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									   Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry                                                                                        Spiritual Gift Inventory

Spiritual Gift Inventory
Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry
By Pastor Ken Huber

Directions: Beside each statement, please indicate how frequently the statement has been experienced in your life or how well
       the statement characterizes you personally. Please use the following rating system:

       4 = often and consistently experienced / describes me almost perfectly
       3 = frequently experienced / mostly descriptive of me
       2 = sometimes experienced / somewhat descriptive (descriptive at some times or in certain ways, but not others)
       1 = occassionally experienced / mostly not descriptive (this is something I do, but have to work at)
       0 = rarely or never experienced / not descriptive (I try to avoid this if possible)

Line          This statement has been experienced consistently in my life and is characteristic of me personally                               Rating
  1    When I take on projects, my planning and supervision result in effective ministry & a cooperative spirit among participants.
  2    My artistic work has given spiritual strength and inspiration to both believers and non-believers, directing their hearts to God.
  3    My knowledge of building, construction, maintenance or repair has been a special value to the church and others.
  4    I can easily identify whether a certain preaching, teaching, or writing has been faithful to the Bible.
  5    Those struggling with life questions have often come to me for guidance and I have been a help to them.
  6    I consistently look for opportunities to build relationships with non-Christians in order to share my faith with them.
  7    I have trusted God in circumstances where success cannot be guaranteed by human effort alone, & He has proved reliable.
  8    I give liberally and joyfully to people in financial need or to projects requiring support as an act of worship to God.
  9    I can often sense when God wishes to heal someone emotionally or physically through my prayers, and they get well.
 10    I am often told that I have helped new-comers feel welcomed and at home, and this has been a real blessing to them.
 11    I have a deep understanding of biblical principles and doctrines & understand how they all interconnect.
 12    I have easily or quickly learned a new language so as to effectively communicate God's truths to new people groups.
 13    I know where God is leading me and have shared my vision with other believers, who willingly follow me as I follow Christ.
 14    I frequently work with people who are considered outsiders, beyond help, underprivileged, or ignored by the majority.
 15    God has given me a deep passion to take the gospel where it has never before been heard and plant new churches there.
 16    I can speak in a way that results in conviction and change in the lives of others.
 17    I willingly find ways to serve others or to support the ministry of others as an act of worship to God.
 18    I have responsibility for providing spiritual care for a group of believers & they affirm that my care has been helpful to them.
 19    I can present information and skills to others at a level that makes it easy for them to grasp and apply to their lives.
 20    People often ask for my advice about spiritual or personal matters and I have helped them through even complicated issues.
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Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry                                                                                           Spiritual Gift Inventory

21   People often look to me for guidance in coordinating, planning, managing or organizing.
22   I have a deep sense that my artistic creativity is a gift from God and is to be used to enhance the worship of others.
23   I am able to design and construct things that help the church do its ministry better or more efficiently.
24   I am frequently able to judge a person’s character or abilities very early on, & others have affirmed the reliability of my insights.
25   I am able to encourage or challenge others in order to foster spiritual growth without making them feel condemned.
26   I am able to convey the gospel message to non-believers in ways which they say are easy to understand.
27   The Holy Spirit leads me to pray for seemingly impossible things that God then accomplishes.
28   Since all of my possessions belong to God, I start by giving a tithe and then look for ways to give extra.
29   God has used my prayers to fully restore someone to health even when others had given up, and it resulted in God's glory.
30   Other people tell me that I can create a warm and caring environment which encourages fellowship and spiritual growth.
31   Insights I have gained from in-depth Bible study have proved helpful to other believers.
32   God has allowed me to use my language skills to translate His Word for a people group never before exposed to the gospel.
33   I have effectively lead groups of believers to accomplish specific goals such that God is glorified and others are built up.
34   In other people, I see a life that matters to God, regardless of their situation. My ministry is to show them God's love.
35   Other people often tell me that I would be an effective missionary or church planter
36   I speak out boldly concerning what I feel God thinks is wrong with the present system or situation.
37   I am happy to let others lead in a project, but find joy in helping them do it.
38   I have led other Christians to explore & develop their own personal ministry & their role in the overall ministries of the church.
39   Students have told me that I can take the most difficult idea or concept and make it understandable.
40   I can often find simple, practical solutions in the midst of conflict or confusion.
41   I can identify and effectively use the resources needed to accomplish tasks.
42   Other people appreciate and respond to my creative work by glorifying God. I don’t mind if I don't get the credit.
43   The results of the items I built or designed have improved or beautified the church in ways others did not envision before.
44   I have often sensed when people are moved by the Holy Spirit, the devil, or by their own flesh, and have been right.
45   Many have confirmed that my encouragment, rebuke, or counsel was just what they needed to renew their spiritual growth.
46   I have led many people to make an initial commitment to Jesus Christ as a result of sharing the gospel with them.
47   Others have told me that God has used me to challenge and stretch their own faith in Him.
48   I am challenged to limit my lifestyle and manage my finances in order to give a higher percentage of my income to God.
49   People who are physically or emotionally ill often ask me to pray for their healing.
50   I tend to use my home or my culinary skills to make people feel welcome and encourage relationships to grow.
51   I am often approached by people who want to know my perspective on a particular passage or biblical truth.
52   I am often called upon to translate for others who want to share God's Word or teach God's Word in another language.
53   When I am in a group, others will often look to me for direction or leadership.
54   Care giving (in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, recovery centers, homeless shelters, etc.) is a regular part of my ministry.

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Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry                                                                                          Spiritual Gift Inventory

55   A body of believers has commissioned me to to lead a new ministry, plant a church, or be a missionary.
56   I have often proclaimed God’s truth in a relevant way that encourages fellow Christians and edifies the church.
57   People tell me that without my willingness to do the unnoticed jobs, their ministry would be more difficult.
58   Others have come to me for spiritual guidance and I have effectively been able to disciple these believers.
59   I have communicated biblical truths to others in a way that produced change in knowledge, attitudes, values, or conduct.
60   I can anticipate likely consequences and select the most effective course of action from several alternatives.
61   When presented with a goal, I can quickly think of steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired results.
62   I would enjoy challenging people’s perspective of God using artistic means (music, painting, woodworking, graphics, drama, etc.)
63   I can see how to improve things used in ministry before those who use the things in ministry can see it.
64   I would enjoy looking beneath the surface and evaluating the rightness or wrongness of particular teaching.
65   I see the God-given potential in others and would enjoy helping them to achieve it.
66   I’m troubled when salvation is not emphasized by a ministry or a preacher.
67   I find it easy to trust God to do great things, even when things look dim.
68   When I receive money unexpectedly, one of my first thoughts is to share this gift through the church.
69   I like to participate in ministry to the physically or emotionally ill and pray for their recovery.
70   When missionaries or speakers come to our church, I like to invite them to stay or share a meal in my home.
71   The Holy Spirit has brought Scriptures to my mind that is useful at that specific moment.
72   I would love to share the gospel in another language so I can reach people others aren't able to.
73   I would prefer to lead in ministry than to implement the vision of others.
74   I feel the sufferings of people so deeply that I want to help them in any way I can.
75   I often think that God may be calling me to leave my job and be a missionary, plant a church or start a new ministry.
76   I would enjoy the opportunity to preach the Word of God.
77   I see myself more as a helper than a leader. I would be willing to help in any way I can an am quick to volunteer.
78   I want God to use me to disciple others who are struggling around me.
79   I would enjoy helping other people discover important truths in scripture.
80   I have insights into how to solve problems that others do not see.
81   I would enjoy the opportunity to do strategic planing, plan events, manage people in ministry, or organize ministries.
82   I love to express my faith in Christ through artistic means (art, drama, music, photography, etc).
83   I enjoy making things for use in ministry.
84   I enjoy looking beneath the surface (of people or teaching) to determine abilities, motives or truthfulness.
85   I love to encourage the discouraged, challenge those stuck in sinful habits, and counsel those in difficult situations.
86   I feel a deep concern and take personal responsibility for the unreached people in my community.
87   I feel sure of God’s specific blessing for the future growth of His work even when others are not so sure.
88   My stewardship of resources, whether great or small, is motivated by joy and gratitude, not a sense of duty.

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 Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry                                                                                      Spiritual Gift Inventory

 89   I enjoy the opportunity to pray with and for a person who is physically or mentally ill that they may be made well.
 90   I enjoy entertaining people and opening my home to others.
 91   I love to study God's Word in great depth so that I may understand it more fully.
 92   I would enjoy any opportunity to use my language skills to spread God's Word.
 93   It is a thrill to inspire other believers to greater participation and involvement in church ministry.
 94   I feel a driving desire to address the needs of strangers and the underprivileged who desperately need help.
 95   I would enjoy learning another language, culture, or religion so that I could be a better witness.
 96   I feel compelled to expose sin wherever I see it and to challenge people to repentance.
 97   I would enjoy doing the behind-the-scenes tasks which will aid the ministry or free others for important ministry.
 98   I would enjoy the opportunity to have the responsibility of leading other people in their spiritual life.
 99   I love to learn biblical principles from my studies and then explain them to others so they can grow spiritually.
100   I dream of being used of God to help people choose wise solutions to difficult problems so that God would be glorified.
101   I would be energized by organizing a project, working out the details, getting the right people in the right places.
102   I am deeply statisfied when my creative or artistic work causes others to worhsip God more deeply.
103   I am good at building, repairing, or restoring things for worship and find great satisfaction in doing so.
104   I have a sense of fulfillment when I am able to protect other Christians by exposing error or deceit.
105   My deepest satisfaction is being able to help someone work past difficult issues and on to renewed spiritual growth.
106   My greatest joy is when I have the privilege of leading an un-believer to Christ.
107   When I trust God to do the impossible, it is so fulfilling to see God move on our behalf to accomplish his work.
108   I have great satisfaction in giving large amounts of money to God or His people, in order to accomplish His work.
109   I am empowered by praying for the healing of the physically, mentally or emotionally ill.
110   I would find great enjoyment in having fellow believers over to my home so we could enjoy each others company.
111   I am committed to and schedule time for reading and studying Scripture, so that I may understand biblical truth accurately.
112   I have a deep passion to communicate God's Word across language barriers, especially to those not yet reached.
113   There is a great satisfaction in managing other believers in ministry to accomplish something great for God together.
114   Visiting people who are in need or cannot get out themselves gives me a great satisfaction.
115   I would find it energizing to be a part of reaching an unreached people group with the gospel and starting a church.
116   I am empowered to boldly proclaim the truth of God's Word, challenge the sinful to repentence & enourage the faithful.
117   I am (or would be) completely satisified being a helper, assisting others to do their job more effectively.
118   I would find it energizing to provide spiritual leadership to those who are on a faith journey.
119   My great joy would be to communicate biblical truth in such a way that it becomes real and understood by others.
120   Helping others to apply biblical truths to complex situations and problems would give me a great sense of accomplishment.

      Once finished rating every statement, click the "Results Summary" Tab below for your results.

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    Spiritual Gifts Assessment Summary                                Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry

Spiritual Gift Assessment Summary
Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry
By Pastor Ken Huber


Directions: After completing the questionnaire, record your ratings from each statement in
       box having the same number as the statement. Then total each row. The rows with the
       highest ratings are your stringest spiritual gifts. If you are not already doing so,
       find opportunities to exercise these gifts in ministry to verify the results.

ROW                                RATINGS                            TOTAL GIFT
        1          21         41         61       81        101
A            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Administration
        2          22         42         62       82        102
B            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Artistry
        3          23         43         63       83        103
C            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Craftsmanship
        4          24         44         64       84        104
D            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Discernment
        5          25         45         65       85        105
E            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Encouragement
        6          26         46         66       86        106
F            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Evangelism
        7          27         47         67       87        107
G            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Faith
        8          28         48         68       88        108
H            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Giving
        9          29         49         69       89        109
I            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Healing
        10         30         50         70       90        110
J            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Hospitality
        11         31         51         71       91        111
K            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Knowledge
        12         32         52         72       92        112
L            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Languages
        13         33         53         73       93        113
M            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Leadership
        14         34         54         74       94        114
N            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Mercy
        15         35         55         75       95        115
O            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Missions
        16         36         56         76       96        116
P            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Prophecy
        17         37         57         77       97        117
Q            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Service
        18         38         58         78       98        118
R            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Shepherding
        19         39         59         79       99        119
S            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Teaching
        20         40         60         80       100       120
T            0          0          0          0         0         0      0      Wisdom

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Spiritual Gifts Assessment Summary                                             Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry

                                     Spiritual Gifts Assessment Summary
                                         Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry
                                                 By Pastor Ken Huber







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