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									                             AvMap G4T Car Navigator

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                                                                  Your Journey,
5” LCD TFT sunlight-viewable color display,
                                                                Our Technology.
         with automatic brightness control

                                                                AvMap G4T is a smart driving assistance for your
                                                                business or leisures trips throughout North America.
 Traffic info in real time with the TMC receiver*               The 2 GB Secure Digital is preloaded with the US Tele
                                                                Atlas high coverage cartography which you can view in
                                                                2D or 3D mode. Canadian map on DVD is included in
                                                                the box.
                                                                AvMap G4T is practical and easy to use with built-in
                            Remote Control with full
                                                                battery, built-in GPS antenna and remote control with
                            alphanumeric keyboard
                                                                full alphanumeric keyboard.
                                                                Consult the map safely thanks to the large and ultra
                                                                bright 5” display.
  Video input: DVD, digital or video camera                     Connect your laptop, camera or dvd player to the
           on the screen of your navigator!                     audio-video input, and you can view pictures and
                                                                movies on the screen of your navigator!
                                                                With the TMC function* you can travel relaxed and
                                                                arrive on time as the software keeps you informed in
     USA highly detailed cartography from                       real time on traffic conditions.
 Tele Atlas preloaded on the 2 GB SD card,
                       and Canada on DVD
                                                                *external TMC receiver needed.

                                                                                                                                                                                  AvMap G4T Car Navigator
          Dimensions and weight: 100x139.7x35.4 mm, 390 gr (13,76 oz)
          Memory: 2 GB Secure Digital
          Display: LCD TFT ultra bright 5”, color, resolution 320x240 pixels,
          automatic brightness control, sun viewable
          Antenna: built-in 12 channel GPS receiver
          Battery: built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery
          Detachable Power Cord: insert in the lighter socket 10-35 VDC
          PC interface for software updates: USB port
          Serial port for external GPS antenna
          Bi- Directional Serial port: for TMC external receiver and other communcation devices
          Video and audio in: PAL, NTSC
          Audio out
          Remote control with full alphanumeric keyboard
          Software: free update on
          Operating System: C-MAP
          Preloaded cartography: US Tele Atlas high coverage maps with zip codes and civic numbers
          Graphics: 2D for a perfect readability of street names, and 3D for a more entertaining navigation experience
          Route Recalculation: automatic or manual, extremely quick thanks to the advanced technology for electronic cartography navigation developed by C-MAP
          Instructions: text and vocal instructions in detailed, simplified or manual mode available in several languages
          Land elevation: the color-coded map shows altitude indication
          Mark: creation and management of 1000 Marks points, also known as waypoints
          Points of interests (POI): more than 10,000,000 in US
          Best route calculation: the shortest or the fastest
          “TURN COST” calculation: the route with fewer turns is preferred
          “TURN DETAIL SCREEN” option: the screen freezes to show the detail of the incoming maneuver
          Quick search for last destinations, Marks and POI saved
          Zip codes and House number search
          Exclusion of toll roads or walkways
          “Drive me Home” rapid command
          TMC ready: traffic info in real time (optional external receiver needed)
          Content of the Box
          1. AvMap AvMap G4T car navigator; 2. Secure Digital Memory Card preloaded with US Tele Atlas Maps; 3. DVD with Canada; 4. Flexible holder with suction cup mount;
          5. Car charger; 6. USB cable; 7. Audio video cable; 8. Remote Control; 9. User manual; 10. Quick start guide; 10. Kenwood TH-D7A/TM-D700 connection cable with simple
          setup instructions for plug and play

         Maps updates

         • DVD including USA, Alaska, Canada, Guam,
           Hawaii, Puerto Rico.

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