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									Don't Build That Website

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This article is about promotional strategies for vitually every website
that is designed to make profits from the onset. It is particularly
important that webmasters especially online newbies think marketing
before even considering building their websites. A good marketing
strategy is the bedrock for success and that in itself should represent a
lasting marketing mindset.In this article I have listed the basic website
promotional strategies that every website should have to drive traffic to

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It never ceases to amaze me how often new webmasters set about their
online business at the start without actually having clearly defined
strategies on how to market and promote the website and the product.

Now this article is for internet marketing newbies, so the strategies for
website promotion are fairly basic therefore experienced internet
marketers are under no compulsion to proceed.

If you are a newbie, however, please pay attention as these website
promotional strategies are what you will need to employ over and over
again every time you have a new product to promote. Apply these basic
techniques and the bedrock of success is laid for you.

Remember, no traffic, no sales.

Free listings in Search Engines: Everyone loves to get something for
free. The same applies to free traffic.
Consider building a keyword list related to your product before you build
your website. This way, you write your website content crafting in those
keywords for which the site needs to be optimised. Don’t overdo it though
as the search engines are becoming too smart and may think you are
attempting to trick them. The more pages you have, the easier it is to
have your site optimised for your chosen keywords.
 Pay Per Click Advertising: Here the search engines list your site based
on your bid for a particular keyword(s). Your position in the search
listing strongly depends on how much you are prepared to pay for those
keywords and the bidding price is also dependent on the popularity and
competitiveness of your niche. This Pay Per Click (PPC) listings are the
ones you see on the right side of your screen in the search results in,
for instance, Google and Yahoo who now own Overture.
It’s always a good idea to know your website statistics especially
conversion rates to determine how much you will be prepared to pay for
those keywords – what I call your bid price affordability. This way you
don’t operate your PPC Campaign at a loss.
Know Your Numbers!

Ezine Advertising: You search for popular ezines (these are electronic
magazines or newsletters) in Google or Yahoo by entering Keywords ‘ezines
Visit these directories and look out for ezines that fit your products
and also the subscription base of those ezines. You then choose to place
Solo ads, Sponsor ads or Classified ads on ezines of your choice at an
agreed price. The choice of which type of Ad and what ezine(s) to place
your Ad would depend on your personal preference and your budget as well.

Linking Your Website: You need to set out linking strategies that can
boost your business in two ways. First is that the more links you have,
the more the search engines will rank your site and consequently your
position in the organic search engines. Secondly, you get traffic
deservedly from your link partners website. I’m sure you will welcome
targeted free traffic from any source.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate program are a great source of free traffic
and income at no cost to your good self. Affiliates are business partners
who sign up to sell your product for an agreed commission. You can make a
fortune on the internet from a great product if you have tons of
affiliates working for themselves and you. An affiliate software is
necessary to track your affiliate sales, visitors. Don’t forget to
provide your affiliate with marketing tools and training materials to
assist them.

Offline Advertising: This is quite often ignored. Just because your
business is online does not mean you cannot generate traffic offline. You
will be surprised at how potent this weapon can be. Write Press Releases
about your product, Product review etc and send it to editors of
newspapers and magazine. The one I love most is what we refer to as web
ad. Here you use classified ads in newspapers and magazines to drive
traffic to your site.

These are basic strategies you must have mapped out before commencing
work on your website. This way you can start marketing the very day your
website goes live.
Always think marketing first.

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