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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council held on 22 June 2004
 In Boughton Monchelsea Village Hall pursuant to notice, commencing at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs I. Ellis (elected chairman)
                J. Marsh (elected vice chairman)
                A. Boden
                M. Bray
                W. Clarke
                K. Filmer
                P. Herrin
                N. Mitchell
                S. Munford
                I. Smith
         Mr D. Gouldsworthy (Parish Clerk)
         Cllr M. Fitzgerald (MBC)
         Mrs D. Knight (KM parish reporter)
         2 Resident

1.    Apologies
      Apologies were received from Mr R. Fuller (item 6) & Cllr Cook.

2.    Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed by all members present. Copies
      of the Parish Council’s Standing Orders were presented to all members with an
      information pack.

3.  Elections:
3.1    Chairman: Cllr Marsh proposed Cllr Ellis; seconded by Cllr Bray and agreed

3.2     Vice Chairman: Cllr Clarke proposed Cllr Marsh; seconded by Cllr Munford and
        agreed unanimously. Cllr Ellis expressed the thanks of the Parish Council to Cllr
        Clarke for her 10 years service to the Parish Council as vice chairman.

4.  Appointments:
4.1   Planning Committee: Cllrs Bray, Clarke, Filmer, Marsh, Mitchell and Munford
      agreed to stand.

4.2     KAPC Representative: Cllr Ellis agreed to serve as the Council’s representative.

4.3     Recreation Ground Committee Representative: Cllr Bray agreed to serve as the
        Council’s representative.

4.4     Village Hall Committee Representative: Cllr Munford agreed to serve as the
        Council’s representative.

4.5     Allotment Representative: Cllr Filmer agreed to serve as the representative.

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4.6     Neighbourhood Watch Representative: Cllr Marsh agreed to serve as the

4.7     Web site co-ordinator: Cllr Mitchell agreed to serve as the co-ordinator.

4.8     S&W Maidstone Traffic Management Partnership (TRAMP): Cllrs Marsh, Bray,
        Herrin and Munford agreed to form a sub committee and represent the Council at
        TRAMP meetings.

5.    Standing Order 61: To decide whether the public and press should be exclude from
      the meeting for any item. None

6.    Co-option of councillors: Miss Claire-Marie Munford and Mr Robin Fuller had
      expressed a wish to be co-opted onto the Council following public notice. Cllr S.
      Munford declared a prejudicial interest in Miss Munford’s co-option and took no
      further part in the co-option of Miss Munford. Cllr Ellis proposed that Miss C.
      Munford and Mr R. Fuller be co-opted onto the Council; seconded by Cllr Clarke and
      agreed unanimously. Miss Munford being present signed the Declaration of
      Acceptance of Office and took her seat. The Clerk presented Cllr C. Munford with a
      copy of the Council’s Standing Orders and information pack. The Clerk to notify Mr
      Fuller of the decision.                                                      CLERK

7.  Declaration of Interests.
7.1 Registering and renewal of entries on Register of Interests: The Clerk informed the
    new members that they are required to register their interests on the form provided.
    Re-elected members to either fill in a new form or confirm by letter that their interests
    remain as registered. All notifications to be completed within 28 days of the election.

7.2 Dispensation (new members): Cllr Boden and Cllr Herrin signed letters to the
    Monitoring Officer seeking dispensation to vote at Parish Council meetings on
    Boughton Monchelsea Amenity Trust matters. Cllr C. Munford to apply. CLERK

8.    Minutes of the last meeting:
      The minutes of the meeting held on 11 May 2004 were agreed and signed by the

9.  Matters Arising:
9.1 Walk Meadow: Cllr Munford to speak to Mr Edwards regarding tree work.
                                                                CLLR S. MUNFORD
9.2 Beresfords Hill footway (east side): Carried forward.

9.3 Speeding Green Lane / Haste Hill: Cllr Smith to raise petition.          CLLR SMITH

9.4 Concurrent Functions – bid for play equipment: The Clerk confirmed he was
    instructing Wicksteed Leisure to proceed to replace the rocking chicken at a cost of
    £961.65 excl of VAT.                                                       CLERK

9.5 Litter Bins – Church Street play ground: Cllr Smith and Clerk to liaise over available
    styles and costs.                                          CLLR SMITH & CLERK

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9.6 Mr Daw: Surface water disposal – new development: Cllr Ellis reported that he had
    received a further letter from Mr Daw and was drafting a reply in liaison with the
    Clerk.                                                     CLLR ELLIS & CLERK

9.7 Allotments: Cllr Filmer reported on a meeting with Mr & Mrs Ferrell regarding the
    allotment hedge adjacent to the development plot. The meeting had been held on
    the 17 June at which Cllr Ellis, Mr Edwards and the Clerk had been present together
    with Mr Duncan of Lambert & Foster (agent for Mr & Mrs Ferrell) and Mr Gibson,
    (builder). Representations had been made by residents that they did not wish to see
    the hedge removed.

     Agreed to amend the previous proposal and offer that the Parish Council pay for and
     carry out cutting back hard, the hedge on the development plot side together with the
     grubbing of two elder bushes and an ash tree stump in the hedge which would
     impede the erection of a fence. The Parish Council to infill the gaps with new
     hawthorn whips and reduce the height of the hedge adjacent to the road to provide a
     vision splay. The Parish Council to relocate the salt bin onto highway verge if
     permitted by Highways. Clerk to write to Mr & Mrs Ferrell.                  CLERK

9.8 Neighbourhood Watch – arrangements for Police reporting to Parish Council
    meetings: Carried forward.                                        CLLR BRAY

10. Finance Report:
    Payments since last meeting:
    KCC               Printing (newsletter)                                     176.22
    KCC               Printing (councillor information                           24.91
    Mrs B. Bush       Refreshments (Parish Meeting)                             100.00
    D. Gouldsworthy   Expenses (Refreshments P. Mtg)                             34.74
    B. Mon Brownies Grant                                                       150.00
    Friendship Circle Grant                                                     150.00
    B. Mon Mother & Grant                                                       150.00
    Toddler Group
    B. Mon Playgroup Grant                                                      150.00
    B. Mon Scout      Grant                                                     300.00
    Pedifund          Donation                                                  100.00
    Mid Kent Water    Water charges (allotments)                                 97.20
    Supplies Team     Printer ink cartridges                                     73.46
    Village Hall      Room Hire / April                                           5.50
    D. Gouldsworthy   Expenses (refreshment Parish                               26.49
                      Meeting / postage)
    J. Marsh          Neighbourhood Watch (float)                               100.00

    Mid Kent Water       Refund (meter reading error)                           73.28
    MBC                  Concurrent Functions (first instalment)              6404.50

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     Balances as at 22 June 2004
     Current Account                                                       13,702.77
     Business Reserve                                                      26,096.43
     National Savings                                                      44,805.68
     Total Financial Assets                                                84,604.88
     There were no comments and the report was ratified.

10.1 Renewal of bank mandate: Members resolved to continue to bank with the National
     Westminster Bank Plc, Bearsted branch and that any two authorised signatories to
     the account may sign cheques and authorise withdrawals. All members present
     signed the bank’s mandate form.                                         CLERK

     New members were requested to verify their particulars with the bank under the
     money laundering regulations.         CLLRS BODEN, HERRIN & C. MUNFORD

10.2 Salt bin – Haste Hill Road: Members approved an estimate of £40 for the removal of
     the salt bin from Haste Hill Road to the parish hut pending agreement for its
     relocation.                                                                 CLERK

11. Correspondence:
11.1 MBC: Parish & Borough Council Liaison: Cllr S. Munford to attend the planning
     seminar on the Saturday 17 July (Town Hall). Cllr Boden to attend the half day
     councillor’s introduction meeting at the Town Hall, Friday 9 July (morning).
                                                     CLLRS S. MUNFORD & BODEN

11.2 MBC: Street Audits: Members agreed to put forward Haste Hill Road and Green
     Lane as possible candidates for a street audit.                       CLERK

11.3 KAPC: Councillors’ Information Day - Saturday 17 July: Noted

11.4 MBC: Clean Sweep: 28 June – 4 July: Noted.

12. Planning Report
    Cllr Bray reported the following applications had been considered by the Planning
    MA/04/0664 Southside (formally), Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea
                   Erection of 1No detached dwelling.
                   DECISION: Approve. MBC notified 12.5.04
    MA/04/0654 River land, Hertsfield Farm, Staplehurst Road, Marden
                   Construction of two personal fishing lakes and a detached building
                   together with works to change the use of the land from agriculture to
                   a nature conservation area. (borders B. Mon parish)
                   DECISION: Approve. MBC notified 12.5.04
    MA/04/0752 2 Stone Cottages, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea
                   Erection of a rear conservatory
                   DECISION: Approve. MBC notified 12.5.04

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MA/04/0470   92 The Quarries, Boughton Monchelsea.
             Outline application for the erection of 1No dwelling with only access
             to be considered at this stage (referred for site meeting from Parish
             Council meeting 11 May)
             DECISION: Previous decision ratified but amended, requesting
             MBC (if it is minded to approve the application) to include a
             condition for a larger surface water holding tank and an overflow
             linked to either a soakaway or land drains so that any storm
             surcharge is discharged to ground rather than into The Quarries.
             MBC notified 21.5.04
MA/04/0839   Luck Cottage, Hermitage Lane, Chart Sutton
             Erection of rear conservatory.
             DECISION: Approved at site meeting 20/5.04 (chairman’s decision
             with the agreement of those members present at site meeting into
             04/0479). MBC notified 21.5.04
MA/04/0840   Luck Cottage, Hermitage Lane, Chart Sutton
             Listed building consent for the erection of rear conservatory.
             DECISION: Approved (chairman’s decision with the agreement of
             those members present at site meeting into 04/0479). MBC notified
MA/04/0870   The Old Coach House, Wierton Hill, Boughton Monchelsea
             Erection of a detached garage/garden store with retaining wall.
             DECISION: Approve. MBC notified 15.6.04
MA/04/0876   1 Marlpit Cottages, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea
             Loft conversion involving the insertion of a dormer window and the
             erection of a porch with new roof to existing utility room
             DECISION: Approve but with the comment that the Parish Council
             would prefer to see pitched roofs to the loft dormer rather than a flat
             roof. MBC notified 15.6.04
MA/04/0917   Rose Cottage, Loddington Lane, Boughton Monchelsea
             Demolition of two single storey extensions and erection of part single
             storey and part two storey extension on west elevation.
             DECISION: Approve. Materials to be used should match the those
             used on the house. MBC notified 15.6.04
MA/04/0921   1 The Maltings, Bottlescrew Hill, Boughton Monchelsea
             To provide a raised timber deck platform with associated handrail
             balustrade and gossip screen, access off deck into first floor kitchen and
             external lighting.
             DECISION: No Comment or objection. MBC notified 15.6.04
MA/04/0923   1 The Maltings, Bottlescrew Hill, Boughton Monchelsea
             Listed Building Consent to provide a raised timber deck platform with
             associated handrail balustrade and gossip screen, access off deck into
             first floor kitchen and external lighting.
             DECISION: No comment or objection. MBC notified 15.6.04
MA/04/0920   50 The Quarries, Boughton Monchelsea
             Erection of first floor rear extension, loft conversion with rear dormer.
             DECISION: Refuse. Inappropriate development for the size and type of
             property and will be detrimental to the amenities of the adjoining
             properties. MBC notified 15.6.04

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     The following applications had been APPROVED by MBC:
      MA/04/0483 11 Lockham Farm Avenue, Boughton Monchelsea
                   Erection of single storey rear extension.
      MA/04/0485 80 & 82 Church Street, Boughton Monchelsea
                   Joint application for first floor rear extension to 80 & 82 Church
      MA/04/0487 Parsonage Farm, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea
                   Listed Building Consent for erection of side extension
      MA/04/0486 Parsonage Farm, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea.
                   Erection of side extension with amendments to previous planning

     The following applications had been REFUSED by MBC:
      MA/04/0523 7 Brooker Close, Boughton Monchelsea
                   Conversion of existing garage into living accommodation with
                   alterations to front elevation.

12.1 KCC/Medway Deposit Kent & Medway Structure Plan 2003
       (A) Formal notification of the examination in public (EIP) proceedings and
           Consultation on draft list of matters for discussion and participants for the EIP.
       (B) Consultation on the proposed pre-examination in public changes; June 2004.
           Both items noted. Cllr Ellis to look at papers.                     CLLR ELLIS

12.2 MBC: Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) – Open playing spaces: Noted.
     Cllr Ellis and the Clerk to consider a response.    CLLR ELLIS & CLERK

13. Representatives’ Reports
13.1 KAPC: Cllr Ellis had nothing to report.

13.2 Allotments: Cllr Filmer confirmed that the Clerk is to instruct the Council’s contractor
     to flail off the unused allotments.                                           CLERK

13.3 Village Hall: Cllr Munford reported that the Village Hall Committee is considering
     resurfacing the car park.

13.4 Recreation Ground: Cllr Bray had nothing to report.

13.5 Neighbourhood Watch: Cllr Marsh confirmed that the next meeting was on the 7

13.6 S&W Maidstone Traffic Management Partnership (TRAMP): Cllr Bray reported that
     the Parish Council’s concerns regarding the designation of the B2163 had been
     noted. There had been 258 replies to the questionnaire and 12 off the web site.
     TRAMP will be seeking weight limits for the bridges at Yalding, East Farliegh and
     Teston. The gateway proposals for Boughton Monchelsea are noted as are the
     speed restrictions being sought on the B2163 and HGV ban (except for access) and
     weight restriction on Brishing Lane. Sign posting at the Cock Inn is being sought
     where the bridle route crosses Heath Road. Quiet Lane status is being sought for
     Pested Bars and a link footway down Brishing Lane to the stream.

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14. Any other Business
41.1 Cllr Bray reported that at the South Area Forum meeting, speed checks are to be
     carried out by the Police in Green Lane / Haste Hill. At least one check had been
     noted on the 10 June from the Albion car park.

14.2 Cllr Clarke confirmed that the hedge to No 1 Church Street in Haste Hill Road had
     been cut following a complaint.

14.3 Cllr Munford requested that the Parish Council consider formally recognising ex Cllr
     Edwards’ contribution to the village during his years as a councillor. Agenda item
     next meeting.                                                               CLERK

14.4 Cllr Marsh reported on a nuisance hedge on Wierton Hill. Agenda Item next
     meeting.                                                                CLERK

14.5 Cllr Marsh requested information on the status of the gritting salt held by the Parish
     Council. Stocks for Wierton hill are depleted. Other stocks are held by Mr Edwards
     and in the parish hut.                                                        CLERK

14.6 Cllr Marsh reported on a meeting of the Wierton Place Country Club monitoring
     group held 22 June and that it had been agreed to meet in future on an as required
     basis only.

14.7 In the absence of an Open Quarter, a resident, Mr Pinnegar wished to draw to the
     attention of the Parish Council a complaint he had lodged with Maidstone HMU
     about the time being taken to install the anti pedestrian paving at the school crossing
     and as to whether it was a fixed price contract. Clerk to write to KCC Highways.

14.8 Cllr Fitzgerald reported that Maidstone HMU was considering signage on Heath
     Road at its junction with Brishing Lane to warn of the hidden danger of the Green
     Lane junction with Brishing Lane.

15. Date of Next Meeting
    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 July 2004 There being no further
    business, the meeting was closed at 8.40pm.

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