; 'Extending EVS Partnerships to Central _ Eastern Europe'
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'Extending EVS Partnerships to Central _ Eastern Europe'


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                    EXCHANGES ACROSS EUROPE
     Hosted by the Association of Voluntary Service Organisations in collaboration with INEX SDA Czech
                                   Prague, Czech Republic, 16-20 October 2002

                                                  SEMINAR AIMS

Voluntary service is increasingly recognised as an important means of non-formal learning for young people, as
well as a means of increasing community participation, solidarity and individual responsibility. Transnational
volunteer exchanges across Europe also encourage youth mobility, intercultural learning, European citizenship,
and the development of partnerships among grassroots organisations.
This seminar aims to increase the quality and the quantity of transnational volunteer exchanges across Europe.
It will focus particularly, but not exclusively, on the European Voluntary Service programme of the European
Union. The specific objectives of the seminar are to:-
 Enable direct & personal contact between staff of organisations serving as, or wanting to serve as, hosting &
  sending organisations for long-term voluntary service;
 Ensure participants are made aware of the expectations and needs of prospective partners and volunteers;
 Exchange ideas & best practice on the successful management of long-term volunteer exchanges;
 Offer training and support on specific issues related to the implementation of EVS projects;
 Enable discussions on future challenges and cooperation stategies to build more opportunities for
  transnational long-term voluntary service.

                                        WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?

This seminar is targeted at organisations that want to participate in the transnational exchange of long-term
volunteers (6-12 month placements). It is open for sending organisations, volunteer hosting placements, and
coordinating organisations (those involved in placing several volunteers in different local projects). It is open for
organisations with experience and those with no experience
Because numbers are limited we can only accept one participant per organisation. We expect up to 60
organisations to be represented, including up to 50 from the 'programme countries' of the EU's YOUTH
programme, and 10 from non-programme countries.
The person taking part in the seminar:-
 Should be directly in charge of facilitating or managing the volunteer exchange (either currently or in the
 Should be in a position to play a multiplier role in their organisation;
 Should have a thorough knowledge of their organisation to represent it at the partnership building fair;
 Should be able to contribute to the discussions in the workshops;

  Programme countries include all the Member States of the European Union, 3 countries of the European Economic Area
(Norway, Iceland & Leichtenstein), and the 12 candidate countries for accession to the EU. From non-programme countries,
priority will be given to organisations from the Mediterranean partner region, CIS countries, and South Eastern Europe.
 Should have a reasonable command of English.

                                               SEMINAR PROGRAMME*
The seminar will include the following 4 elements:-
 A Partnership Building Fair: Participants will be given an 'exhibition space' to present their organisations
  through photos, posters, documents, brochures, background material etc; & person-to-person explanation at
  the stands.
 Group work: Participants will be divided into 4 working groups which address specific issues related to the
  volunteer cycle.
 Optional workshops: Participants will be given a choice of different workshops reflecting the different levels
  of experience among the group.
 Informal occasions for contact building: Breaks, excursion, dinners, intercultural party.
*Full details of the programme will be available from early September.

                                                     16th – 20th October 2002
          Wednesday               Thursday                      Friday                    Saturday            Sunday
AM                               Plenary session             Plenary session              Group work
        ARRIVALS                  Group work                  Group work                 Plenary session     DEPART-
PM      Pre-seminar                                 EVS FAIR  EVS FAIR  EVS FAIR
        optional work-         Optional workshops          Optional workshops          Optional workshops
        shops: 'Introduction
        to EVS' / 'Working                                                                 Evaluation
        with disadvantaged           Dinner                    Excursion               Intercultural Party

                                        PRACTICALITIES & CONDITIONS
Participation Fee:
20€ for participating in the pre-event training.
120€ for participants from the European Union. Payment upon arrival in Euro. The fee includes accommodation,
food and all programme related costs. AVSO members are entitled to a reduced fee of 100€. Participants from
outside the EU are entitled to a reduced fee of 60€.
Travel: 50% of travel costs are reimbursed; participants shall make use of the most economic offers available.
Limits for reimbursements include plane (APEX) for distances of >500km from Prague, train 2nd class, car (petrol
or equivalent of train ticket against proof).
NOTE: Because places are limited, we cannot guarantee your participation at this moment. Please do not
make travel arrangements before we have confirmed your participation.
Registration: Participants must submit their registration forms & an accompanying fact sheet on their
organisation by 13th September 2002. Confirmation of your participation will be sent by 20 th September.
Accomodation: Participants will be accomodated at the seminar venue. Details of the venue will be sent to you
by 26th July 2002. Full board is provided.
Language: English is the principal working language, therefore a reasonable command of English is essential to
follow the programme.

                                              Further information is available from:
   (for programme & overall co-ordination) Maram Hassan Anbar, AVSO, 174 Rue Joseph II, Brussels 1000, tel: +32 2
  2306813, e-mail: avso@bigfoot.com ; (for practical details) Klara Dvorakova, INEX-SDA, Senovazne Nam 24, Prague

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