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Extended Agriscience Program


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									          Extended Agriscience and Natural Resources Program
  (This information has been modified from the Extended Program chapter in the Agriculture Teacher’s Manual)

The summer months for an agriscience instructor/ FFA advisor have been legislatively and
traditionally designed for supervision, teaching and learning. Since the passages of the Smith-
Hughes Act in 1917,agriscience instructors have been employed for a longer period of time than
other teachers in the high school (originally 12 months). The extended program provides the
opportunity to conduct summer educational activities and experiences through the Supervised
Agricultural Experiences.

Extended programs are a valuable and necessary component of the agriscience program. The
teaching of agriscience students cannot and should not stop at the beginning of June if we intend
to gain the optimum advantages in learning for our students. Production agriculture and
supervised agricultural experiences (SAE) programs are in full operations during the summer,
and these students need supervision. The major purpose of the extended program is to provide
quality instruction for students enrolled in agriscience education. Most courses taught in a high
school are on a nine-month basis. This is not so in agriscience and natural resources. Production
cycles are year round. The agriscience and natural resources program needs to be extended to
utilize the opportunities for educational experience during the summer for student SAE’s and
other student-oriented activities. The following is a list of activities for a well-planned extended
program. Activities in each of the six headings are vital to developing a successful agriscience

        Program Operation
        Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)
        Instruction and Supervision
        The FFA Organization
        Promotion and Service
        Professional Improvement

Program Operation
The basic operations needed to run an effective agriscience program. The items listed below will
provide the basis for having a successful program.

   1.   Hold advisory committee meeting(s).
   2.   Plan direction of Agriscience program.
   3.   Curriculum development.
   4.   Complete records and reports:
           a. Preparation of annual program plan for agriscience and natural resources and the
           b. Make complete records of present and former students.
           c. Prepare local and state reports for funding, enrollment, etc.
           d. Prepare monthly reports to school board and administration.
           e. Prepare annual report listing activities and accomplishments.
   5. Plan field trips and laboratory activities for school year.
   6. Make out request for equipment, books, bulletins, visual aids, and other supplies
      necessary for updating teaching materials.
   7. Initiate FFA Alumni group.
   8. Initiate advisory committee and hold meeting(s).

Supervised Agricultural Experience
Students learn best by doing. Through SAE they put into practice the skills and abilities learned
in the classroom and /or laboratory. The agriscience and natural resources instructor gives
assistance and encouragement to plan and carry out a meaningful SAE program. The items listed
below will provide the basis for having a successful program.

   1. Supervised Agricultural Experience programs of the individual students.
         a. Make initial contact with students and parents.
         b. Complete on-site visitation forms with students and parents.
         c. Make complete record of student SAE programs.
         d. Check all project record books of students on the visit.
         e. Visit students with work experience programs.
         f. Make complete records of students with agribusiness experience.
         g. Take pictures and other data for student files.
   2. Make initial contact with local agribusiness / farms and their owners.
   3. Locate future job stations for students.

Instruction and Supervision
Students need guidance to achieve their goals. On-site instruction is the instruction of the
student at the school lab facilities, at the place of employment, or on the home farm. This
instruction facilitates and promotes the learning activities of the students at a work site or during
the time when “hands on” activities are happening. The purpose is to provide individualized
instruction. By offering instruction and supervision, students will successfully meet or surpass
their desired levels of achievement. The items listed below will provide the basis for having a
successful program.

   1. Provide instruction and supervision for fair exhibitors.
   2. School laboratory.
         a. Plan and develop educational research activities.
   3. Conduct tours, field trips, and demonstrations.
         a. Ag Expo.
         b. Judging clinics

The FFA Organization
The FFA is an organization for the students in agriscience and natural resources education.
Though the FFA students experience recognition, reward, learning and growth. The FFA is more
than just an organization; it is an integral part of all programs. The FFA provides educational
and recreational events for its members. Through its activities, the FFA encourages
entrepreneurship, helps to make better employees, and develops responsible citizens by
preparing them to accept leadership roles in agriculture and natural resources and the
community. The items listed below will provide the basis for having a successful program.

   1. Hold summer chapter meetings each month.
   2. Hold summer FFA officer meetings each month.
   3. Develop and complete FFA Program of Activities (POA).
   4. Develop and complete a community service project.
   5. Conduct a local SAE project site tour.
   6. Conduct FFA activities at fair.
   7. Develop leadership-training session for chapter officers and committee chairpersons.
      (Make in conjunction with FFA camp or trip.)
   8. Attend FFA leadership training sessions with students.

Promotion and Service
 Promotion and service is used to inform the administration and community about the program’s
activities. This allows for the community to become more involved in student activities. It also
acts as a means of accountability for the agriscience teacher. Items listed below will provide the
basis for having a successful program.

    1. Work with school administration in developing and managing the agriscience and natural
       resources program.
    2. Keep superintendent and principal informed of summer work.
    3. Recruitment for FFA chapter and Alumni chapter.
    4. Visit other agriscience departments and FFA chapters.
    5. Make initial contacts with local agricultural agencies and community organizations.
    6. Cooperate with worthy community organizations and agricultural agencies.
    7. Attend fair board meetings as necessary.
    8. Work at local fair.

Professional Development
Professional development is the process for the agriscience teacher to increase his or her
knowledge base in the area of agriscience and natural resources education and all facets
associated with it. It is a way to increase knowledge in both subject area and teaching. Items
listed below will provide the basis for having a successful program.

   1.   Attend professional development activities (PDI).
   2.   Participate in NAAE nationally sponsored workshops.
   3.   Participate in workshops sponsored by MSU.
   4.   Read to gain knowledge in teaching and subject matter.
   5.   Attend agricultural career tours.
                          Extended Program Management
The following sections describe how to manage the Extended Agriscience and Natural Resources
         Program. The major sections are procedure, compensation and accountability.

Any of these activities are appropriate for the extended program. Prior to the end of the regular
school year, a teacher should identify a majority of activities, which will be included in the
extended program. (The items listed below will provide the basis for having a successful
    1. Identify and list all the summer activities for which dates are known (Summer
        Conferences, fair)
    2. Determine the enrollment in each agriscience class.
    3. Determine the number of on-site instructional visits to be made to new agriculture
    4. List other activities, which should be included in an extended program, based on the need
        of the community.
    5. From the above data, work out a tentative schedule of activities.
            a. Record the activities, which were selected using a monthly calendar of activities.
            b. Summarize the time allocated for the various activities on an Extended Program.
            c. Review the summary and make necessary adjustment on the monthly schedules.
    6. Submit copies of the above forms to the school administration and discuss the summer
        program with them.
    7. During the summer, arrangements should be made to meet with the administrators to
        discuss achievements.
    8. At the end of the summer, summarize the actual activities, which were included in the
        Extended Program.
    9. Present the summary to the advisory board.
    10. Present copies of the summary to school administrators and discuss the summer program.

The proposed compensation for the extended contract period should be similar to the daily the
rate of the agriscience instructor during the regular school year. This should be based on the
current step on the salary schedule. The length of the extended program will vary depending on
the percent of time the teacher devotes to agriscience education. For example if the teacher
spends 100% of their time teaching agriscience, the extended program should be eight weeks

Accountability for the proposed extended program will be based on proper planning and reports
between the agriscience and natural resources instructor and the administration. Accountability
for these activities will be maintained by the following:

   1. Student-Teacher-Parent Conference (Appendix 1)
2.   SAE Report (Appendix 2)
3.   Business Contacts (Appendix 3)
4.   Personal Schedule Sheet (Appendix 4)
5.   Monthly Calendar (Appendix 5)
6.   Weekly Calendar (Appendix 6)
7.   Weekly Report (Appendix 7)
8.   Expense Report (Appendix 8)
9.   Yearly Extended Program Report Sheet (Appendix 9)
                                                                             Appendix 1

  Record of Student-Parent-Teacher Conference at Home of Student

Student’s Name:      ____________________
Parents’ Name:       ____________________
Student’s Address: ____________________
Date of Conference: ____________________

    Student’s past         Student’s current       Student’s interest in   Parent’s wishes for
    experience in           involvement in                SAE.                 students.
     Agriculture/            Agriculture/
    Agribusiness.            Agribusiness.

Other Observations: ___________________________________________________________

                                               Signed: ______________________________
                                                             Agriscience Instructor
                                                                                  Appendix 2

                         Record of Student SAE Program

Student’s Name:       ____________________                        Student Record Checklist
Parents’ Name:        ____________________             Financial Records:             _____
                      ____________________             Improvement Projects:          _____
Student’s Address: ____________________                Supplementary Practices: _____
Date of Visitation:   ____________________

  Description of SAE program.       Responsibilities of student       Future plans for SAE program
 (size, scope, type of placement,

Directions from school: _________________________________________________________

If in employment situation, comments/observations of employer: ______________________


                                         Signed: ______________________________
                                                        Agriscience Instructor
                                                                            Appendix 3

                  Production Farm/ Agribusiness Contracts

Business Name:      ____________________             Production Farm      _____
Owner:              ____________________
Address:            ____________________             Agribusiness         _____
Date of Visit:      ____________________             Other: (Explain)     _____

   Nature of Business    Interest in serving as   Interest in providing    Opportunities for
                         paraprofessional for     educational tours for    SAE placement.
                        agriscience and natural      agriscience and
                          resources program.        natural resources

Other Comments: ______________________________________________________________

                                       Signed: ______________________________
                                                    Agriscience Instructor
                                                                              Appendix 4
                                 Personal Schedule Sheet
          _____________________                             ___________________
           Agriscience Instructor                                  Date

            Sunday      Monday      Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday        Saturday

6 A.M.

7 A.M.

8 A.M.

9 A.M.

10 A.M.

11 A.M.

12 P.M.

1 P.M.

2 P.M.

3 P.M.

4 P.M.

5 P.M.

6 P.M.

7 P.M.

8 P.M.

9 P.M.

10 P.M.
                                                                            Appendix 5
                               Monthly Calendar
Agriscience Instructor:   _______________          Month:       ______________

  Sunday        Monday      Tuesday   Wednesday      Thursday      Friday         Saturday

                                            Signed: ______________________________
                                                        Agriscience Instructor
                                                                      Appendix 6

                         Week: ________________________

            Monday   Tuesday    Wednesday     Thursday     Friday        Saturday

                                     Signed: ______________________________
                                                  Agriscience Instructor
                                                                             Appendix 7

 Weekly Report for Agriscience and Natural Resources Extended Program

Week:            _______________

Were all planned activities    Were there any additions or   Summarize the major
completed?                     correction to the planned     accomplishments of the
Yes _____                      activities?                   week activities.
No   _____                     Yes _____
                               No _____
If no explain:
                               If yes explain:

Additional comments: __________________________________________________________



Date: _______________________                    Signed: __________________________
                                                             Agriscience Instructor
                                                                              Appendix 8
                       Expense Report for the Extended Program
      Agriscience Instructor:   _________________________

Day               Contact             Miles      Meals        Lodge       Other       Total


      Dates: __________________________                  Grand Total: __________
                                                                                   Appendix 9


                        Extended Program Report Sheet

        The extended program at ___________________ for the summer of _________ consisted
of forty days. Below is a short summary on how this time was spent.

     Number of days         Activity
      12                    On-Site Instruction
      7                     Land Lab (corn, nursery, pole barn, and greenhouse)
      5                     Fair
      4                     Administrative Dues (correspondence, form completion, etc.)
      2                     Misc. Meetings (FFA Officers, Administration, Extension, etc.)
      2                     Technical Agricultural Workshop
      2                     BOAC Project
      2                     Officer Camp & Workshop
      2                     Leadership Conference
      1                     FFA Cedar Point trip
      1                     Ag-Expo
      40                    Total Days

         This summer was divided into many activities. The purpose of these activities is to
                strengthen the Agriscience and Natural Resources program.

Signed: ______________________________
             Agriscience Instructor

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