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									                                                                                                                        De Vito Dabbs, Annette J

                                                         BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH
                             Provide the following information for the key personnel in the order listed for Form Page 2.
                                   Follow the sample format for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES.

 NAME                                                                       POSITION TITLE
 Pingree, Hawkins P.                                                        Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications

 EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.)

                   INSTITUTION AND LOCATION                                   DEGREE                YEAR(s)                 FIELD OF STUDY
                                                                           (if applicable)
 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI                            B.A.                  1969                    Social Science
 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA                                     M.A.                  1971                    Communication
 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA                                     Ph.D.                 1974                    Communication

A. Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment
1977-1978    Visiting Lecturer, School of Human Communication, Murdoch University, Perth Australia
1974-1980    Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
1980-1984    Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Madison, WI
1983-1984    Visiting Associate Professor, University of California-Santa Barbara, Communications Studies
             Program, Santa Barbara, CA
1984-2005    Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
             Madison, WI
1999-2005    Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison
2001-2005    Maier-Bascom Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of
2005-present Maier-Bascom Professor Emeritus

B. Selected peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order)
1.      Hawkins RP, Gustafson DH, Day PM, Chewning B, Bosworth K. Interactive computer programs as
public information campaigns for hard-to-reach populations: The BARN Project example. J of Comm
2.      Bosworth K, Gustafson DH, Hawkins RP. The BARN System: Use and Impact of Adolescent Health
Promotion via Computer. Computers in Human Behavior 1991;10.4:467-482.
3.      Hawkins RP, Reynolds N, Pingree S. In search of television viewing styles. J of Broadcasting and
Elec Media 1991;35.3:375-383.
4.      Yows S, Salmon CT, Hawkins RP, Love RR. Motivational and Structural Factors in Predicting different
Kinds of Cancer Knowledge. Am Behavioral Scientist 1991;34:727-741.
5.      Hawkins RP, Pingree S, Fitzpatrick MA, Thompson M, Bauman I. Implications of concurrent measures
of viewer reactions to television. Human Comm Res 1991;17.3:485-504.
6.      Hawkins RP, Kim YH, Pingree S. The ups and downs of attention to television. Comm Res
7.      Hawkins RP, Tapper J, Bruce L, Pingree S. Strategic and nonstrategic explanations for attentional
inertia. Comm Res 1995;22.2:188-206.
8.      Boberg EW, Gustafson DH, Hawkins RP, Peressini T, Chan C, Bricker E, Pingree S, Berhe H.
Development, Acceptance and Use Patterns of a Computer-Based Education and Social Support System for
People Living with AIDS/HIV Infection. Comp Human Behav 1995;11.2:289-311.
9.      Pingree S, Hawkins RP, Gustafson DH, Boberg E, Bricker E, Wise M, Berhe H, Hsu E. Will the
Disadvantaged Ride the Information Highway? Hopeful Answers from a Computer-Based Health Crisis
System. J of Broadcasting and Elec Media 1996;40.3:331-353.
PHS 398/2590 (Rev. 05/01)                                                                                           Biographical Sketch Format Page
                                                                                             De Vito Dabbs, Annette J.
10.     Hawkins RP, Pingree S, Gustafson DH, Boberg EW, Bricker E, McTavish F, Wise M, Owens B. Aiding
Those Facing Health Crises: The Experience of the CHESS Project. Eds. Street R, Gold WR, Manning T. In
Health Promotion and Interactive Technology: Theoretical Applications and Future Directions 1997; Mahwah,
NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
11.     Hawkins RP, Pingree S, Bruce L, Tapper J. Strategy and Style in Attention to Television. J of
Broadcasting and Elec Media 1997:41.2:245-264.
12.     Smaglik P, Hawkins RP, Pingree S, Gustafson DH, Boberg EW, Bricker E. The Quality of Interactive
Computer Use Among HIV-infected Individuals. J of Health Comm 1998;3.1:53-68.
13.     Gustafson DH, McTavish FM, Boberg EW, Owens BH, Sherbeck C, Wise M, Pingree S, Hawkins RP.
Empowering Patients Using Computer-Based Health Support Systems. Quality in Health Care 1999;8.1:49-56.
14.     Gustafson DH, Hawkins RP, Boberg E, Pingree S, Serlin RE, Graziano F, Chan, C-L. Impact of a
Patient-centered, Computer-based Health Information Support System. Am J Preventive Med 1999;16.1:1-9.
15.     Pingree S, Hawkins RP, Botta R. The effect of family communication patterns on young people’s
science literacy. Sci Comm 2000;22.2:115-132.
16.     Shaw BR, McTavish FM, Hawkins RP, Gustafson DH, Pingree S. Experiences of women with breast
cancer: Exchanging social support over the CHESS computer network. J Health Comm 2000;5:135-159.
17.     Gustafson, D.H., Hawkins, R.P., Pingree, S., McTavish, F., Arora, N., Mendenhall, J., Cella, D.F.,
Serlin, R.C., Apantaku, F.M., Stewart, J. & Salner, A. (2001) Effect of computer support on younger women
with breast cancer. J. General Internal Medicine, 16, 435-445.
18.     Arora, N.K., Gustafson, D.H., Hawkins, R.P., McTavish, F., Cella, D.F., Pingree, S., Mendenhall, J.H. &
Mahvi, D.M. (2001) Impact of surgery and chemotherapy on the quality of life of younger women with breast
carcinoma: A prospective study. Cancer, 92(5):1-11.
19.     Pingree, S., Hawkins, R.P. ., Hitchon, J., Gilligan, E., Radler, B., Kahlor, L., Gorham, B.W., Kolbeins,
G.H., Schmidt, T., & Kannaovakun, P. (2001) If college students are appointment TV viewers … J.
Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 45 (3), 446-463.
20.     Hawkins, R.P., Pingree, S., Hitchon, J., Gorham, B.W., Kannaovakun, P. Kahlor, L., Gilligan, E., Radler,
B., Kolbeins, G.H., & Schmidt, T. (2001) Predicting selection and activity in television genre viewing. Media
Psychology, 3(3), 237-263.
21.     Hawkins, R.P., Pingree, S., Bush Hitchon, J., Gilligan, E., Kahlor, L., Gorham, B., Radler, B.
Kannaovakun, P., Schmidt, T., Kolbeins, G., Wang, C., and Serlin, R.C. (2002) What holds attention to
television? Strategic inertia of looks at content boundaries. Communication Research, 29(1), 3-30.
22.     Gustafson DH, Hawkins RP, Boberg EW, McTavish F, Owens, B, Wise M, Berhe H, and Pingree S.
(2002) CHESS: Ten years of research and development in consumer health informatics for broad populations,
including the underserved. International J. Medical Informatics, 65(3), 169-177.
23.     Arora NK, Johnson P, Gustafson, DH, McTavish F, Hawkins RP, & Pingree S. (2002) Barriers to
information access, perceived health competence, and psychosocial health outcomes:
Test of a mediation model in a breast cancer sample. Patient Education and Counseling,
47, 37-46.
24.     Gustafson D, Julesberg K, Stengle W, McTavish F, Hawkins R. (2002) Assessing costs and outcomes
of providing computer support to underserved women with breast cancer: A work in progress. Elec J of
Comm., 2002; 11(3 &4).
25.     McTavish F, Pingree S, Hawkins R, Gustafson DH. Cultural Differences in Use of an Electronic
Discussion Group. J of Health Psychology. 2003: 105-117.
26.     Boberg E, Gustafson DH, Hawkins RP, Offord KP, Koch C, Wen KY, Kreutz K, Salner A. Assessing the
Unmet Information, Support and Care Delivery Needs of Men with Prostate Cancer. Patient Ed and
Counseling. Patient Education and Counseling 2003; 49 (3) 233-242.
27. Hawkins, R.P., Pingree, S., Hitchon, J., Radler, B., Gorham, B., Kahlor, L., Gilligan, E., Serlin, R.C.,
Schmidt, T., Kannaovakun, P., & Kolbeins, H. (2005) What produces television attention and attention style?:
Genre, situation, person, and media perceptions as predictors. Human Communication Research. 31, 162-
28. Shaw, B., Hawkins, R.P, McTavish, F., Pingree, S. & Gustafson, (in press) Effects of insightful disclosure
within computer mediated support groups on women with breast cancer. Health Communication.

PHS 398/2590 (Rev. 05/01)                                                            Biographical Sketch Format Page
                                                                                            De Vito Dabbs, Annette J.
29. Gustafson, D., McTavish, F., Stengle, W., Ballard, D., Jones, E., Julesberg, K., McDowell, H., Landucci, G.
& Hawkins, R.P. (in press) Use and impact of eHealth System by low-income women with breast cancer.
Journal of Health Communications.
30. Gustafson, D., McTavish, F., Stengle, W., Jones, E., Hawkins R., et al (in press). Reducing the Digital
Divide for Low-Income Women with breast Cancer: A Feasibility Study of a Population Based Intervention.
Journal of Health Communications.
31. Walther, J.B., Pingree, S., Hawkins, R.P. & Buller, D.B. (2005) Attributes of online interactive health
information systems. J. Medical Internet Research, 7(3), 1-10.
32. Shaw, B., Gustafson, D., Hawkins, R., McTavish, F., McDowell, H., Pingree, S., & Ballard, D. (2005).How
underserved breast cancer patients use and benefit from eHealth programs: Implications for closing the digital
divide. American Behavioral Scientist.
33. Shaw, B., Hawkins, R.P., Arora, N., & McTavish, F., Pingree, S. & Gustafson, D. (in press). An exploratory
study of predictors of participation in a computer support group for women with breast cancer. CIN: Computers,
Informatics, Nursing.

C. Research Support

Ongoing Research Support

   046099 Gustafson (PI)                                           7/1/02 – 6/30/06
   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
   National Program Office – Improving Access to and Retention in the Substance Abuse Treatment System
   The initiative is intended to develop and disseminate standardized approaches to workflow redesign that
   result in replicable, high performance access and retention systems for the substance abuse organizations
   and represent a first step to increase capacity and strengthen infrastructure needed for ongoing
   improvement in substance abuse treatment organizations.
   Role: Communications Advisor

   1R01NRO7889-01 Gustafson (PI)                                    01/01/02–12/31/05
   Internet Telehealth for Pediatric Asthma Case Management
   The major goal of this grant is to test the effect of the CHESS Web-based Telehealth nursing care support
   system with parents of children (ages 5-12) with asthma. Primary outcome measures include children’s
   adherence to daily asthma control medication and utilization of urgent and emergency asthma-related
   health care services.

   1-P50-CA095817-01A1 Gustafson (PI)                                 9/1/03—8/31/08
   NIH (NCI)
   Cancer Communications Systems: Expanded Use/Understanding
   The major goal of this Center for Excellence in Cancer Communications Research proposal is improve the
   quality of life of patients and families facing cancer (breast and lung) across the disease spectrum—with
   special emphasis on underserved populations. Major research studies will extend the reach of interactive
   health communication systems to include new skills in managing distress, relating as couples, help for
   caregivers and patients facing the end of life and bereavement, and sophisticated tailoring of systems to
   individual needs.


   1 R01 LM 06533-01A1 (Gustafson)                            4/1/98 – 08/31/02
   NIH – NLM, National Library of Medicine
   Computer Information, Support and Platform Impact: Breast Cancer

PHS 398/2590 (Rev. 05/01)                                                           Biographical Sketch Format Page
                                                                                             De Vito Dabbs, Annette J.
   The major goals of this project are to construct, evaluate, and compare four systems: combinations of
   CHESS and Internet platforms content and support.

   2 R02 AG12381-04A1 (Taylor)                                      4/1/98 – 3/31/02
   NIH -National Institute on Aging
   Decision Support for Preventive Hormone Therapy
   The major goal of this project is to develop and test a decision support program to assist older women in
   making a decision concerning initiating hormone replacement therapy.

   BC971723 Gustafson (PI)                                         7/1/98 – 6/30/02
   DOD - Dept of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program
   Effects of Alternative Decision Support Technologies on Breast Cancer Patients Knowledge of Options and
   Satisfaction with Treatment Decisions
   The major goal of this project is to develop and assess the impact of a CDSS on women newly diagnosed
   with breast cancer and comparing it with two other existing technologies and a control group in a carefully
   designed experiment.

1 R01 HS 10246 Gustafson (PI)                                       9/30/99 – 9/29/03 (continuation granted)
   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
   Implementation of Computer-Based Support Systems
   The major goals of this grant are to study the barriers faced by health care providers in attempting to
   implement new patient-centered health care technologies in their practices.

PHS 398/2590 (Rev. 05/01)                                                            Biographical Sketch Format Page

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