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Extended Schools Update for Schools in Waveney _ Blyth Community


									  Extended Schools Update for Schools in Waveney &
              Blyth Community Cluster
                                   January 2006

Extended Schools Core Offer
Since my last update the DfES has consolidated the original Extended Schools Core offer from 8
strands to five. The five strands are:
    1. Childcare
    2. Varied Menu of Activities, including study support
    3. Swift and Easy Referral to specialised services
    4. Parenting Support, including Family learning
    5. Community access, including adult learning
The Core Offer Definitions are available on request, alternatively I would be happy to visit and
discuss how you are already delivering elements of the Core offer and how you can extend this.

NRT – National Remodelling Team
Pilot workshops for 40 schools across Suffolk will take place in February and June 2006. The
workshops will prepare schools to deliver the Core Offer in partnership with other agencies. The
pilot schools chosen for the Waveney & Blyth Cluster are: Reydon Primary, Crowfoot Primary and
Kessingland Primary.

Cheese & Wine Networking Event for Cluster Heads
22 people attended the Cluster Heads Network event on 6th October held at Bateman Barns from
17 schools. Another meeting will be scheduled for summer term, please forward any items you
would like to discuss.

Community Cluster Steering Group Update
Dr Jim Nind, Headteacher at Bungay Primary School is chairing the group. Kim Joyce from Health
and Karina Irons from Social Care are also representing the group at Area Action Team level. The
meetings are very well attended from statutory and voluntary organisations. The aim of the group is
to provide a strategic overview of services and provision in the Waveney & Blyth area. Sub-groups
will be formed in all the key areas and feed into the Cluster Development Plan.
I am facilitating these meetings and further details are available on request.

Children’s Centres Sub-Group
The purpose of this sub-group is to recommend to the County’s Children’s Centre Strategic
Development Group the location of the next Children’s Centre for the Cluster. A full report can be
viewed on link required: Children’s Centres.

The recommendation from the Waveney & Blyth sub-group for the Children’s Centre:
Community Education site adjacent to Beccles Middle School, with separate identity to
include outreach at St Luke’s Church, Rigbourne Hill, Beccles. Partnership models to be
Provision for Kessingland to be discussed with South Lowestoft and Waveney & Blyth Cluster.

Children’s Multi-Agency Forum (Advice Clinic)
A new Children’s Multi-Agency Forum has been set up for the cluster. The aims of the forum are to
discuss specific children (0 – 14 living in the cluster area) with professionals from different agencies.
The focus is preventative and needs written parental consent. The referral process is simply via a
form to be completed two weeks prior to the meeting date. NB: This is not an alternative way of
referring families to Social Care; please continue to use Child Protection procedures.

These meetings are held on Tuesdays at 10am – 12noon Dates & Venues:
21st February at Reydon Children’s Centre
21st March at Beccles Hospital, Conference room
18th April at Patrickstead Hospital, Halesworth
17th May at Bungay Medical Practice
Further dates, permission and referral forms can be obtained from: Susan Whaley, Social Care
Services, The Old Surgery, 1 Market Street, Beccles NR34 9AQ.

       This new project fits with the Core Offer under ‘Swift and Easy Access to Specialised Services’.

Rosalind Turners Visit
Rosalind Turner, Director for Children and Young People is due to visit the cluster on Wednesday
1st March. Please contact me if you would like Rosalind to view an activity or club.

Week 53 – Extra time: 27 February to 3 March 2006
Week 53 is an opportunity to showcase any extra learning activities that young people voluntary
undertake at school. If you would like me to help organise an event during this week or would like
to get involved please contact me. For ideas visit:

Adult Learning week 20 May to 26th May 2006
I am currently working with Halesworth Middle School who are organising a ‘Health Day which will
be open to other schools and the public on May 22nd. If you have any activities planned for this
week or would like help planning one please contact me.
For further details visit:

Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) - Nature Vs. Nurture.
This training session is for professionals whose work brings them into contact with families with
addictions. 8th February in Bungay or 15th March in Lowestoft 9am – 1pm. Course is free.
Telephone Carole Makinson on 01473 265172 for booking form.


If you require further information on any of the above items or would like me to attend any meetings
at school or a Governors meeting to discuss Extended Schools please contact:

Chris Garrett, Extended Schools Development Officer, Waveney & Blyth Cluster.
Tel: 01986 893070 or 07818 011504 Email:


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