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									 HOW WE
            ICT IN MEDICINE
Medical Equipment

    Patient Medical

               Computers are being increasingly used in medicine. They
               assist in many different aspects of the medical world. From
               things like operation equipment to filing systems.
                                        Some equipment reply on computers,
With the help of computers              because they change the data into a
machines may help to determine          format we can read. Some examples
the diagnosis and treatment of          of these are CAT and MRI scanners
patients, but they have defects         and imaging devices.
and can break down. Therefore           Computers are also used in operations.
it can be a danger that patients        Computer guided lasers have been
completely rely on computer             used in the operating theatre, and they
controlled equipment                    are used in the removal of brain
                                        tumours as well.
One case of this is when
three patients died in                  Support devices are controlled by
America when radiation                  microprocessors. Pacemakers are
therapy machines                        an example of this, they are used to
accidentally gave patients              maintain a patients heartbeat with
radiation overdoses.                    the use of a computer.
                       You can find a lot of helpful information from the
                       internet. Some of these include;

                      Access to medical journals/research

                      Symptom diagnosis how want to identify
                      their problem without having to go to a

Details and information about any          Information about any possible side
treatments or alternative therapies        effects

There is access to some support            Diagnosis is aided by expert
groups for people who have certain         systems

 Although there are a lot
 of advantages of using
 web-based diagnosis
 and support, not all of
 the are reliable and
 trustworthy. This can
 lead to false information
 about diagnosis and/or
 treatments, which could
 cause anxiety and false
             Over a period of time, all patient medical
             records are gradually being stored in a digital
                         This is helpful because;

The data will be stored in a              The writing will be clearer
better way/system, and it will            and easy to read.
take up much less storage
space.                                    With the help of computer
It will be quicker to access              technology the transfer rate
required files and data                   of any and all records
                                          between hospitals and GPs
                                          will be a lot quicker.
Medical conditions can be
determined by the
examination and analysis of
any relevant data.
 It may be helpful to store all these records in
 a digital format, but there are some
 problems with doing this. These include;

Having confidential data will require
security systems to protect them.
                                            Different codes will have to be
                                            agreed for different conditions,
                                            treatments, body parts, etc.
An enormous amount of data will
have to be input from previous
paper-based records.
                                        There could be disputes about who
                                        gets the right to look and at share
                                        different information, for example
                                        between private companies and the
                           Hospitals can keep in touch with
With the help of           wireless transmission. This helps
teleconferencing,          the medical personnel and the
surgeons, for example,     transport workers, and help them
in one country have        all to stay in touch with the hospital
helped other surgeons in   as well. This is also known as Field
another country.           Care. An example of how this is
Teleconferencing is a      use is that each injured patient has
good and reliable way to   a PIC around their neck, which
share expertise.           monitors them, and personnel
                           have hand-held PDA‟s with which
                           they enter information about the
                           patient and their condition and
                           injuries. This helps to get an
                           accurate record of the patient and
                           their symptoms/condition.
                    So far investment in ICT in medicine has been about getting
                    patients into hospital, but it can also be used to treat ill people
                    at home. This is more convenient for some people, while it‟s
                    not for others.
                                                      Helping people take control of
  Using everything from a telephone call
                                                      their health is another promising
  to video-conferencing, it covers any
                                                      development of this. For example,
  arrangement of treating and diagnosing
                                                      studies have shown that people
  disease remotely. Conditions such as
                                                      who monitor their blood pressure
  skin cancer can be seen remotely on a
                                                      are healthier than people who
  consultant‟s screen, while data from
                                                      have had it done in the consulting
  heart monitors and x-ray images can
                                                      room. The incidence of „white coat
  be assessed thousands of miles away
                                                      hypertension‟ is reduced by doing
  from the patient.
                                                      it at home.
One very positive and promising uses
of telecare is that it allows the elderly        The national NHS programme for
and more vulnerable people to be                 ICT represents a “unique
treated and cared for without them               opportunity to provide the vehicle for
having to go into a residential home,            equality of acre and support to the
and they get to stay within their own            public in adopting cost-saving, life-
home.                                            enhancing self-care.”
The method of trial and error is how most
drugs are developed, but now drugs can
be designed to do a specific job. This
involves analysing the atomic structure of
the target, and developing the drugs to
attack a specific compound structure.
This is possible by the use of advanced
computer technology.
A better and more
                                    The treatment of
efficient way of
running hospitals

                     IN MEDICINE,
                        ICT HAS
                    HELPED WITH;

The diagnosis of                    A more accurate and
patients                            legible record of
                                    data, which doesn‟t
                                    take up as much
                                    storage space as

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