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					                            Application for Extended Leave

Name of Applicant: _____________________________________________________
Title: ________________________________________________________________
Department/Division: ___________________________________________________
Rank: (Lecturers and Support Staff Agreement, 2003-2005, Article 37)
Period of Extended Leave Requested: __________________ to _________________

Extended Leave:
On a separate sheet, please complete your extended leave plan according to the following

   A. Nature of the educational or professional program to be undertaken including:
         1. Leave objectives: Knowledge, experience and/or expertise to be gained
             from the extended leave for the benefit of the students, colleagues and
             Bermuda College.

           2. Relationship of objectives to college goals, to anticipated duties, or to any
              approved projects with which you are or anticipate being involved.

           3. Extended leave activities planned to accomplish the state objectives. This
              would include any programmes of study, community services.
              Colleges/businesses to be visited, travel, materials development, and an
              approximate time line for the different activities. Indicate any College-
              provided materials or facilities support you would require: indicate if
              planning to attend Bermuda College for tuition waiver purposes.

   B. A summary, in outline form, of what you feel is your outstanding contributions to
      Bermuda College.

   C. What expenses for this activity do you wish the Professional Development
   Committee to consider?

           Item                Vendor/Institution                  Amount            Total
                               (If applicable)
Application for Extended Leave
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Indicate any financial remuneration from other sources to be received during the
extended leave, including grants, fellowships, and outside employment. If no outside
funding will be received, indicate NONE.

Your completion of this section will enable us to assure fair, equitable decisions.

Item                           Vendor                          Amount                 Total

Statement of Understanding and Compliance
(To be completed by employee once extended leave has been approved.)

I, _________________________________, understand that extended leave is granted in
accordance with Bermuda College policy as outlined in the Lecturers and Support Staff
Agreement between Bermuda College and the BPSU. I also understand that I am
required to return to Bermuda College for at a period of service equal to the period of
extended leave.

I agree that if I choose not to return, I shall reimburse Bermuda College all compensation
received from the College equivalent to the timeframe of the extended leave period.

Should I decide to leave Bermuda College prior to my or within my service payback, I
understand that I will be required to reimburse compensation received on a pro-rated
basis. This reimbursement will be calculated minus the service already paid back.

I understand that funding of this extended leave is guaranteed for one year only.

Applicant will be required to submit supporting documentation of successful progress
toward completion of extended leave objectives.

Applicant __________________________Date _____________________________
Supervisor _________________________ Date _____________________________

Human Resource Director ______________________ Date ____________________
Extended Leave Certification of Eligibility
                            (For Committee Use Only)

Applicant is a Permanent Employee: yes______ no_____________

Date of Hire: ______________________________________

Date of Previous Extended Leaves: _________________ to __________________

I certify that the employee above is eligible to apply for the extended leave requested.

Signature ________________________________ Date: _________
Human Resources Director

________________________                ____________________________         __________
Recommendation1                         P.D. Committee Chair                     Date

________________________                ____________________________         __________
Recommendation1                         VP of Academic Affairs                   Date

________________________                ____________________________         __________
Recommendation1                         CFOO                                     Date

    If disapproval is recommended, please attach a separate sheet of explanation.
                              Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for extended leave?
All full-time, non-contract employees are eligible for extended leave.

How long should an employee be employed by Bermuda College before he/she is
eligible for extended leave?
The employee must have been employed by Bermuda College for 3 years.

What exactly is extended leave?
Extended leave can be defined by the question, “Does someone have to be hired to cover
your customary responsibilities at the college?” If your absence will require a tangible
adjustment, requiring rescheduling and other modification of duties and responsibilities
within your department/division, the leave you are requesting would be considered
extended leave.

What compensation will I receive while on extended leave?
The committee may recommend that an employee receive 75% of their normal
compensation for the period of the leave, including benefits. Time spent on extended
leave will be counted as service with Bermuda College.

The faculty member’s base salary while on extended leave shall be adjusted by applicable
salary clauses in the collective agreement.

How many extended leaves will the College grant?
A maximum of two such extended leaves can be granted each calendar year.

Special Procedures
To verify eligibility requirements and assist in administrative planning, the Director of
Human Resources will be present /sit on the committee as the applications for extended
leave are considered. The HR director will also serve as an Ad Hoc committee member
when consideration is being given to the application of a serving member of the

How far in advance should an application be submitted?
To facilitate administrative planning, we recommend 12 months in advance. Please
submit six copies of your application and related documents.

How soon will I be notified whether my extended leave has been granted?
You will be notified within 4 months of your submission.

What if the professional development activity I’ve chosen extends beyond one
academic year?
Approval and funding of your extended leave is guaranteed for one year only.