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					Ferenc “Frank” Sallai                                   +1 925 465 5352                                     1839 Ygnacio Valley Rd #114
Lead SAP developer/architect                                                                Walnut Creek, CA 94598
                       I have been working on the SAP system since 1993. Started as developer then I have become from junior consultant to
                       a senior lead of development. The most typical responsibilities are to analyze, design and implement interface solutions
                       across SAP and 3 party modules. I have experience with all core modules, and developed interfaces to B2B, BW and
                       CRM instances. Based on my experience with SAP, its ABAP language and having lead small teams I would find
                       solutions quickly and deploy them efficiently, potentially coordinating with off site team members.
                       My early role working with mainframe operating systems enabled me to acquire a system overview and to have insights
                       into business applications. These skills came handy when applying them in the later years.
                       Please, find below the professional background focusing on SAP experience. Amongst the industry specifics I worked
                       closely with Apparel & Footwear Solution (AFS), IS-Oil and Banking. Below are the main contact points at the clients –
                       project description list – listed with the highlights of responsibilities.

   14+ years of experience in SAP including
           SAP/ABAP technical design architect (technology use for new developments), last SAP R/3 release ECC 6.0 (Basis 700)
           Experience in adapting business design requirements into functional and technical specifications
           Industry specific business understanding through experience on-the-job (IS-Oil, IS-Bank, AFS 5.0)
           Full life-cycle implementations (development, testing, implementation and support)
           Design/implementation of conversions, interfaces through various techniques (i.e. EDI/IDoc, BAPI)
           Experience in adapting shop floor and billing functionalities
           Strong troubleshooting skills (through analysis/debugging), performance tuning
           “Big-consulting” job experience (Andersen Consulting, Deloitte-Touche, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, BearingPoint)
           Specific applied customizing techniques, such as user exits
           Experience in coaching/supervision of junior team members
           Trained in new technologies (Object Oriented Programming, ITS)

   Additional 4 years of IT experience prior to SAP
           IBM mainframe systems programming, database integration, programming on mainframe systems (COBOL, PL1),
            supporting programmers, introduction to C, Java and other languages, database management (SQL)

April 2008 – July 2008, Sr. SAP Analyst / AFS Developer                                             USA
 Levi Strauss & Co                                                                                 San Francisco, CA
             Technology: SAP ECC 6.0, AFS 5.0
             With skills in AFS-environment development the client is provided with new interface design, improved performance tools
             BADI development, Smartforms, ABAP Object (OO) programming, EDI interfaces
             Key tasks: supply chain due-in reporting and supporting interfaces, material requirement management

Everjoy Pty Ltd.
June 2007 - December 2007, Sr. SAP Analyst / Developer                                            Australia
 ING Australia (ING Group)                                                                       Sydney
            Technology: SAP R/3 (620), ABAP, FI/CO
            Interface development, bank applications, SAP provides the Financial and HR systems for client, bank applications run on
             proprietary programs;
            Key tasks: Interface for banking products to SAP; preparation for Unicode conversion and upgrade to ECC 6.0 (from 4.6);
             SAP Notes maintenance;

   Autonexus Australia                                                                      Sydney
          Technology: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, ABAP, Logistics Execution, WM, RF Console
          Responsible for Interface solutions between R/3 and middleware (webMethods)
          BAPI, IDOC use for interfacing, BAdI, SMOD/CMOD, Enhancements, ABAP Object (OO) Programming (ALV)
          For Inchcape, car parts management (i.e. for Subaru Australia)
          Key tasks: Customized RF screen development (small console screen); reporting on equipments by PM Orders; stock on
           hand report by serial numbers;

Talbridge Ltd.
November 2005 –March 2007, Sr. SAP Analyst, Lead Developer, Design Architect                         USA
 Chevron Corp.                                                                                      San Francisco Bay Area
           Technology: SAP R/3 4.7B, ABAP, IS-Oil
           Re-hired by Chevron (through Talbridge Ltd.) to provide architecture building skill for the new global design of the
           Coordinating on-site and off-shore development with partner resources
           Functional areas for development objects: FI-CO, Special Ledger (also configuration), Flexible RE, but also, MM, SD
           System design, in particular interface analysis and setup, working together with Business DA-s and Basis
           Project life from as-is through blueprint to design to implementation
Ferenc “Frank” SALLAI

            As a RICE DA the job is to ensure quality development, provide guidance in corporate standards, manage object inventory
             but also provide hands-on support with development, designed conversions using IBM’s ETL tool, interfaces using SAP’s XI
             and 3 party software (i.e. Sterling Systems GIS)

BearingPoint Pte. Ltd.
October 2004 – September 2005, APD, SAP Development Lead/Off-shore Coordinator                   Singapore
 Levi Strauss & Co.                                                                     Asia-Pacific Division
           Technology: SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP, AFS 3.0 (Apparel & Footwear Solution)
           Functional area: SD (w/Availability check or ATP), MM, PP, FI, AFS 3.0 support
           Coordinating on-site and off-shore developments (Singapore and Shanghai)
           Coordination with middleware components (Sterling’s Gentran Integration Suite) & .Net connector
           Asia-Pacific Development: Singapore based, multi-country rollout, A/NZ as first complete; a revival of the earlier project,
            ANZ project from blueprint to successful cutover

Novellus Systems Inc.
May 2004 – September 2004, USA, Lead SAP developer/consultant                                        San Jose, CA
           Technology: SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP
           Functional area: SD, MM, PP, PM, FI, ODS extractors (BW 3.0 support)
           Key tasks: automatic email notification with MIME attachments when Production Order is released; automatic assignment of
            operation to order through custom exit; verify valid PM order is raised via user exit and notify; performance enhancement on
            report on completion status
           Supporting current systems, new implementation covering interfaces, performance tuning (esp. ODS extractors)

Rapidigm Inc.
September 2003 – January 2004, USA, Senior SAP developer
 Levi Strauss & Co.                                                                              San Francisco, CA
          Technology: SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP, AFS 3.0, Enterprise Portal access (with Knowledge Management)
          Functional area: Supply Plan (with Apparel & Footwear AFS 3.0) interface
          Key tasks: Developing technical specifications and interfaces in PP (supply plan); automate setting up work orders with
           operations based on conventional settings

   The Lubrizol Corporation                                                                        Cleveland, OH
          Technology: SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP
          Setting the blueprint for SD interfaces, design supporting extractors for BW
          Developing prototype solution

International Computer Services
July 1994 – August 2003, USA, Senior SAP developer
Assigned to a number of clients with the Texas-based company. Client relations were based on my individual skills and travels.
 Chevron / ChevronTexaco                                                                       SF Bay Area, CA, USA
            Technology: SAP R/3 2.0B –3.1H - 4.6B (through upgrades), ABAP, EDI/IDoc, Workflow (Task management), ALE/IDoc
            Assigned to upgrade Chevron's EDI process for incoming MM Invoices, using Logistics Invoice Verification
            Setting up Workflow Tasks to initiate incoming invoice approval
            Also providing technical support and programming services for the merger with Texaco (forming the new company
             ChevronTexaco) systems
            Coaching new team members, training ABAP techniques, sr. technical consultant for over 8 years, multiple times

   Hostlogic Kft.                                                                               Budapest, Hungary
           Technology: SAP R/3 4.6B, ABAP, EDI, user exits, LSMW
           Functional experience of B2B design
           Key tasks: Helping the company set up its B2B project by year-end, mostly using the BAPI technique, business objects and
            regular IDoc interfaces;
           Developed user training material in SD, created CATT scripts in SD (customers)

   OTP Bank (for PWC/IBM Business Consulting Services)                                         Budapest, Hungary
          Technology: SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP, ALV reporting, user exits (SD pricing).
          Hungary's leading National Savings & Commercial Bank needed customized reporting from their Special Ledger structure
          Functional area: Special Ledger customization
          Developing application from technical specifications through user training documents
          Developed new subsystem enabling the client meeting the legal reporting requirements, including new ledger setup,
           customized cash-flow, balance sheet, profit analysis reports
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Ferenc “Frank” SALLAI

   Phillips Petroleum Company                                                                     Bartlesville, OK, USA
            Implementing IS-Oil, configuring special and joint venture ledgers
            Converting the requirements into functional design
            Developing interface programs based on the design
   Procter & Gamble                                                                               Budapest, Hungary
            Technology: SAP R/3 4.6B, SAPScript (design and development), ABAP, user exits (SD Billing)
            Several assignment to help P&G go live mid-year with release 46B Sales and Distribution (SD) functionality
            Worked on custom billing and related transactions, custom print program for layouts, SAP script and text objects design and
             development, user manuals, CATT scripts, output management, 3 party applications for printing
            Functional experience of SD Billing

   Schering-Plough Inc. (Essex Chemie AG)                                                     Lucerne, Switzerland
           Technology: SAP R/3 4.0B – 4.5B (upgrade), ABAP, SAPScript, Console
           Use of the Radio Frequency (RF) mobile technology for the processes in their warehouse (WM / SAP Console)
            Solved the companies label printing issues through 3 party software (BarONE)
           Good communication skills, applying shop floor functionality in design

   SONY Australia Pty. Ltd.                                                               Sydney, Australia
         Technology: SAP R/3 4.0 (upgrade), ABAP, RFC technology, web access
         Finish the implementation of HAHT Commerce’s eScenario, a B2B solution of SD provided for Sony
         Java programmer support, Web RFC support

   Whirlpool Inc. (Bauknecht)                                                              Stuttgart, Germany
          Technology: SAP R/2 5.2 – R/3 3.1H, ABAP, EDI/IDoc, Output mgmt.
          The client migrated from SAP R/2 to SAP R/3 3.1H. Preparing the new system to Y2K.
          Preparing the switch to euro (the new currency) in SD
          Delivering new EDI interfaces.

Deloitte Consulting/ICS
October 1993-June 1994, USA, junior consultant
 Applied Materials                                                                               Santa Clara, California, USA
           Technical consultant and programmer in SAP R/3 2.0
           Supporting the Asia Pacific regions. Programming multi-currency solutions in SD Billing

   Exxon (now ExxonMobil) / Linden Technology Center                                               Linden, New Jersey, USA
           Assistant consultant and programmer in SAP R/2. Exxon's LTC implemented SAP R/2 5.0 core system (RF, RK-A, RK-S,
            and RM)
           Developing programs for the client in a quick pace to meet the target at the end of the year.

Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)
January 1993 – October 1993, Hungary, junior consultant
 MOL, Hungarian Oil Corp.                                                                      Budapest, Hungary
           Role in finalizing the bidding documentation recommending the use of SAP R/2 to the Hungarian Oil Company (MOL).
           Introduction of a large scale ERP system in a new market
           Acquiring insight in the oil industry
           Supervisor of programmers on MOL project site

Computing and Management Organization Services (SZÜV)
September 1988 - December 1992, Hungary, Systems programmer on IBM mainframes
          Setting up a National Information System, a pilot UNDP project for Hungary
          Creating a State Bank Activity Monitoring System
          Providing Software Distribution for Computer Associates in Hungary

Personal information
           Education: Bachelor's Diploma, Computer Science ('Applied Mathematics in Programming'), 1988, ELTE, Budapest
           Languages: English: fluent, Hungarian: native, German: getting by
           Legal status: Citizen of Hungary, US permanent resident, Australian resident permit
           Location interest: US (CA, resident), Europe (HUN, resident), Australasia (personal interest)

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