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					Directions for EECS Computing and

           David Culler
           U.C. Berkeley
• Hua-Pei Chen (Pei) - new Titan lead
      – former LBNL chief technologist, unix group leader, …
      – Rebuilding the group from top down
• Ken Lutz - Networked Systems Architect
      – former Inktomi director of technical operations
      – 25% lead departmental technical position
      – 75% lead Millennium staff

8/31/98                       EECS C and N                     2
 And re-introducing, ...

                                   Pei Chen
                                   Jon Forrest        Fred Archibald
           Groups                             Net

                                             Administrative       Jan Pardoe
                                  Titan       Computing
Katlin Voros
Rob McNicholas
                                 Instruction and              Kevin Mullally
                                   Electronics                Ferenc Kovac
                                 Support Group

 8/31/98                          EECS C and N                                 3
• SimMillennium NSF research infrastructure grant
      – 1.7 M$ for networking, UI/Viz, Computational Economy.
      – Campus Millennium staff support extended
• MARCO center grant awarded
• Campus Blue Ribbon Committees pushing for
  improved Comp. And Networking
      – 35 M$ Campus Network program
          » new earthquake proof backbone, risers, depts.
      – “Raise the floor”
          » Computer and support for every faculty
          » Instruction labs + PC requirement
          » Assoc. VC for Educational Technology
• Campus switch to Exodus for ISP
8/31/98                      EECS C and N                       4
Basic research infrastructure
• Rebuilding Titan core team to provide department-
  wide state-of-the-art research infrastructure
      – clearer relationship to CSG
• Streamlining and sharing SWW on-going
• Completing transition to Pleiades clustered
  storage and information server
      – Cory starting similar development

•   Coherent NT infrastructure
•   Deep Unix/NT fusion
•   Elimination of clear-text passwords
•   Beyond the workstation/PC
8/31/98                       EECS C and N       5
• Cory network officially done (7/1/98)
    – 1.7 M$ (within 5%)
    – further enhancements expensed as upgrades
    – working with Bay to improve manageability of the core
        » ATM -> gigabit ethernet
• Working on further switched 100BT enhancement to
    – gigabit core already in place
    – via Titan
• Major discount agreement in place with Bay (NorTel)
    – up to 5M$ at 30%
• SimMillennium will build new gigabit experimental
  campus “tier”
8/31/98                       EECS C and N                    6
  Towards Organizational Cooperation
                                                    • Projects cross tech. Staff
                           NS Arch
                                                      group boundaries.
Groups                               Net
                                                    • Provide project-oriented
                                                      technical guidance
                                                          – translated strategic direction
                                   Administrative           into tech. requirements and
                        Titan       Computing               design
                                                          – guide development
                                                    •   Clarify the interfaces
                       Instruction and
                         Electronics                •   Focus missions
                       Support Group
                                                    •   Enhance tech. expertise
                                                    •   Continuity across VCs

  8/31/98                                  EECS C and N                               7
PC Support
• Current situation „filled the vacuum”
    – Titan NT-SWW => informal soda desktop support + “do it
      yourself” directions
    – IESG instructional labs and electronics => cory infrastructure +
      desktop support + intel donations
    – CSG HW support
    – Research groups did own thing
• Working group will define common infrastructure
    – include NT/Unix integration, division of responsibilities, funding
• CSG will offer a coherent, economical support
  contract with help desk
    – external tracking of progress and responsiveness
    – specific work assignment handled internally
• IESG will drive forward state-of-the-art instructional
  and AV capabilities
8/31/98                        EECS C and N                              8
Beyond the desktop
• Powerful infrastructure (0.5 TB coming up)
      – continue to grow
• IBM has donated 150 PalmPilots to build new tier
  on Millennium via Ninja project
      –   the research group members and relevant tech. Staff
      –   CS 160 / 260 classes
      –   interested first year grads
      –   … then we‟ll talk
• Building PDA instructional lab
• Building PDA connectivity infrastructure
      – initially ugly cradles all over
      – soon (hopefully) a clean wireless infrastructure
• plan to grow project to entire EECS community
8/31/98                        EECS C and N                     9
AV situation
• Seminar rooms have been upgraded with new
• New high-tech seminar room in 405 Soda.
• Simplifying fancy rooms by separating off high-
  tech from basic presentation needs.

=> Enhance project design and management

8/31/98              EECS C and N                   10
Upcoming initiatives
• Next Intel instructional request
      –   interpret instructional broadly - read “lab”
      –   focused on the upper division
      –   apply strong guano filter
      –   open for input
• Working on a separate “new faculty” grant
      – utilize external research grants for onsey, twosey
• Plan to put Sun / DEC thrust together
• Expand wireless capability

• ideas???
      – CSE ???
      – NCs ???
8/31/98                          EECS C and N                11
On-going CNR tasks
• Security
      – SSH, Kerberos, CA
• IMAP, exchange
• Calendar support
• Authoring support
• Division of labor with DCNS for host master, ip
  master, network maintenance
• Department, COE, CSG need to upgrade
• Modem bank

8/31/98                     EECS C and N            12