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					ITE1: Introduction to the Personal Computer
                                                          Online Study Questions

 Curr                          Question                                   Answer
1.1           Explain IT industry certifications
1.1.1              1. What are the two certifications that the
                      IT Essentials course focuses on?

1.1.2              2. Which A+ exam must all candidates
                      must pass?

                   3. In order to be A+ certified, candidates
                      must pass another test besides the
                      one above. What are the three

1.1.3              4. What test covers standards
                      prescribed by the Council of
                      European Professional Informatics
                      Societies (CEPIS).
1.2           Describe a Computer System
1.2                5. What instructs the computer to
1.3            Identify the names, purposes, of cases and power supplies
                   6. What type of current comes from the
                      wall socket?

                   7. What type of current is used by the
                      computer? (it is a lower voltage)

1.3.1              8. What is the size and layout of a case

                   9. What are the two types of cases?

                   10. What determines the type of case you

                   11. What must you match when
                       purchasing a power supply?

1.3.2              12. How are keyed connectors designed
                       to be inserted?

                   13. Cables, connectors and components         TRUE   FALSE
                       are designed to fit together snugly,
                       therefore, you should force it to fit.
IT-01: Intro to the PC                Online Study Questions                       1-4
1.4           Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of internal
1.4.1              14. What allows data to travel
                       among the various components

                   15. What is composed of various
                       integrated circuits attached to the
                       motherboard that control how system
                       hardware interacts with the CPU and

                   16. What determines the type of CPU that
                       can be installed?

                   17. What controls access to the RAM,        Northbridge Southbridge
                       video card, and the speeds at which
                       the CPU can communicate with

                   18. What allows the CPU to                  Northbridge Southbridge
                       communicate with the hard drives,
                       sound card, USB ports, and other I/O

1.4.2              19. What is considered the brain of the

                   20. What is the architecture used in
                       most CPU sockets and processors

                   21. What refers to the amount of force
                       needed to install a CPU into the
                       motherboard socket or slot.?

                   22. What type of data bus do current
                       processors have?

                   23. What is a technique used to make a
                       processor work at a faster speed than
                       its original specification?

1.4.3              24. Why would a technician install a

1.4.4              25. What type of memory contains
                      instructions directly used by the

IT-01: Intro to the PC               Online Study Questions                              2-4

                   26. What type of memory is erased
                       when the computer is powered off?

                   27. What type of RAM is 2x as fast as

                   28. What memory does not check for
                       errors in memory?

                   29. What type of memory modules
                       includes 168-pin, 184-pin and 240-

1.4.5              30. What must the adapter card
                      connector match?

                   31. What connects computer to a
                       network using radio frequencies?

1.4.6              32. What is the data storage capacity of a

                   33. What is the data storage capacity of a

                   34. What interface can connect up to 15
                       drives and uses a 50-pin, 68-pin, or
                       80-pin connector?

                   35. What drive uses a type of memory
                       that requires no power to maintain the

1.4.7              36. What does a colored strip on a cable
1.5                37. What type of ports transmit one bit of
                       data at a time?

                   38. What has a 24-pin female connector
                       or a 29-pin female connector and
                       provides a compressed digital output
                       to a monitor?

IT-01: Intro to the PC                Online Study Questions    3-4
                   39. What two devices are hot-swappable?

                   40. How many devices can a single USB
                       port in a computer support using
                       multiple USB hubs ?

                   41. What is the maximum speed of high
                       speed USB 2.0?

                   42. How many devices can a single
                       FireWire port in a computer support?

                   43. What is the IEEE FireWire standard
                       1394 also known as?

                   44. What speed can the iEEE 1394b
                       standard support?

                   45. What is another name for a network
                       port, that connects a computer to a
1.6           Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of input devices
                   46. What are the two most common input
1.7           Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of output devices
                   47. What display is commonly used in
                       laptops and some projectors?
1.8           Explain system resources and their purpose (IRQ, I/O Address, and
                   48. How a re most IRQ numbers assigned
                   49. How many I/O ports in a computer?

                   50. What type of number is used to
                       reference I/O ports?

IT-01: Intro to the PC               Online Study Questions                  4-4

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