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									My ebay selling secrets

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It seems everybody and their dog are selling things on ebay these days.
Although it is very simple to get up and running with an ebay sellers
account, there are so many listings that could be vastly improved upon.
Some of the most important secrets to ebay selling are a lot simpler than
one would think.

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What are the ebay selling secrets that so many ordinary men and women use
to make themselves a full time income (or significantly more) on ebay
these days?

It is obvious that you will have to be serious about your business if you
are going to make it big on ebay - just like in any other business
activity. As such there are a lot of things to consider, like a good
business proposition, marketing, customer service etc.

However, for anyone trying to sell anything on ebay there are actually
two "secrets" that will make a world of difference.

The ebay selling master knows that...

I remember hearing a Chinese story once, about a master doll maker; His
most talented apprentice had become a very skilful doll maker himself.
But, although his dolls where technically just as good as the masters,
there was still something missing. Something so obvious that anyone could
tell the difference, yet no one could put their finger exactly on what
made the masters dolls so much more impressive.

Finally, on the masters deathbed, the apprentice asked the master what
his big secret was. The master then took one of the dolls that the
apprentice had made, gave it's face a gentle push so that the mouth and
eyes lifted into a friendly smile.

This was the whole secret.

Now, like I said there is obviously more to it than this when it comes to
selling professionally on ebay. But the two most critical elements to any
ebay auction are

- The item description

- A good picture of the item
Getting these right sounds simple enough, but as a customer you will
still se a great deal of poorly written descriptions and non-
representative images, or no image at all. This will, in most cases, make
you as a potential buyer think twice before placing any bids with this
particular ebay merchant.

An item description that sells

The most important part of any eBay listing is the description of the
item. Get this right as a seller, and you have already won half the

It is easy to understand that the description should "sell" the item for
you, but don't go overboard and write a "shopping channel" style sales
pitch. In fact, the most important thing is that the buyer gets as good a
picture as is possible about the product, without holding it in his or
her own hands.

Think about it for a moment, if you where going to bid a lot of money on
something. you would definitely want to know that it's wort bidding for
in the first place - right?

You want to know exactly what model, year, manufacturer etc. the item in
question is. Is it used or brand new? Perfect condition or slightly
damaged? If it's some kind of clothing, is it definitely your size etc.?

For whatever you are selling you want to place yourself in the customers
shoes and ask yourself: "what would I want to know about this product?".
Then be as thorough and honest as possible about your items peculiarities
in your description. And if someone emails you with a follow-up question,
be quick to respond. If you are selling a certain type of product on a
continuous basis, it is naturally also a good idea to keep track on what
additional questions you get, in order to further improve your item

A great description will bring you the right kind of customers, who feel
comfortable with buying from you. Make a really cryptic or outright
deceitful description and you risk end up being regarded as another ebay
con artist.

A picture sells more than a thousand words?

As an ebay professional you will definitely want to brush up on your
skills in photography. A good picture will by no means cover up for a
poor item description, but it will definitely help tip the scales even
further in your favour. Leaving the picture out is simply not an option
in most scenarios. Trust me, the additional effort spent on this will pay
you back in spades.

It is no coincidence that most ebay PowerSellers are also pretty skilled
photographers. Buing that shimmering dress or antique vase feels so much
better, after having seen a picture of tha actual product.
The only situation where you could use some type of stock photo, is if
you are selling some kind of brand new product that will look the same no
matter where the customer buys it. Still, if the manufacturer can't
provide you with attractive and detailed photos, you might want to take
your own pictures anyway.

Good digital cameras are cheap these days, so every ebay entrepreneur
should definitely have one.

If you are aiming for long term success on ebay, there are definitely
many other things you will need to learn. But mastering the item
description and photo will definitely be one of main the goals on your
journey towards ebay selling mastery.

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