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					                   LOUDOUN COUNTY
                                     MEETING MINUTES
                                      Friday, May 2, 2008
                                     8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

                        IDA LEE PARK and RECREATION CENTER
                                  60 Ida Lee Drive, SW
                                  Leesburg, VA 20175

   I. Call to Order/Determination of Quorum/Adopt Minutes

     Chair Tamar Datan Johnston called the meeting to order at 8:07 a.m. and the April minutes were
     adopted unanimously.

     EDC Members Attending:

     Jim Bennett                                          Shaun Kelley
     John Bischoff                                        Ted Lewis
     Joe Boling                                           Dave McWatters
     Jeff Browning                                        Dave Miles
     Linda Erbs                                           Randy Minchew
     Alice Frazier                                        Arch Moore
     Bill Gibson                                          Cheryl Moore
     Katie Hammler                                        Joe Paciulli
     Paula Harper                                         Mary Porter
     G. Kim Hart                                          Deborah Rochkind
     Ned Waterhouse                                       Betsy Self
     Mary Gayle Holden                                    Robin Suomi
     Rick Hurwitt                                         Elaine Walker
     Tamar Datan Johnston                                 John Wood
     Randy Kelley

     EDC Members Absent:

     Paul Bice                                            Russ Gestl
     Kirby Bowers                                         Ed Hatrick
     Susan Buckley                                        Scott Mingonet
     Robert DuPree                                        Scott York
     Doug Fabbioli

     County Staff Present:

     Robyn Bailey, Phil Denino, Beth Hain, Alison Howard, Dorri Morin, Buddy Rizer, Larry
     Rosenstrauch, Patrick Ryan, Harry Walsh

Draft May EDC Minutes                                                                         1
                   LOUDOUN COUNTY
  II. Chair’s Items

      Tamar Datan Johnston congratulated Jim Bennett on the rail project. According to Mr.
      Bennett the DOT and the Federal Transit Administration has given Congress ten days notice
      that it intends to approve the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project phase one and the final design.

      Chairman York reported on his trip to Germany, which included meeting with the Chambers
      in Nuremberg and Frankfurt and noted that he will give a full report to the Economic
      Development Committee on May 8. Chairman York stated that not only did they discuss
      matters of economic development, but they had the opportunity to learn more about what they
      are doing in Germany with energy efficiency. They also furthered their partnership with

 III. Director’s Report

      Larry Rosenstrauch reported that the Agnes Meyer Award was given to a Loudoun County
      teacher. Buddy Rizer discussed the upcoming VIP event on Thursday, May 15 at the National
      Conference Center. He noted that more than 700 invitations were sent out and almost $22,000
      has been raised for the event, including $5,000 received from the IDA. Larry Rosenstrauch
      referenced LoCo Motion and mentioned the Farm Tour May 17 – 18, 2008. Dorri Morin
      mentioned that an approved researcher position is with Kirby Bowers for approval.

  IV. Town of Leesburg

          A. First Floor Retail Task Force Report , Karen Jones, Leesburg EDC Vice-

             Karen Jones presented the First Floor Retail Task Force’s objective to review options
             to promote and retain the use of first floor space for retail uses in the Town of
             Leesburg. Please see attached presentation.

          B. Downtown Improvement Association Presentation, Peter Burnett, DIA Chairman

             Peter Burnet presented on the Downtown Improvements Association’s vision to make
             downtown Leesburg an economically and culturally vibrant downtown that respects
             Leesburg’s history, addresses present needs and anticipates future issues. Please see
             attached presentation.

  V. EDC Ambassador Program Discussion – Leveraging the Power of the EDC to Recruit
     and Retain Businesses

      John Wood discussed the goal to leverage the expertise and connections of key EDC
      members, past-EDC chairmen, and the CEO Cabinet, in the County’s business retention,
      expansion, recruitment and formation initiative.

      A discussion and brainstorming session followed revolving around the Ambassador Program:

Draft May EDC Minutes                                                                            2
                   LOUDOUN COUNTY
                  •     Start with the strength we have right now which is our existing businesses
                        and get what they need to foster their development and find out what is
                        inhibiting existing businesses ability to grow.

                  •     Deborah Rochkind believes in the idea of the Ambassador Program but is
                        concerned that if the option is to either join an ED Committee or the
                        Ambassador Committee that it will weaken the Committee structure. She
                        commented that the core amount of work done on committees are done by a
                        small amount of active committee participants and that if those decide to join
                        the Ambassador Program, instead it will weaken the committee structure.

                  •     Rick Hurwitt respectfully disagrees with Ms. Rochkind at the “either/or”

                  •     Concern was noted in Section A, # 8, “Who handles follow-up?” – John
                        Wood responded by stating it has to be County staff and Tamar Datan
                        Johnston commented that is not only important to reach out, but to follow-up.

                  •     Cheryl Moore questioned the objective of the program. Tamar Datan
                        Johnston stated it is for retention and recruitment and it could potentially be
                        two programs. John Wood noted that the County needs to do more
                        proactively to let businesses know it wants business here. Right now Mr.
                        Wood feels that Loudoun County gets on a list only because the new
                        company was checking out Fairfax and possibly Prince William and for
                        competitive purposes only that they check out Loudoun. He feels that
                        County resources have the primary responsibility to retain and recruit
                        businesses. The EDC has the role to support and provide senior leadership as
                        needed because it is the personal touch that works.

                  •     Cheryl Moore stated that she would like to see us focus on where we are as a
                        county strongest and leverage off of that. John Wood stated there is a parallel
                        work product done by the DED and the Board to evaluate “clusters”, so we
                        want to focus on companies in certain clusters. The first step is for the
                        County to decide on what clusters they want to focus on and the EDC can
                        help by giving advice and then take it from there.

                  •     Joe Paciulli stated that we need to remain in touch with the people “building
                        the buildings” steadily through the entire process and not lose touch with the

                  •     Joe Bowling noted the natural evolution that the economic development part
                        of the County was not totally linked to the strategic plan, but as it got
                        endorsed by the Board of Supervisors, that natural partnership begun. The fit
                        in there needs to be considered.

                  •     Kim Hart asked for clarification with Item #5 – Key Landowner Outreach for
                        EDC Members. Robyn Bailey stated that often commercial outfits operate at

Draft May EDC Minutes                                                                              3
                   LOUDOUN COUNTY
                        a political level and would be happy to talk with Commission members more
                        so than with staff and then the Commissioners could better understand their
                        businesses. Robyn Bailey’s goal is to get DED staff and the Commission
                        members in the door together.

                   •    It was suggested that there would be benefit from meeting with failed
                        business opportunities 90 days afterward to get feedback on why things did
                        not work out. Dorri Morin stated that the County strives to do this and that
                        maybe if the question was asked by a CEO, rather than a staff member it
                        might be more effective.

      Tamar asked for show of hands in favor of ambassador program. She had a favorable

  VI. Committee Updates and Goals

          A. Executive
          John Wood announced Tamar Datan Johnston was named Outstanding Volunteer for
          Loudoun County 2007. Mr. Wood recognized the hospitality industry in conjunction with
          the Chamber and Loudoun Cares in coming forward and supporting the National Guard
          return from Iraq.
          B. Education and Workforce
          Paula Harper stated the Committee is developing a business education collaborative that
          will be part of a long journey in workforce and career pathway development. They have
          begun working with the International Economic Council and the first roundtable will focus
          on the IT sector, satellite and aerospace.
          C. Marketing and Business Retention
          Rick Hurwitt mentioned the VIP Reception on May 15. The Committee is continuing to
          work on the incubator, cluster roundtable, and venture capital.
          D. Policy and Implementation
          Shaun Kelley reported that the Committee continues to work on the action plan. The
          Committee determined that a project on the action plan needed to have a beginning,
          middle and an end as well as a human and financial resource allocated to the plan. PIC
          stated the need to continue to work with the staff to link the staff priorities and their
          initiatives with the EDC’s strategic plan to make sure they are in line. The Committee also
          discussed the difference between a “wish list” and a “want list”. Jeff Browning mentioned
          rural probably needed to be better represented in regards to alternative uses for commercial
          use in the West as outlined in the last zoning plan. Mr. Kelley stated that the Committee
          discussed the need to improve relations between the development community and the
          county’s development agencies.

Draft May EDC Minutes                                                                            4
                   LOUDOUN COUNTY
          Transportation and Infrastructure
          Ted Lewis reported that broadband was discussed at the last meeting and they are set to
          have another meeting with the regional creators of the broadband to try and revisit the
          Rural Economic Development Council
          Jeff Browning reported the committee is busy preparing comments to the Health
          Department on non-conventional septic systems. The farmer’s markets are scheduled to
          open this weekend and run through October.

 VII. Old Business

      Mary Porter thanked everyone coming together for incubator and invited anyone to join.

VIII. New Business

      Al Hansen reported that the Design Awards were next week.

  IX. Adjournment at 10:00 a.m.

Draft May EDC Minutes                                                                          5