KSG User Guide to Computer Support by lifemate


									                                                            Troubleshooting Guide
                                                    If computer won’t start:
                                                              •    Check all cable connections.
                                                              •    Make sure monitor and cpu are plugged
                                                                   into electrical connection.
                                                                                                               KSG User Guide
                                                              •    Make sure keyboard is plugged in and
                                                                   that no keys are stuck.                           to
                                                    If computer acts strangely:
Service Priorities
•   Calls are scheduled on a first come, first
                                                               •    Save work, choose “Shut Down” on
                                                                    Start menu and restart computer.
    served basis by the Field Systems Analyst
    who is responsible for all account
                                                    If computer freezes:
                                                                •   Wait a minute to be sure computer             Support
    management..                                                    isn’t in the middle of a process--check
•   Problems will be diagnosed and escalated as                     drive lights, printer lights, etc.
    needed and in a reasonable period of time.                  •   Use Ctrl-Alt-Delete key combination
•   Supplemental application support is
    available through an outsourced help desk
                                                                    once to end task (this takes a few
                                                                    minutes), then choose “Shut Down” on         For Faculty and
    and senior technical support staff in ITS are
    available for dispatch, if needed.                          •
                                                                    Start menu.
                                                                    If pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete once has no           Staff
•   ITS has no staff on-site after the normal                       effect, use the combination a second
    workday. All technical personnel share on-                      time to shut down computer (this also
    call responsibility for emergencies.                            takes time.)                                             2006
                                                                •   If computer won’t shut down, hit power
                                                                    button (for a few seconds) or pull plug;
What constitutes an Off-hours                                       on laptops pull battery.
Emergency?                                            If printer won’t work:
Emergency items include:                                        •   If you have your own printer, turn both
 •  Inability to connect to the network.                            your computer and printer off and
 •  Inability to access e-mail.                                     start again.
 •  Inability to access KSG web server.                         •   Check all connections including
 .                                                                  electrical.
                                                                •   Make sure there is paper in the
Please follow the troubleshooting guide                             printer.
before calling in any emergencies.                              •   Check for paper jam.
                                                                •   Make sure there is ink in cartridge.
                                                                •   Check settings in printer control panel,
Helpful Hints                                                       purge print jobs and start over.
•   Save often.
                                                      If you can’t get into Notes:
•   Back up critical files.
                                                                •   If in the office choose “Shut Down” on
•   Perform system housekeeping routinely.
                                                                    Start menu and restart computer,
•   When in doubt call your Field Systems
                                                                    taking care to notice that you are
                                                                    actually logging on to the network.
•   Check ITS web page and Info for Faculty and
                                                                •   If dialing in from off-site, check to be
    Staff Notes database for answers to
                                                                    sure you are connected to your ISP
    computer questions and updates of
                                                                    such as IBM Global Network or AOL.
    computer topics.

                                                                                                                Kennedy School of Government
                                                                                                               Information Technology Services
                                                                                                                  Business Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
                                                                                                                          Monday- Friday

                                                                                                                  After Hours:    7 days a week
                                                                                                                           Emergencies only
Summary                                           Support for non-standard or                            Service Level Agreement
ITS provides technical support for faculty and    unsupported hardware or
staff computers. The most common services and
procedures for getting help are outlined below.   software                                               Leve         Definition         Response
Detailed lists of standards and supported          If you need support for currently owned or new        l                               time goal*
products are on the ITS web page and in the       unsupported hardware and/or software, please             1    Key Server or Notes      immediate
Information for Faculty and Staff Notes           contact IT Director, Michael Garofano by email:               down
Database. Use your internet password to logon     michael_garofano@harvard.edu, or call 617-384-          2     Computer or printer      < 2 hours
to KSG Intranet- www.ksg.harvard.edu\its.         7400.                                                         failure resulting in
                                                                                                                work stoppage
Services                                          Getting Help                                                  Computer not making      < 2 hours
•   Application, troubleshooting and              Please consult Troubleshooting Guide in this booklet          network connection
    installation support for standard hardware,   before calling for IT support!                                User’s primary           < 4 hours
    software and networking                                                                                     applications not
•   Accounts on KSG network and e-mail            For Routine Services—M-F 9-5:                                 working or critical
    system                                        Contact Field Systems Analyst                                 application question
•   Purchasing advice for hardware and            via phone or e-mail                                     3     Work is proceeding       < 1 bus. day
    software.                                                                                                   but in impaired
•   Limited training on standard applications     For updates on KSG computer network status:                   fashion
    and operating systems                         Call the Status line at 617-495-1984                          General                  < 1bus. day
•   Secure space on a server for storing                                                                        Troubleshooting or
    personal files. (Daily backups provided.)     For help with in-house KSG Web applications:                  application question
•   Limited assistance for KSG/Harvard owned      Email Mark Bourne at mark_bourne@harvard.edu                  Request for general      < 1 bus. day
    home computers and laptops
                                                  For Emergency Support: other hours or if unable to
                                                                                                                Application Q&A          < 1 bus. day
Standard Hardware Support                         reach Field Systems Analyst
•   Desktop and laptop computers and printers     Call the Emergency Pager at 617-746-8793.*
                                                                                                          4     **Account creation       < 3 bus. days
    must meet minimum standards defined in
    Information for Faculty and Staff Database    To register feedback/comments on support:
                                                  Email or call Mary Ann Krebs at 617-293-2734,                 New hardware setup       < 2 weeks
                                                  Manager of Field Support Services.
Standard Software Provided                                                                                      Software installation    < 2 weeks
and Supported                                                                                                   Training                 < 2 weeks
•   Windows Operating Systems.                    *How to use pager                                      *Response Time Goals: Field Systems Analyst
•   MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint.).         Call pager number. When you hear beep
•   MS FrontPage, Lotus Notes.                                                                           should contact user and if possible start work
                                                  tones, enter phone number where you can
•   McAfee Antivirus Software.                                                                           within listed times. Depending upon the
                                                  be reached. Hit the # key. You can also
•   Netscape Navigator/Communicator.                                                                     nature of the problem, a resolution may take
                                                  leave a voicemail.
•   Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer.                                                             longer.
•   Specialized in-house KSG web tools for
•   Disk storage quotas: 250mb for email;                                                                ** Request accounts well in advance of a new
    300mb for private m:\ drive on server.                                                               person’s arrival at KSG.
•   AT&T Internet Connection Services (user
    purchase).                                                                                           (Revised June 10, 2006 by Mary Ann Krebs)
•   Blackberries.

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