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									Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly; Volume XXIX; number 1 (01-Feb-1991) p.29-31

                Holders of Revolutionary Public Service Claims in King and Queen County

                                      Abstracted by Edgar MacDonald

          Colonial Virginia bad a long history of sustaining county militia by impressing both provisions
and service from the citizenry, and the practice intensified during the period of the Revolutionary War as a
means of maintaining state and continental forces in the field. As armies passed through the countryside,
they often had to be fed, clothed, and supplied by local residents. Beef, firewood and guns, for example,
were requisitioned as needed. Livestock for public use needed to be collected, pastured, and finally driven
to where the troops were bivouacked. Soldiers and their supplies had to be ferried across rivers, ill soldiers
had to be nursed, and wounded soldiers hospitalized. Captured enemies had to be guarded. During the
Revolution those from whom provisions were taken and by whom services were rendered were given
certificates by the county commissioners appointed to keep the necessary records. Restitution was promised
at the close of hostilities, when certificates could be redeemed in the county courts. As may be imagined,
this was not a universally popular arrangement, and even fervent patriots contributed with the full
realization that a defeat of the rebellion would doom any prospect of restitution.

          Impressment volumes began in Virginia as early as 1776, but only on a limited basis. It was not
until the southern phase of the war began in earnest between 1780 and 1782 that large-scale requisitioning
began. To the county courts fell the task of honoring the certificates brought before them, and of setting a
value on the merchandise and services which they represented. Many certificates came into the hands of
the county sheriff who was authorized to accept them in payment for taxes. Certificate holders who moved
from the county could assign their certificates to others for redemption. In many instances, the named
qualifier was deceased by the time the courts began to redeem certificates, and the estate became the
beneficiary. Of the numerous females issued certificates, a certain number were undoubtably widows.
Activities such as tending and feeding cattle for the benefit of the public good must have counted as
patriotic contribution, for there are instances where pension applicants listed such service to promote their

          As certificates were brought to the local courts for redemption, the Clerks kept records of the
parties to whom the certificates were issued, the date and nature of the service or impressment, and the
names of any individuals who had accepted assignment of certificates. Usually lists were made of the
certificates themselves prior to sending the originals to the Auditor of Public Accounts in Richmond.
Action on certificates by the local justices was recorded in court booklets, also sent to the State Auditor.
These records are now part of the collection of the Archives Division of the Virginia State Library and
Archives in Richmond. Over the past three years Richard Slatten and Janice Abercrombie have been
abstracting and preparing the Virginia Revolutionary Public Service Claims for publication. Mrs.
Abercrombie is continuing this important project, and publication of these records will be announced in the
Society’s Newsletter.
        Occasionally a county clerk would prepare an index of the names of certificate holders entered in his
court booklet, and the clerk of King and Queen County was one who did so. Since that county has so few
early records, and as a complement to the King and Queen Merchant's Accounts currently running in this
magazine, the names appearing in that booklet are presented herewith. A period of about thirty years
separates the two records, and it may be informative when names appear in both.
Anderson, James                     Burch, Henry Jr                      Easter, Francis
Anderson, Richd                                                          Eubank, John
Anderson, Paulin                    Campbell, Wm                         Eubank, Richd
Ayers, W-                           Crettenden, Richd Sr                 Edwards, Charles
Alexander, Benjn                    Corbin, Richard                      Evans, John
Anderson, Churchil                  Corbin, Taylor Richd
Alexander, Elisha                   Campbell, (Mary) Sarah               Fogg, James
Anderson, Sally                     Cooke, John                          Falkner, Mary
                                    Cooke, Mary                          Field, Stephen
Brooks, Wm            Coleman, Thomas              Fleet, Henry
Byne, John            Carlton, Henry
Bland, W-             Coleman, Mildred             Groom, Barbary
Bland, Thomas         Cluverius, Benjn             Garrett, Humphrey
Bowden, Mrs           Chapman, Elizabeth           Groom, Mary
Bray, Richard         Combs, Richard               Gardner, Anthony
Brooke, George        Cardwell, John Est.          Gardner, John
Bird, Philip Est.     Carter, Jesse                Gatewood, Chancy
Brooking, Francis     Carlton, Robert              Gayte, John
Baylor, John          Carlton, James               Grafton, Thomas
Bales, James          Carter, W. Robert            Gayte, Matthew
Boughton, John        Cary, M. Wilson              Griffith, Jo:
Boughton, Thomas      Corr, Francis                Gwathmey, Temple
Banks, Tunstall       Cary, Wilson                 Garland, Thomas
Bagby, John           Crittendon, Richd. Jr        Goosley, wm
Baylor, Gregory       Corr, Averilla               Garnett, Reubin
Bowden, George        Collins, Joyun               Garnett, A
Bland, Henry                                       Gaines, Henry
Byne, Edmund          Dillake, John                Grusham, Saml
Birds Estate          Dudley, Wm                   Graves, Edward
Bird, Mary            Dillake, George              Gatewood, (Chancy) Jo:
Banks, Tunstall       Draper, John                 Garrett, Rice
Bird, Barbary         Dickie, James                Gwathmey, Temple
Bird, Robt.           Dishazo, Peter               Gibson, John
Bird, William         Dudley, Peter                Griffin, William
Burk, John            Dew, William                 Garnett, John
Barefoot, wm          Duglass, John                Guthrie, Mary
Beasley, Richard      Dillard, Thomas              Gwathmey, Mr
Burch, Henry          Dudley, B. Robert            Garlick, Saml
Briggs, John          Douglass, John               Golman, Martin
Brooking, Francis     *Dowell, W. M.               Garnett, Joshua
Briggs, John                                       Grisham, Saml
Boyd, Spencer's Est   *Recorded by a second hand

Hoskins, John         Motley, Edwin                Simple Elizabeth
Harwood, John         Martin, Thomas               Spencer, Thomas
Henry, James          Mansfield, Wm                Smithey Leonard
Hunt, William         Mitcalfe, T.                 Scott, Anderson
Hart, William         Meredith, G. R               Spencer, Edward
Hill, William         Muire, John                  Starling, Jane
Harwood, Agness                                    Standard, George
Holloway, George      Nunn, Moses                  Sands, John
Harwood, Wm           Noaks, Thomas                Sones, John
Harrington, James     Norris, John                 Smith Philip
Hill, Edward                                       Stewart, Patrick
Hyne, Henry           Phillips, Wm
Harrison, Wm          Pace, Benjamin               Temple, Joseph
Hill, Robt            Pruitt, Francis              Taliaferrd [sic], Wm
Hill, Thomas          Pendleton, Benjn             Todd, Catharine
Hutcheson, Charles    Phillips, Richd              Todd, William
Harrises Estate       Pollard, John                Todd, Henry
Holderby, Wm          Pitts, David                 Todd, Bernard
Hare, Wm              Purks, Joseph                Tunstall, Molly
Hynes, John                    Pendleton, Phillip     (Tabby) Trice, Wm
                               Pollard, Richard       Tignor, Wm
Jones, James Est.              Pruitt, James          Tunstall, Esther
Jones, Wm                                             Tunstall, Jo:
Jones, James Jr                Rootes, Mr             Taliaferro, Philip
Jones, Ross                    Roberts, Wm            Todd, Wm Est.
Iverson, Lucy                  Ramsey, Francis
James, Nancy                   Robertson, Donald      Watts, Cauffman
                               Richards, Wm           Watts, John
Kidd, John                     Roane, Wm              Wyatt, Thomas
Kemp, John                     Row, Richard           do's Estate
Keeling, James                 Roane, Thomas          Whiting, Mary
Kauffman, George               Row, Thomas            Ware, Christopher
Kauffman, John                 Richards, Mary         Warren, Catherine
                               Richards, George       Walden, Richard
Leigh, Richard                 Roane, Charles         Walden, John
Lumpkin, Robt                  Robinson, Bent         Wilson, Isaac
Lumpkin, John                  Richards, John         Watkins, Jo:
Lumpkin, Anthony                                      White, John
Lumpkin, Henry                 Southerland, Wm        Ware, John
Lankford, Thomas               Stevens, Thomas        Wayne, Tabby
Lumpkin, Jacob                 Smith, Gregory         Williams, Howard
Lumpkin, Wm                    Shackelford, Wm        Walker, Francis
Laugham, Wm                    Smith, Robt            Walden, John
Lewis, Iverson                 Shackelford, Lyne      Wood, Saml
Lyne, William                  Shackelford, Francis   Wood, Thomas
Livingston, Saml               Shackelford, John Sr   Wooderburn, Alexd
                               Shackelford, Danl      Wyatt, William
Mitchell, Susannah             Sanders, Jo:           Wiltshire, Jo:
Motley, Edward                 Skelton, Thomas        Walden, Edward
Man, Augustine                 Skelton, William       (Woodderburn, Alexander)
Miller, Thomas                 Smith, Larkin          Wedderburn, Mr
Martin, Henry                  Stevens, George        Whiting, Beverly
Meredith, Saml                 Stone, A. Benjn        Wilson, Thomas

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