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     Binge eaters who have a genetic propensity tendency towards addiction often report a craving and sensitivity
     to carbohydrates, so that the more they eat, the more they crave.Binge eating may also cause heart problems
                                          due to excess weight and insomnia
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                               Secrets Of Dieting And Keeping It Off - What Did They Do?
                                                                   By Phil Hixon

  ? Why do some dieters suffer the endless frustration of losing and then gaining weight again and
again, while others lose weight and keep it off forever?

And wouldn't you like to belong to the Second group?

Here are some surprisingly easy things that successful dieters do - and you can easily adapt these
good habits yourself.

1.) You know that old conventional wisdom that goes "The scale doesn't matter when you're dieting"?
For a long time experts scorned the idea of frequent weigh ins, pointing out that the scale can be
inaccurate because of fluctuations caused by water weight. Also remember, muscle weighs more than
fat. So if you're exercising you may be gaining muscle and that will throw the scale off.

However, it turns out that weighing yourself every day is actually an excellent motivator for dieters. A
study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine found that dieters who weighed themselves every day lost
the most weight, and kept it off more successfully, compared to a group of dieters who did not weigh
themselves regularly.

2.) Write down everything that you eat. The mere act of writing down everything that you eat is a
motivator that helps keep you on track and makes you less likely to binge, fitness experts say.

3.) Find an exercise that you like, even if it's just taking your dog for a mile long walk, or bicycling, or
tennis - and do it at least a few times a week. It will speed up your weight loss, make you healthier, and
dieters who also exercise are the most successful at keeping the weight off.

4.) Plan ahead. If you are going out to dinner with friends or to a holiday office party or even to the
movies, what are you going to do when hunger pangs hit? Make sure that you've eaten a filling, non
fattening snack or meal beforehand and decide what, if anything, you will eat at the party, movies, or
whatever, before you go.

5.) Schedule the occasional indulgence. Most weight loss experts suggest and encourage a cheating
day. If you know that you get to eat a small ice cream sundae once a week, or one brownie, or half a

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cup of pasta, or whatever you are craving, you are much less likely to binge. You can also make sure
that's a day when you add in some extra exercise.

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did it at

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                                              Secrets We Keep From Those We Love
                                                                By Timothy Cole

 Everyone keeps a few secrets from a husband or wife, boyfriend and girlfriend. And people keep their
secrets for a lot of reasons. Often people are embarrassed or they are fearful of a partner's hostility or
possible rejection.

And research shows that it is in one's best interest to keep some things private, especially when
partners or spouses are likely to respond poorly to the truth. Being rejected, scorned, or stigmatized
does not help any one work through a serious issue.

But, keeping secrets can also be harmful.

Keeping secrets often prevents people from dealing with the problem at hand. Keeping secrets leads to
increased stress, anxiety, and it often makes people think about the issue (event or topic) more

For instance, people who have a secret crush on someone often dwell on their feelings more than
people who are able to talk about their feelings out in the open. More often than not, keeping
something secret makes it seem more important than it really is.

Likewise, revealing secrets is very helpful when it is done right; that is, in a safe, non-judgmental
environment. Revealing secrets can reduce stress, it helps people let go of an issue and think about it
more clearly.

If a secret is bothering you, it really does help to get it out - as long people don't respond negatively or
use the information against you.

In fact, research shows that the simple task of writing down a secret, even if no one ever reads it,
makes people feel better. Writing a secret down reduces stress - it is cathartic.

With this in mind, we have created a place where people can anonymously reveal the secrets they
keep. Maybe you will find that letting go of one of your own secrets is helpful and not so embarrassing
after all.

Article by Timothy Cole, PhD. Take a look at the secrets people keep from their romantic partners at

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