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					INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - COMPUTER SUPPORT SPECIALIST                                                                 OFFERED AT RICE LAKE


PROGRAM OVERVIEW                               PROGRAM OUTCOMES                             CURRICULUM
The Information Technology - Computer          Employers will expect you, as a graduate      Number Course Title                                Credits

Support Specialist associate degree will       of the IT - Computer Support Specialist
                                                                                             OCCUPATIONAL SPECIFIC COURSES
give you the skills you need to perform        program, to be able to:
                                                                                             10150110      Computer and Internet Concepts             3
a wide range of information processing
                                               ❚ Install, upgrade, and troubleshoot          10150117      Microsoft LAN Administration ▲             3
functions and support services for               hardware and software.                      10150119      NetWare LAN Administration ▲               3
microcomputer users.                           ❚ Utilize effective communication skills to   10150121      Hardware/Software Installation ▲           2
                                                 support and train end users.                10150148      Network+ ▲                                 2
STUDENT PROFILE                                ❚ Develop and integrate Microsoft Office       10154101      Logic Structures                           1
                                                 Suite applications.                         10154102      Microcomputer Operating Systems 1          2
As a student who enters the program, you
                                               ❚ Assess, analyze, plan, and administer       10154103      Microcomputer Operating Systems 2 ▲        3
should be able to:                               technology for local area networks.         10154105      Spreadsheet Applications ▲                 3
                                               ❚ Identify, install, and maintain             10154106      Microcomputer Database (Beginning) ▲       3
❚ Be organized and logical                       components of an information system.        10154107      Microcomputer Database (Advanced) ▲        3
❚ Understand and analyze complex               ❚ Apply logical, legal, and ethical           10154109      PC Troubleshooting/Upgrading ▲             3
                                                 principles to planning and implementing     10154110      Web Authoring with HTML                    3
  business transactions
                                                 information systems.                        10154111      Case Projects in Information Systems       2
❚ Enjoy work that requires a high degree                                                                                                             36
  of accuracy                                  CAREER OUTLOOK                                OCCUPATIONAL SUPPORTIVE COURSES
❚ Handle setbacks and remain at a task         The use of microcomputers in business         10101115      Accounting Principles                      3
  until a workable solution can be found       and industry has led to a strong demand       10103103      MS Word                                    3
                                               for Computer Support Specialists. Job
❚ Work under stress                                                                          10150102      Network Security ▲                         3
                                               opportunities after graduation include:       10804125      Business Math                              3
                                                                                             10890105      Job Quest                                  1
PREPARATION FOR ADMISSION                      ❚ Microcomputer Support Specialist/                                                                   13
The following experiences will help you          Analyst                                     GENERAL STUDIES COURSES
prepare for this program:                      ❚ Consultant                                  10801195      Written Communication                      3
                                               ❚ Information Systems Manager                 10801196      Oral/Interpersonal Communication           3
                                               ❚ Microcomputer Operations Specialist         10801197      Technical Reporting ▲                      3
❚   Basic Computer Skills                      ❚ Microcomputer Network/Technical             10809195      Economics or
❚   Keyboarding                                  Coordinator                                 10809144      Principles of Macroeconomics               3
❚   Algebra                                    ❚ Network Administrator                       10809198      Introduction to Psychology                 3
❚   Consumer Math                              ❚ Office Technician                                                                                    15
                                               ❚ Microcomputer Operator
                                                                                             ELECTIVES                                                6
Key to your success in this program is the
ability to work well alone or with others to                                                 PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS                                    70
identify problems and solve them.
                                                                                                 This course requires a prerequisite and/or corequisite.
                                                                                                 Please refer to the course description section toward
                                                                                                 the back of this catalog.

                                                                                              In addition to the Program Outcomes, you will also
                                                                                               develop outcomes that are universal in nature. These
                                                                                               outcomes are tied to General Studies Outcomes and
                                                                                               core abilities, which are intended to develop personal
                                                                                               awareness, career effectiveness, and professionalism.
                                                                                               See page 27 for more information.

                         (WITC Graduate Survey Responses 2004-2005)
Number of graduates                     8      Employed in related field             5
Number of responses                     8      % employed in WITC district       60%
Number available for employment         8      Range of yearly salary $17,290-$28,808
Number employed                         7      Average yearly salary          $24,899
Percent employed                      88%

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