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Wanted to let you know I've received the Customer Service book shipment. Wow! I'm
really excited about the professional quality of the finished product. Thanks again for
your commitment to produce a professional, well done piece of work.

Jeannie Davis, author, "Real World Customer Service Strategies That Work"
Professional Speaker

Insight Publishing "In November 2006, I spoke at the International Speakers Network
Conference on the subject “Getting Buy-in: Winning Over Difficult Audiences.” Among
the speakers and audience members was a Vice-President of Exit Reality, a Canadian-
owned Real Estate firm, poised to become the largest such company in the US. After
hearing me speak, he recommended to his corporate headquarters that I address
executives of Exit Realty at their April 2007 regional meeting. I was subsequently invited
to speak, at a handsome fee, at this meeting attended by some 125 executives at the
famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. The Exit CEO was in attendance. At the
conclusion of my presentation, he spontaneously invited me to speak at the Annual Exit
Realty Conference in October 2007 at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs,
Colorado, which will be attended by 2500 Exit executives and brokers. At this
Conference, it will be announced that I will participate in on-going presentation skills
coaching workshops in Dallas, Texas for Exit Realty Brokers.

All of the above is a direct consequence of my membership in the International Speakers
network, which I heartily endorse for all speakers."

--Larry Tracy; Tracy Presentations

International Speakers Network Website

"My speakers bureau told me I would need a professional video. Where could I go to get
one made without spending thousands of dollars and in front of a live audience? I made
the reservation for the Breakthrough for Success seminar. But I was leery. I thought
because of the low price, I as a captive audience member would be subjected to a
weekend-long infomercial about additional product and service offerings. I was wrong! It
was like the beacon being emitted from a lighthouse cutting through the fog. Because of
his success in starting and operating multi-million dollar entrepreneurial ventures, when
David Wright spoke, it was as though he was playing a piano inside my head - every
chord he struck resonated with me. (And I didn't even know I had a piano in there!) The
entire staff was so encouraging to me - from the time I was given a hug when I entered
the room to seeing one staff member give a spontaneous, reassuring nod to the staff
member next to her in the audience shot at the closing of my video. I have tears in my
eyes just remembering it! I couldn't believe the people at ISN could be so kind without
some kind of ulterior motive. But after spending the weekend with them, I am convinced
they are the genuine article. It is so reassuring to find business people that can employ
Christian principles and still be successful. Near the end of the workshop, I had to come
running after them: "I believe the additional products and services you have to offer can
propel my speaking career. PLEASE take my money!"
--Ted Janusz; Janus Presentations LLC

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