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          Maya: Introduction
• A popular, integrated node-based 3D software suite.

• A high-end 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling and 3D animation
  software package.

• Two versions available
          - Maya Complete
          - Maya Unlimited

• Originally for IRIX OS, then ported to MS Windows, Linux and Mac
  OS X operating system.

• Primarily used in Film and TV industry. Also used for computer
  and video games, architectural visualization and design.
                Maya: Features
• Openness to third-party software.

• Can strip the software completely of its standard appearance and,
  using only the kernel, transform it into a highly customized version.

• A cross-platform scripting language is provided not only as
  scripting language, but as means to customize its core functionality.

• User interactions are implemented and recorded as MEL scripting
  code which can be stored on a custom toolbar by users.

• Support for Python scripting.

• Project files can be stored as sequences of MEL operations.

• Instant access to a majority of features in Maya at the press of a key
      Technologies & Industries

• C++, Maya API, Mel scripting, XSI API.

• C++, XSI C++ API, Mentel Ray.

• Visual Effects and Computer Animation Industry.

• Computer Graphics Industry.
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Description: Mindfire's team of Maya/XSI/3ds Max plugin developers have 5 years of experience and knowledge in Maya/XSI/3ds Max Plugin application development supporting technologies. Mindfire's rich expertise in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering many Maya/XSI/3ds Max Plugin projects for our clients in different parts of the world.