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									Turning Your Forum Signatures Into Cash

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There are dozens of ways to spend a lot of money marketing your internet
business but what most don't seem to take advantage of are all the ways
to promote your sites using free methods. Forum signatures are an easy
way to get instant exposure and leave little crumbs for the search engine
spiders to pick up and follow. This articles gets into the nitty gritty
of forum marketing.

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There are thousands and thousands of message boards on   the internet.
That's a lot of potential people who may be interested   in your products
or services. It also serves as a quick and easy way to   get a lot of links
pointing back at your site and can help get your pages   spidered faster by
the search engines.

I use a free tool, Board Tracker (http://www.boardtracker.com/), to help
monitor posts on over 25,000 forums.

You can set up a free account there and then set up alerts. You can set
it to alert you to any posts containing any keyword or phrases you like.
Some examples would be, your board nicknames, your domain names,
affiliate programs you work with, or whatever else you're interested in..

When someone makes a post and one of your alert keywords is found, you
are emailed a link to the thread which you can follow and make a post. So
as not to be a blatant board spammer, it is recommended that you register
and make an introduction post on that board before responding to the
thread. When responding, you should make your post helpful to the person
in regards to answering any question they had without spamming your
site/program, you are relying on your signature file here to draw their

To make this task easier, I suggest utilizing Roboform
(http://www.roboform.com/). Roboform makes it easy to handle all of your
registering and logins.

Now, let's find some forums in which we can participate. Everyone has
some knowledge or interest in something. Perhaps it is cars, interior
design or something else. Whatever it is, you can be certain there are
forums for that particular niche.

You can use your favorite search engine and search for...
"message board"

or specifically for...
car message boards
interior design message boards

or search by the different types of forum software like...
"powered by PHPBB"
"powered by vbulletin"

Before registering with any message boards I would suggest that you setup
a yahoo or gmail account just for this purpose. It would also be a good
idea to use this email for your boardtracker alerts as well.

Now you are ready to begin registering. I have created a new identity in
Roboform to handle the registration for me. This includes my signature
file as well. Before posting, make sure that you read the board rules so
you are able to comply with those.

Once registered, make your introduction post. Basically you are just
announcing your arrival and maybe saying a little something about
yourself (roboform can do that too!), be sure to set your introduction
thread to notify you of new posts so that you are able to respond as
others welcome you.

Some things to keep in mind...

Who is your target audience and where will you find them? Are stay home
moms likely to be found in Family & Parenting forums? Who is most likely
to be participating at a car forum? A pet owners forum? etc..

Once you've located your target audience, target your signature to meet
the needs of that audience. For example, if you were involved in a Family
& Parenting forum, a signature aimed towards the mom who would like to
earn money while being home for her children may be in order. If it were
a Car or Electronics forum, maybe a signature promoting Free Satellite
Dishes (these pay $50-$100 per install btw) would be more appropriate.
The idea is to determine what the needs of any particular audience would
be and finding a way to appeal to that.

Also, notice that the majority of forums offer a place for people to
place advertising, usually under a category labeled something like,
"opportunities", "recommendations", "spam allowed", etc.. Look for these
and make use of those as well. Each of those is a free targeted link to
your site or product.

Make sure that you are paying attention to your anchor text. Anchor text,
in case you don't know, is the actual text that is linked. Choose good
keywords for your anchor text that you would like to do well for in the
search engines. Never link text such as "click here".

The most important thing is to make this a part of your daily schedule.
Do it each and every day and shortly you will have thousands of free
advertising links all over the internet!
Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing blatant spamming! The method I've
outlined above is more of a suggestion for yet another avenue of free
marketing that should be used in a responsible and productive manner
which will benefit the board owners, other board members as well as

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