I have requested a cancellation of my housing contract for by tracy13


									I have requested a cancellation of my housing contract for multiple reasons. My problem
goes back quite a ways, to November when I checked out of housing at the very end of
fall semester. My RA assured me that all I had to do was check out by the time I signed
up for and I would be all set. I also read through the contract and noticed that it said the
exact same thing, if you are not returning to housing the following semester, you must
check out with your RA at the assigned time you have signed up for. About a week after
checking out of housing I received an email from housing asking me what I was planning
to do as they had noticed I checked out of housing. I responded explaining that not only
could I not afford housing anymore due to receiving less scholarships from the college,
but I had already had to put up with unrelated problems checking out. The email I
received back clearly stated that I had been released from housing. And checking with
my roommates, not long after, they received a new roommate assignment. Everything
was fixed and fine for a month or so until my family received a bill for housing. This I
thought must have been a mix-up. According to the email I had long since deleted
thinking the problem had been resolved, I had been released from my contract and could
ignore the bill. Then I got a hold on my account when I went to get verification, but all
they did was slap the sticker on my ID anyway and told me to go see the bursar. I talked
to Sean McQueen and was told to contact Leslie Hogan to get the problem fixed before it
caused problems. I called this woman repeatedly within that week leaving message after
message. I never got a return call. So I called housing who told me I would have to fill
out a form to cancel my contract. I talked back and forth with several different people in
housing who some of which did not even understand the housing contract and could not
answer my questions. After still no returned calls from the administrative personnel I
needed to talk to I decided to stop trying. My teachers didn’t receive anything from the
bursar’s telling me I couldn’t come to class, it appeared as if the problem had once again
disappeared. Then I started to get calls about owing more money this past week.
Apparently I am now also being charged for housing for the spring as well, even though I
won’t be enrolled and will have graduated. So I made more calls to the Assistant Dean,
the Dean, and ended up getting calls back from completely different people who told me
they needed to do more research and would call me back in a few hours. A few days later
after trying to reach the Dean I still have not gotten any calls back or gotten in
communication with anyone who can help me or resolve this. I need these charges
removed. I do not have the money to pay for the amount of miscommunication that has
occurred nor for charges I was told I did not have to pay. I have been sent to person after
person who has not been able to help me or resolve my incident and now I have less than
two weeks before I am able to start the rest of my life. I am hoping that by reading this
you will find that there has been an unneeded amount of confusion and
miscommunication and release me from this contract.

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