsenic, ketone, wood preservatives; Aldrin, Chlordane,          other items that contain
DBCP, DDT, Dieldrin, Endrin, Heptachlor, Kepone, Lindane, Mirex,              mercury
Silvex, and 2,4,5-T.                                                          Common Industrial Chemicals:
Workshop: Lacquer^, varnish^, thinner, glues^, turpentine,                    Solvents, adhesives, fuels,
stripper, gun cleaning fluid, photographic chemicals, driveway
                                                                              lubricants, pesticides, cleaning
sealer^ (tar or asphalt based only), oil-based paint^, lead-based
                                                                              chemicals, degreasers, paint
paint (liquid or solid).
                                                                              wastes, contaminated
**Ask your auto/repair shop about recycling auto fluids.                      absorbents, other contaminated
^Liquid only. Hardened may go in trash.

Tips for getting ready for Clean Sweep
         Do not dump or mix contents together.
         Be careful handling containers! Wear gloves, masks, and eye protection. Provide adequate ventilation.
         If package is fragile, place item in sturdy container and label the outer container.
         When transporting, secure items to prevent or contain spills.
         Keep out of reach of children!
More information on commonly used chemicals in the home
       Household Products Database maintained by the National Institutes for Health,
       Home*A*Syst,
       Farm*A*Syst,

How come Clean Sweep is not held more frequently?
Safe containment and disposal of hazardous waste is expensive (typically $100 or more per household). Many
communities in the state rely on state-funded Clean Sweep programs. However, state money is limited and without it,
most communities are unable to support a Clean Sweep program alone. To serve as many community grants as possible,
the state regulates how often communities can apply.

Clean Sweep sponsors
Clean Sweep is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, Rock County,
Town of Beloit, Town of Harmony, Town of Rock, Town of Union, Town of Clinton, Town of Turtle, Town of LaPrairie,
Town of Avon, Town of Bradford, Town of Spring Valley, Blackhawk Community Credit Union, and Mercy Health System.

The Clean Sweep workgroup includes representatives from Rock County (Health, Emergency Management, and Land
Conservation Departments), City of Beloit, City of Edgerton, City of Evansville, City of Janesville, City of Milton, Village of
Clinton, and the Town of Beloit.

The state-contracted vendor for this program is Onyx Environmental Services.

How can I help?
Clean Sweep 2006 is made possible through a combination of state, county, and other local funding. If you are interested
in donating money or services so this program can serve more households in Rock County, please contact:

Tom Sweeney, Rock County Conservationist
Rock County Land Conservation Department
440 N US HWY 14
Janesville, WI 53546

608-754-6617 ext. 115

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