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AAUP-PSU Contract by tracy14


									AAUP-PSU Contract                     Draft Version 3                 PSU Proposal

                              Letter of Agreement
                  Academic Professionals– Flexible Work Schedules
                        and Wage and Hour Law Training

The purpose of this agreement is to (1) confirm, clarify and promote the availability of
flexible work schedules for Academic Professional staff members; (2) educate
administrators in the application of wage and hour law as it particularly applies to
academic professionals who travel on university business and /or work evenings and

(1) Promote the Availability of Flexible Work Schedules
It has been the intention at PSU to support the request for flexible work schedules for
academic professional staff members throughout the university. Administrators of
Academic Professionals are responsible for the work schedules in their units. They have
the discretion to consider flexing employee schedules when requested and if suitable for
positions in their area. In many cases flexible work schedules may be a positive option
benefiting the Academic Professional and the department; however, in some cases it may
not be practical.

Definition of a flexible work schedule: the established working hours to be followed by
an employee for an agreed upon period of time that is different than the standard 8:00
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday schedule.

To request a flexible work schedule: Employees interested in flexible work schedules
should make a request in writing to their supervisor. For more information about flexible
work schedules including other requirements, suitability and the approval process, please
see the HR website at

(2) Training Administrators in the Application of Wage and Hour Law
During the 2005-2006 fiscal year the Human Resources department will develop and
conduct training for administrators of Academic Professionals to promote the availability
of flexible scheduling for their areas. In addition, the training will cover compliance
requirements of federal and state wage and hour law and other contractual obligations as
it pertains to employees when they travel for university business, work evenings and/or
work weekends. This is in an effort to educate administrators of Academic Professionals
and Academic Professionals themselves about proper reporting through university time
sheets and roster forms, and guide the consistent handling of these procedures across all
units with Academic Professionals throughout the university.

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